Circular H Series Connector
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INT1 Plug


Product: Mininature Plug, male solder contacts

H Series Industry Camera Connector
These miniature push-pull connectors offer light weight and high reliability and durability. They are most suitable for portable electronic equipment, such as computers and peripherals, medical equipment, audio/video equipment, portable radio(wireless) apparatus, measuring equipment, etc.  

1.Smart push-pull system, easy and quick connect and disconnect;
2.Five-key system for connector alignment allows blind mating;
3.Miniature structure for space-savings;

Technical characteristic:
1-  Mating/unmating Endurance:>5000 cycles
2-  Humidity: Up to 95% at 60 degree centigrade
3-  Operating Temperature Range:-45 to 125
4-  Mechanical concussion :100g.6ms
5-  Oscillate Frequency:10-2000HZ,15g
6-  Mospheres--Salt spray tests:>48h
7- IP Rating :IP50