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In China with 10 Years’ Experience
Full Certification Like CE, RoHS, ISO9001, TUV.

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Expert Push Pull Connector & Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Push Pull Connector & Custom Cable Assembly Support For Your Project

INTE-AUTO, a leading manufacturer in China, has rich experience in push pull connectors and custom cable assembly research and production.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of push pull connectors such as metal, plastic, waterproof, coaxial, miniature, hybrid, NIBP, D-tap and much more. All of our products have passed CE and RoHS certifications.

A professional and efficient technical team designs and manufactures your custom cable assemblies. We entertain small MOQs and flexible payments to always be your cost-effective solution.

INTE-AUTO keeps more than 10000 different types of push pull connectors and cables in stock. We can ship your orders within 3 working days.

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Regular Types of Push Pull Connectors

push pull connector

INTE-AUTO B series connectors are completely compatible with the current B series and L series self-latching push-pull connectors… Read More

waterproof push pull connectors

K series waterproof push-pull connectors are used for outdoor applications. They are available in 2 to 30 pins… Read More

fischer push pull connectors

F/core series multipin circular push-pull connectors can be blind-mated as we design a half-shell key… Read More

S series push pull connector

S series half-moon push pull connectors are designed with a stepped insert for easy mating. It is a standard low-voltage self-latching system connector… Read More

Coaxial push pull connectors

S series coaxial push pull connectors are signal pin insulators, a widely used material for audio and video applicationsRead More

Hirose push pull connectors

Choose the reliable push pull connectors for your industrial camera from the INTE-AUTO H Series. The H series are high-performance shield push-pull lock connectors… Read More

plastic push pull connectors

Plastic push pull connectors are used in a variety of medical devices, they can be steam sterilizable, certified by RoHS and CE … Read More

Hybrid push pull connector

Find the perfect hybrid push pull connector for fluid signal and power handling. INTE-AUTO offers you the right solutions… Read More

dust cap for push pull connector

Whenever you use male or female push pull connectors, a dust cover or dust cap is very necessary for protection…Read More

Push Pull Connector & Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer
to Produce Your Prototype

INTE-AUTO’s highly reliable connectors have the rugged and smart push pull connection system design, sealed and protected from dust and interference. It is perfectly compatible with the push pull connectors of other famous brands.

All of our circular metal or plastic push pull connectors have quick, easy, and secure connection and disconnection ability. They are well-suited for use in a wide variety of applications.

Our company has solid experience in serving different industrial customers. We provide you full technical support and integrated vertical service in our one-stop shop to keep your costs down. You will find the custom cable assembly solutions you need with us.

INTE-AUTO has a production line of 16 CNC machine sets imported from Japan, more than 200 expert workers with over 5 years of experience, and 5000 square meters of production space to create highly precise push pull connectors and custom cable assemblies.

We have maintained a product defect rate of only 0.11% for the past several years.

Trust INTE-AUTO, a leader in advanced push pull connector manufacturing.

Why INTE-AUTO is Trusted Globally by Over 1000 Clients?

INTEAUTO push pull connector
Over 10 Years of Push Pull Connector Manufacturing Experience

INTE-AUTO is dedicated to the research, manufacture, and distribution of different kinds of high performance push pull connectors and cable assemblies including medical, military, and measurement. We are heralded by the national government for consistent and reliable product quality.

INTEAUTO push pull connector
Push Pull Connector IP Rating from IP50 to IP68

INTE-AUTO manufactures circular metal and plastic push pull connectors in China, designs a flexible complete connection system. Our connectors can meet IP50 to IP68 ratings depending on your particular connector needs. Find your smart solutions with the smallest possible out diameter at INTE-AUTO.

INTEAUTO push pull connector
Push Pull Connectors Approved by Certifying Bodies

All of INTE-AUTO’s Standard Circular Push Pull connectors have passed CE and RoHS compliance and are TUV- and ISO9001-certified. Trust China connector manufacturer INTE-AUTO– your best choice.

