Circular B Series Connector
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Products:  Model (FGG),Series (00…3B),Key(G),Straight Plug,Cable collet,Nut for fitting a bend relief

Industry Application:  It is  widely used on all kinds of medical equipment's, specially for the signal transmission, Medical Equipment ,Audio / Video, Test and Measurement, Communications product line.

Product Parameter:
1. The rapid push-pull locking system;
2. Welding, crimping and PCB-core-type connectors;
3.Straight, 90 ° corners of;
4. Minutes pin can choose to avoid the use of a machine similar to the connector between the mixed interpolation;
5. The right direction shielding effect, anti-electromagnetic interference;
6. Series of multi-core, high-density installation space-saving;
7. Pin system, G pin as the standard for on-connector.
Technical characteristics:
Mechanical and Climatically
1. Endurance: > 5000 mating cycles;
2. Humidity : up to 95% at 60 ;
3. Temperature range: -45 , +125 ;
4. .Resistance to vibration : 15 g[10 HZ-2000HZ];
5. Shock resistance: 100 g ,6 MS;
6. Salt spray corrosion test : > 48h;
7. Protection index (mated) : IP50.

Series B Metal Connector with Multiple pins for your selection:
00B Series: 234 Pins
0B Series:  2345679 Pins
1B Series: 2345678101416 Pins
2B Series: 23456781012141618192632 Pins
3B Series: 2345678910121416182022242630Pins

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