0S Series Push-Pull Unipole Connectors

INTE-AUTO design S series IP50 push-pull coaxial connectors, straight outshell, unipole configuration, the key is circular (can rotate). They are suitable for high-reliability and high-quality applications in medical, instrumentation, NDT, deviation tester and amplifier .

  • A designed push-pull self-locking connection system
  • M9 size circular coaxial connectors
  • Uni-pole in 0S series
  • Circular (can rotate) key for blind mating.
  • IP50 degree
  • RoHS and CE-certified
  • Proven to endure up to 6000 mating cycles
  • 360 screen full EMC shielded
  • Completely compatible with existing 0S series connectors
  • Work temperature from -40°C to 250°C
INT-TFA.0S FFA 0S 250 0S coaxial plug, cable collet
INT-TFA.0S(Z) FFA 0S 1S coxial connector 0S coaxial plug, nut for fitting bend relief
INT-DCA.0S(Z) PCS 0S 1S 2S Free receptacle 0S coaxial free receptacle, nut for fitting bend relief
INT-DCA.0S lemo compatibl PCA female connector 0S coaxial free receptacle, cable collet
INT-ZRA.0S Panel Mount Coaxial Connector 0S coaxial fixed receptacle, solder contacts

0S Series Coaxial Connectors :

S Series Connectors with the Following Main Features

  1. Secure push-pull self-latching system design
  2. 360° screening for full EMC shielding
  3. 50 Ω
  4. Solder contact
  5. Straight or Right – angel outshell
  6. High-density configurations
  7. Available customized cable assembly solution


Straight Plug: INT-TGG.0S


Straight Plug: INT-TGG.0S(Z)

FFA 0S Plug size

Fixed Receptacle: INT-ZGG.0S

ERA 0S Size


Cable Mount Receptacle: INT-DHG.0S

Connector’s Insert Configuration (Multipole):

Coaxial Connector pins specification

Coxial Connectors Technical Characteristics:

Mechanical and Climatical:

00S mini coaxial connectors specification

Electrical Parameters:

00S mini coaxial connectors electrical specification

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