Circular F Series Connector
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INZ4 Socket

Products:F Series Metal Free socket,with half-shell key(G or A),cable collet.
Cross Fischer 102/103/104 Series

F series socket Size:

F series connector with the following main features:
1)security of the push-pull self-latching system;
2)multi-core type with 2 to 21 pins;
3)solder and PCB contacts(straight and bend);
4)high-density installation for saving space;
5)360-degree screening for full EMC protection;
6)receptacle is vacuum sealed, suitable for the equipment demanding obturation.
7)Different kinds of keying options to avoid mismatching.

Parts of connector:
1. shell made of copper alloy, stainless steel is used in special occasions, plated with Nickel or Chrome;
2. pin and jack made of copper alloy, plated with gold;
3. insulator molded with engineering plastic which is high-temperature endurable and good insulating;
4. sleeve molded with soft plastic to protect cables.
5. waterproof gasket ring is made of high-temperature endurable silicone rubber

Industry Application:
This F series are widely used in electronics, instrumentation, video processing, sensors, medical equipment, and detection system area and so on.