Circular F Series Connector
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F series circular female connector,multipins.
Model(K). Series(0F…1F),Cable Receptacle,with half-shell key(G or A)

F series connector with the following main features:
1.-Original push-pull locking system
2.-Widely adopted by the industry
3.-Unparalleled signal integrity
4.-Fully secured against accidental disconnection
5.-Self-locking mechanism
6.-Designed for frequent connect/disconnect operations
7.-Ideal for compact product designs
8.-Locking system integrated into connector housing
9.-Push-pull locking system delivered as standard
10.-Non-locking or emergency quick release solutions also available

Product size:

Replacement Fischer Multipins Cable Free Receptacle
Reference Dimension
Model Series L A S1 S2
INT-K 0F 35 10 8.0 8.0
INT-K 1F 43 13 10.0 9.0

Product  Details:
Replacement Fischer Multipins Cable Free Receptacle

Replacement Fischer Multipins Cable Free Receptacle

Parts of connector:
1. shell made of copper alloy, stainless steel is used in special occasions, plated with Nickel or Chrome;
2. pin and jack made of copper alloy, plated with gold;
3. insulator molded with engineering plastic which is high-temperature endurable and good insulating;
4. sleeve molded with soft plastic to protect cables.
5. Waterproof gasket ring is made of high-temperature endurable silicone rubber

Industry Application:
This F series are widely used in electronics, instrumentation, video processing, sensors, medical equipment, and detection system area and so on.

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