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Coaxial Connector – 6000 Mating Cycles

INTE-AUTO’s coaxial connectors are design with a uni-pole or 1-pin configuration, have an advanced push-pull locking system, and a circular metal outshell.

The coaxial connector’s primary feature is its reliable and fast connection that ensures seamless transfer of power, data, signal, or media.

INTE-AUTO coaxial connectors are the ideal solutions for various applications such as thickness gauges, non-destructive testing (NDT) instruments, test & measurements, physics, transducers, flaw detectors, aerospace, audio & video equipment, earphones and nuclear applications.

Choose the right coaxial connectors for your application.

Coaxial Connector (5)

S Series Coaxial Connector Plug

INT-TFA is a male coaxial connector compatible with FFA coaxial plug, with unipole male 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm contact and the push pull self-locking feature used for ultrasonic NDT transducer cables.

Coaxial Connector (4)

S Series Male Coaxial Connector

INT-TFA is a unipole coaxial connector with a straight plug and a nut that accommodates bend relief, compatible with FFA 0S 1S plug, 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm contact, used for ultrasonic probe cables in non-destructive testing.

00S coaxial connector

00S Mini Coaxial Connector

The INT-TFA 00S series is the smallest male NIM/CAMAC plug to suit RG-316/U cable,  can be compatible with FFA.00S. It has a male 1-pin 50 Ohm contact and is used for HD800 earphones.

Coaxial connector PCA.0S 1S 2S

IP50 Female Coaxial Connector

INT-DCA S series is a cable mounted coaxial connector, compatible with S series PCA, free receptacle, cable collet, unipole solder contact, 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm, use for wireless infrastructure.

lemo coaxial connector

Cable Mount Coaxial Connector

INT-DCA S series is a cable mounted coaxial connector, free receptacle, 1 pin, nut for fitting bend relief, 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm contact, use for data transmission.

Right Angled Coaxial Connector

Right Angled Coaxial Connector

INT-TLA is a 90-degree elbow NIM/CAMAC coaxial plug designed elbow out shell, compatible with FLA.00S, with cable collet and a 50-ohm coaxial capacity, used for GPS or RFID.

FFA.1E.250 lemo compatible

Waterproof Coaxial Connector

INT-TFA 1E series is a IP68 waterproof coaxial plug connector, compatible with FFA.1E,  straight type, push pull self-latching, M12 size, 50 Ohm contact, used for test and measurement.

coaixal connector compatible ODU

Watertight Coaxial Connector

INT-TFA 1E series is a IP68 watertight sealed coaxial cable plug, unipole solder contact, nut for fitting bend relief, compatible with FFA.1E.

Coaxial connector ERA.1E.250.CTL

IP68 Female Coaxial Connector

1E series INT-ZRA is a waterproof fixed receptacle, nut fixing, IP68 degree, coaxial contact, 50 Ohm,  keying =Circular, female socket compatible with ERA.1E

Get Your Push Pull Coaxial Connector Now

Coaxial Connector with Push-Pull Self-Locking Connection System

We are the leading coaxial connector manufacturer in China, designing and producing high-performance 00S, 0S, 1S series and 1E series 50-ohm and 75-ohm coaxial connectors and cable assembly solutions.

INTE-AUTO can manufacture compatible coaxial connectors to replace other brands’. Straight male, panel mount female, right angle male, and 90-degree elbow female coaxial connectors are available.

INTE-AUTO can be your one-stop shop for coaxial connectors and customized assemblies. We also complete OEM jobs.  Send us your specifications and we will build the parts for you.

To ensure that all our coaxial connectors would be able to withstand 6000 mating cycles, INTE-AUTO works with a reliable manufacturer with over 20 years of experience for gold-plating the contacts.

INTE-AUTO and its subcontractor are ISO9001-certified, following strict and controlled manufacturing processes. We also uphold RoHS and CE standards.

Female Coaxial Connectors

Panel Mount Coaxial Connector

Female S Series Coaxial Connector

INTE-AUTO provides better female coaxial connector solutions, compatible with NIM-CAMAC ERA.00 socket, 0S and 1S that satisfy the specific needs of customers by optimizing production output and offering competitive prices.

