0P Series Plastic Connectors

INTE-AUTO P series IP50 plastic push-pull self-locking connectors, top quality lightweight and rugged materials have been chosen to optimize most applications.

Series P plastic connector with the following main features

  • Quick push-pull self-latching system
  • Solder and PCB type contacts
  • Keying system, G key (alpha=0) for connector alignment
  • Multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors
  • High-temperature endurable plastic out shell(-25℃~125℃), suited for many environments
  • Can be sterilized
  • RoHS Certified, UL approved grade materials (PC, PPS, and TPU raw material)
  • High packing density for space-saving
INT-P-TAG 0P Plastic Connector 0P series straight plug, with cable collet, 1 key (alpha=0)
INT-P-ZKG plastic PKG female connectors 0P series fixed receptacle, nuts fixed, 1 key (alpha=0)
INT-P-ZKG(elbow) Plastic female connector with elbow contacts 0P series fixed receptacle, nuts fixed, 1 key (alpha=0), elbow contact

0P Series Plastic Connectors

They can be sterilized by gas or by steam. The contacts are gold-plated over copper and nickel to ensure at least 1000 mating/unmating cycles without significantly affecting the electrical characteristics. The working temperature is from -50 deg C to +125 deg C, IP50 rating.


Straight Plug: INT-P-TAG(Z)

0P plug size

Fixed Receptacle with Elbow Contact: INT-P-ZKG

elbow contats socket size

Fixed Receptacle: INT-P-ZKG

0P Female receptacke size


Connector’s Insert Configuration (Multipole):

0P connector pin array

Technical Characteristics:

Mechanical and Climatical 

Plastic connector characteristics


Plastic connector electricty

Keying Code:

0P 2p 3p plastic connector keying code

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