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 Inte-Auto Technology is dedicated to research and develop electrical connectors,which are widely used in the same applications as Original connectors for below industry. 

Cars/Trucks (inside), Crash Dummies, Engine Compartments, Signal generator, Motor
Remote Camera Systems (Activators) Motion Picture Cameras-Indoors, Remote Camera Systems(Activators) Motion Picture Cameras-Outdoors, Analog Audio/Video, Microphone Digital audio, HDTV, Medium Converter
Aircraft/Helicopter, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)
Antennas-Indoors, Antennas-Outdoors, Headsets/IBFs (Reporter), Remote control
Industrial Control
Security/Surveillance-Indoors, Security/Surveillance-Outdoors
Information Systems
Authentication Devices, Computers (outdoors), Input Device, Printer/Copying machine, Projector
Dirty/Hot Environment (e.g. Milling), Process Control (e.g. Sensors), Robot Handling (e.g. Assembly line), Pharmaceutical machinery, Engineering machinery (e.g. Excavator) Petroleum instruments (pressure gage, logging instrument), Automatic welding machine,IPC(Industrial Personal Computer),Flow gauge
Analyzers, Processing Equipment, UL61010A, Dental Equipment, Patient monitor, Polysomnography, NMR,
Disposable Devices (Sensors,catheders), Respirometer, Ultrasonic treatment apparatus, Defibrillator, Breathing machine, Pacemaker
Airborne Devices, Land Veicles,Personal Equipment,artificial satellite,Space vehicle, ship equipment, intercom, digital soldier system, military reinforced computer, radar
Communication and control system,Motorsports,Telemetry,New energy (wind)
Nuclear Power
CCTV,Nuclear fuel production and processing equipment,Test equipment,Nuclear power station
Public Sector
Traffic Signals/Sensors, Trains and subways, Search and Rescue
Robots, Subatomic research, Physics Research, Laboratory
Test and Measurement
GPS, High Voltage Experiments, Instrument, Analyzers, Module power supply, Meteorological sensor, Data quality monitoring, Supersonic reflect scope, Electromanometer,Data collection

Note:Inte-Auto have the rich experience for design and develop the connector.Welcome you to inquire.