Coaxial mini connector ERN.00.250

Panel Mount Female Coaxial Connector

INT-ZRN is a NIM-CAMAC fixed receptacle connector, front panel mounted, nut fixing, with earthing tags, 1 pin, keying=circular (can rotate), compatible with ERN.00

Coaxial Connector Female EPS

Elbow Coaxial Connector

Looking for a 90-degree elbow coaxial NIM-CAMAC connector from a Chinese manufacturer? INT-ZPS is a top-grade quality solution featuring two fixed nuts and panel-mounting on PCB, compatible with EPS.00

coaxial EPL mini connector

90 Degree Coaxial Connector

Make that important choice now to minimize costs for your NIM-CAMAC coaxial socket project. INTE-AUTO offers you an alternative solution to replace costlier brands, compatible with EPL.00

Manufacturing and Technical Details

S Series Coaxial Connector - FAQ

In this modern age of technology, everyone needs a connection solution with the help of which they can quickly transfer their data, current, or signals in a precise manner from one place to another without external interferences.

The problem can be solved if you use Coaxial connectors in your applications.

This FAQ guide will be beneficial for you to understand the basic knowledge about the Coaxial connector's working mechanism, uses, internal factors, and safety precautions.

Push-pull coaxial connectors have a rapid mating feature with a robust connection system.  The connectors cannot be detached by pulling on the cable or other components.  Releasing is done by holding the outer sleeve of the connector itself and pulling.

Most push-pull coaxial connectors are cylindrical to be perfectly compatible with coax cables.  Because of the circular shape of the connectors’ components, more complex cable assemblies are possible.

A strong, self-latching system with easy mating and unmating ability
50- and 75-ohm impedance for better power handling and less signal attenuation
Reliable, high-output performance despite strong vibration, shock, or cable pull
Can easily endure more than 5000 mating cycles
360° screening for full EMC shielding
Pearl chrome-plated brass shells with a gold-plated contact point.
S series is IP50, E series is IP68

We are a reputable manufacturer of coaxial connectors with many years of experience. Our capabilities are proven by our satisfied customers.

INTE-AUTO understands the industry’s demands and high standards for clear, strong transmission. We are ready to face the challenges of your application. We can even create customized solutions specific to your needs.

It can be either be male or female.
Female Type:

The S Series INT-DCA Push Pull Coaxial Free Socket has:

  • Push-pull quick mating and unmating system
  • Coaxial 50Ω and 75 Ω in different size
  • Reliable connect and signal performance
  • Absolute security against vibration, shock, or cable pull
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding
  • Facilitates operation in a very limited space.

The INT-ZRA Panel Mount Coaxial Connector has:

  • Push-pull self-latching system
  • Have a choice of impedance between 50-ohm and 75-ohm
  • Unipole contacts
  • Available M7, M9, M12 sizes
  • Easy to use, reliable performance
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding

The INT-ZPS & INT-ZPL 00S Elbow Female Coaxial NIM-CAMAC Connector For Printed Circuit Board has:

  • Push-pull self-latching system
  • Coaxial (50Ω), Unipole female contacts
  • M7 size, 00S series miniature
  • Easy to use, reliable performance
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding
Male Type:

The INT-TFA S Series Coaxial Unipole Push-Pull Self-locking Connector Plug has:

  • Unipole self-latching system
  • Brass body, PTFE insulator with gold-plated contacts
  • Ease of operation, space-saving ability
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding
  • Applications for products such as indoor lighting, earphones, beauty equipment

The IP50 INT-TFA(Z) 50Ω Self-locking Male Plug Coaxial Connector has:

  • A nut for fitting bend relief
  • Solder male contacts
  • One small size pin
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of use and reliable performance
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding

The INT-TLA 00S Series Elbow Coaxial NIM-CAMAC Male Connector has:

  • M7 size
  • Elbox coaxial lug, cable collet, and nut for fitting bend relief
  • IP50 rating
  • Unipole male solder contacts
  • 50Ω coax compatibility for RG-174
  • Ease of use, reliable performance
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding

You Have a Choice of Impedance Between 50-ohm and 75-ohm Electrical Impedance. Electrical impedance is the ratio of voltage to current.  It is expressed in the unit ohms (Ω).

Push-pull connectors typically have an impedance of either 75 or 50 ohms.  The impedance of 75 ohms is used for audio and video signals.  Other applications typically use 50 ohms.

IP means Ingress Protection.  Each IP rating code describes an electrical product’s level of sealing against dirt and moisture as defined in IEC 60529.

IP ratings have their specific definitions.  For INTE AUTO’s push-pull coaxial connectors, we have an IP50 and an IP68 rating.

