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INTEAUTO-Circular push pull Connectors

Inteauto manufacture  a range of low-cost, high quality circular push pull connectors.It often selected for their push-pull coupling mechanism which allows quick, easy mating and un-mating.

These are precision engineered, small-format, low-current, multi-pole, push-pull connectors.
The lower price of our INTEAUTO versions makes them more cost effective for use in general industry as well as traditional areas such as on medical & test equipment.
Here are some popular applications for INTEAUTO push-pull connectors:

• Audio/Video: remote cam, analogue, digital, lighting, microphones
• Automotive: car/truck interiors, emergency vehicles, test instruments
• Communications: antennas, headsets, IBFs, remote control, RF, μWave
• Industrial Control: security, surveillance, production monitoring, load cells and transducers
• Information Systems: authentication devices, computers, input devices, printers
• Medical: analysis and processing equipment, dental, disposable, electrosurgical, pacemakers and hearing devices
• Military: airborne devices, land vehicles, personal equipment, satellites and space vehicles, ships and marine equipment
• Public Sector: traffic signals/sensors, rail, search and rescue
• Motorsports
• Telemetry
• Test Equipment

Independent Tests
INTEAUTO connectors are engineered to a very high standard from excellent quality materials. We recently had some independent tests performed in china and the following is a brief summary of the results:

• INTEAUTO versions mate well with other brands.
• Good continuity when mating INTEAUTO with INTEAUTO
• Good continuity when mating original brand with INTEAUTO
• Good continuous current handling capability

Mating Cycles and Contact Gold Thickness
Mating cycle testing of INTEAUTO connectors with their standard gold plate thickness has shown no serious wear after 5,000 cycles which greatly surpasses the requirements of many customers.
The standard gold thickness for all INTEAUTO contacts is 0.1532μm however we can also readily provide 0.5μm or 1.0μm thicknesses (similar to orginal) at a moderate price increase, on request.
They are often used in applications such as general electronics, instrumentation, video processing, medical and other equipment.

INTEAUTO and Original part numbers are the same except for the shell size and contact style parts of the code as follows:

INT Shell    Original Shell
1   7
2   10
INT Contact    Contact
S = Solder   Blank = Solder
C = Crimp   C = Crimp
P = PCB   A = PCB Plug
  B = PCB Receptacle