INTEAUTO push pull connector
To Ensure High Quality While Controlling Costs for Clients

Production is strictly in accordance with factory quality management system ISO9001. Quality control tests include production, physical, environmental and electrical.

INTEAUTO push pull connector
To Save Costs and Shorten Lead Times

Our connectors are completely compatible to other brands’ push pull connectors. Get the best-priced connectors when you request a part number. A free sample can be sent to you for testing. We have thousands in stock, and you can get your shipment order within 3 working days.

INTEAUTO push pull connector
Reliable Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

INTE-AUTO’s technical team can help you design and assemble cables and connectors according to your specific needs. We offer you high-quality cable from a trusted supplier we’ve relied on for many years. All their product comes with a 100% quality and inspection certificate.

Who Uses INTE-AUTO Push Pull Connectors Regularly?

Needed in Test and Measurement Equipment

INTE-AUTO’s push pull connectors have been helping the testing and measurement industry for many years in measuring force, surface, speed, flow rate, movement, temperature, and pressure. INTE-AUTO’s push pull connectors guarantee reliability and excellent performance with every use. Our B Series push pull cable connectors are very much utilized in this field.

Applicated in Defense & Military Equipment

INTE-AUTO’s K Series and F series circular push pull connectors are best for defense and military equipment used outdoors. They have an IP68 rating which guarantees total shielding against water, performing perfectly no matter how rigid the working environment is. They are your best choice when it comes to meeting your requirements.

Necessary in Medical Equipment

Our P Series plastic medical push pull connectors and NIBP connectors are perfect connector solutions for medical equipment such as surgical devices and cosmetology instruments. These lightweight connectors have gold-plated electrical contacts and guarantee reliability for crucial applications such as monitoring and ICU settings.


Custom Cable Assembly

custom cable assembly with push pull connector
Female Push Pull Connector Custom Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO’s professional technical team assists you with your required custom cable assemblies, free samples, test reports and one-stop solutions, your business will benefit from our products’ reliability and cost-efficiency.

Custom cable manufacturing with push pull connector
Male Push Pull Connector Custom Cable Assembly

Contact the INTE-AUTO team to get to know more about our custom cable manufacturing processes. We can use any terminal or push pull connector to complete your specified cable assembly.

overmolded cable assemblies with push pull connector
Custom Cable Assembly with Overmolding Process

INTE-AUTO can offer connectors and cable technical design. Available soldering, crimping, potting, and precision injection machines overmolding cable assembly to connectors.

Contat INTE-AUTO Now


Do you Have any MOQ for Push Pull Connectors?

1 unit is acceptable.

Can I Have a Free Push Pull Connectors Sample and How Long does it Take to be Delivered?

You can have a free push pull connector sample, you just need to pay for freight cost.

Our push pull connector sample will be delivered to you in 1 to 3 working days.

Are INTE-AUTO Push Pull Connectors Compatible to Original Brand Connectors?

Yes, INTE-AUTO metal or plastic push pull connectors can replace your original brand connectors without problems. Our excellent products regularly fill Russian and Chinese government orders.

What are the Metal Push Pull Connectors Made of?

Insulator: PPS
Out-shell and collet nut: Brass-plated pearl chrome
Collet and split insert carrier: Brass-plated nickel
Contacts: Brass, gold-plated
Plug Bend relief: PSU or TPU

What are the Plastic Push Pull Connectors Made of?

Out-shell is PC, the insulator is PPS, contacts are brass, gold-plated contacts are not less than 0.2μ and plug bend relief is PSU or TPU

What Payment Methods do You Accept?

We accept T/T, PayPal, and Western Union

Can I Visit Your Manufacturing Factory in China?

It would be our pleasure to welcome you to our factory in Shenzhen, China.

Can INTE-AUTO Offer Customized Cables Assemble Solutions?

Yes, INTE-AUTO is a push pull connector and cable assembly supplier. The INTE-AUTO team provides custom cable and over-molded cable assembly solutions. We welcome OEM or ODM designs.

Get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements.

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