S series IP50 Degree Coaxial Connector:

Coaxial connector

The IP50 rating means that dust will never hamper the performance of the coaxial connector.

E series IP68 Degree Coaxial Connector:

Waterproof coaxial connector

An IP68 type push-pull coaxial connector completely shields electrical connections from dust and tiny particles.  It also means that the connectors are waterproof and vacuum-sealed.

The IP68 connector has also passed tests against wetness and moisture.  The device can be immersed under high water pressure for over 30 minutes.

The coaxial connector’s plug and receptacle have the following components:

Plug Components:

  1. Outer Shell
  2. Latch Sleeve
  3. Collet Nut
  4. Center Piece
  5. Insulator
  6. Male Contact
  7. Collet

Figure 4 Coaxial Connector’s Plug Components

Receptacle Components:

  1. Outer Shell
  2. Earthing Crown
  3. Retaining Ring
  4. Hexagonal Nut
  5. Locking Washer
  6. Insulator
  7. Female Contact

Figure 5 Coaxial Connector’s Receptacle Components

For the connectors to endure the most extreme conditions, INTE AUTO uses

Outshell: Brass plated pearl chrome

Collet nut: Brass plated pearl chrome

Insulator: PPS

Collet: Brass plated nickel

Male contact: Brass, gold plated 0.2μ

Female contact: Phosphorus copper, gold plated 0.2μ”

Split insert carrier: Brass plated nickel

These materials enable the connectors to undergo thousands of mating cycles without affecting performance.

INTE-AUTO’s push-pull coaxial connectors have zero defects no matter the size or specification.

The need for coaxial connectors is increasing day by day after their extensive use in the testing industry and coaxial cable connections to efficiently transfer audio/video signals through different cables.

So, in order to withstand harsh environments and for excessive use, the coaxial connectors should be manufactured by using the best quality materials, whose details are given below:

  • The outer shell and collet nut should be brass-plated pearl chrome.
  • The insulation should be made with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).
  • The collet should be a brass plated nickel.
  • The split insert carrier should be a brass-plated nickel.
  • The male contact should be made with brass, and then gold plated 0.2 μ
  • The female contact should be made with phosphorous copper, and then gold plated 0.2 μ.

It would be best if you bought a coaxial connector from a manufacturer who uses these types of materials for the production of their connectors.

Fortunately, the Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD in China always manufactures the best quality coaxial connectors by using the above-mentioned raw materials.

You can get about 6000 mating cycles if you buy the best quality manufactured INTE-AUTO Coaxial connectors.

INTE AUTO’s coaxial connectors provide you with the security of the push-pull technology.  It features a unipole insert for perfect polarization.

  • Straight or right-angle plug, cable collet and nut for bend relief fitting
  • Fixed or elbow female socket design with solder or print contacts configuration
  • Unipole inserts for easy alignment and mating
  • Unipole types that transmit up to 230amps of current
  • Full EMC shielding through 360º screening
  • Can perfectly replace and work with your existing coaxial connections

Technical characteristics



> 5000 mating cycles

Humidity tolerance

up to 95% at 60ºC

Temperature tolerance

-45ºC, +250ºC

Vibration resistance

15g[10 HZ-2000HZ]

Shock resistance

100g, 6MS

Salt spray corrosion ability

> 48h

Mated protection index

IP 50 or IP68

The push-pull coaxial connector aligns easily and attaches conveniently without using a tool.  This makes for quicker installation compared to the thread and screw design.  It means highly reliable coaxial connections even in tight spaces with cables.

The push-pull self-latching coaxial connection system features perfect contact and durable mating.  It is durable even in environments with high vibrations such as fast-moving devices and rotating equipment.  It is also resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, particulates, moisture, pressure, and radiation.

The coaxial connector designs can be easily attached to the devices you already have.  They can replace existing coaxial connectors without any change in transmission quality and performance.

The tight connections of the push-pull coaxial connector also guarantee that no solids or liquids will seep through.  When mated, they have an I50 and IP68 rating that guarantees protection from heavy dust and moisture.

INTE AUTO’s Coaxial Connectors are circular push pull type, and have safe and flexible mating systems.  Because of their durable connection and IP rating, they can be safely used with a vast array of equipment.

Data, current, signal, and thermocouple sensors can all run through these connections safely and efficiently.

Therefore, applications may include robotics, measuring equipment, nuclear and radiation equipment, communications consumer devices, and much more.

Examples are medical appliances like electrosurgical devices and ultrasonic transducers (or medical probes).  The small sizes of the coaxial connector are also used in tiny medical devices such as pacemakers and hearing aids.

Because the coaxial connectors are sealed, probes can be used safely in wet environments.  The push-pull coaxial connectors are durable and can be sterilized after use.

The coaxial connectors are also used for indoor antennas, sensors, HD earphones, printers, copiers, and other home and industrial products.

The design and durability protect coaxial connections in extreme environments.  They are currently being utilized in laboratories for robotic and sub-atomic research equipment.  The military and aerospace industries use them for testing and electronic authentication devices as well.

All the types of INTE-AUTO S and E series coaxial connector plug and receptacle are designed to function under harsh environments.

The S Series coaxial connectors have IP50 ratings, and E Series coaxial connectors have IP68 ratings, so you just have to choose a connector that is compatible with your product.

You should check the pressure impact on the coaxial connector when functioning in an air-thin environment or at high altitudes.

The working temperature should also be considered while choosing the coaxial connectors; you must select connectors that can perform in high-temperature environments.

Figure 8 Choose Coaxial Connector for Your Application

The push pull Coaxial connectors are very easy to operate.

The pair of connectors has a matching latch part that includes a groove inside the inner sleeve.  When they are joined, the latch connection system locks into place.  This connection is protected by the outer sleeve and sealed by the housing.

They consist of a super-strong self-latching mechanism fitted inside the outer shell of the plug and are in the shape of half arrowheads.

There is a groove inside the inner sleeve of the receptacle that is used to hold the arrow-type latch heads tightly.

After making the connection of the connector with the cable, you simply have to push the connector’s plug into the receptacle.

The latches inside the outer shell of the plug retract and slide inside the receptacle inner sleeve until the arrow-type heads reach the groove of the receptacle.

When the latch heads reach the groove, they gently slide into it and fit strongly.

That makes a strong connection between the plug and receptacle which can only be unmated by pushing back the outer release shell of the plug.

Figure 1 Push Pull Coaxial Connector Working

Yes, the INTE-AUTO coaxial connectors are able to withstand rugged environment temperatures in an efficient manner.

When data, current, or signals are transferred through the connector, heat produces at the contact points, but the INTE-AUTO coaxial connectors are able to function in a temperature range from -55°C to +250°C.

Due to this property of the coaxial connectors, they can efficiently work in the applications such as NDT test equipment, airborne devices or drones, battle management notebook computers, satellites, and space vehicles, indoor antennas and outdoor antennas, and aerospace temperature sensors.

Figure 7 Coaxial Connector Working in High-Temperature Environment

The Coaxial connectors can be easily put on the cable by the following steps:

  • By using a razor or wire stripping tool, you have to make a cut around the outer rubber layer from one end of the cable.
  • Remove the rubber layer portion from the cable and expose the inner mesh type shield.
  • You can cut this inner mesh by using a wire stripping tool or simply fold it back on the rubber housing of the cable.
  • Now you will reach a dielectric insulator.
  • It is the final insulation of the main conductor that will be used for transferring data or signals.
  • By using a razor or a wire stripper, you have to cut that insulation for about ¼ inches and peel it away to expose the underneath main conductor.
  • At this stage, you have to check clearly that no mesh part of the cable insulation touches the main conductor.
  • If this happens, it may result in distortion of the transferring signals, and signal quality disturbs due to these outside interferences.
  • Now slide the cable inside the collet nut and then the collet.
  • Solder the main conductor of the cable with the insulator of the male plug.
  • Attach split insert carrier onto the insulator.
  • Arrange collet, split insert carrier, and insulator in proper order, and then insert them into the outer shell of the plug.
  • Tight the collet nut by twisting it in the clockwise direction and make sure the connection has been secured.

Figure 2 Coaxial Connector on the Cable

A super-strong self-latching system designed in the Coaxial connectors allows the plug and receptacle to mate with each other.

Once mated, it is almost impossible to break the connection until you follow a few simple steps to release the mated connection.

After connecting the Coaxial connectors with the cable, the plug and receptacle can be mated easily by gently pushing the plug into the receptacle.

You have to push until you feel an audible click sound, which indicates that the arrow-type latches heads in the plug fit appropriately into the receptacle’s groove.

The Coaxial connectors at this stage will be mated.

The word “Impedance” is another word used for “resistance.”

In coaxial connectors, impedance is the opposition of fundamental particles like electrons faced by the data flowing inside the coaxial connector circuit.

It can be calculated by using a simple formula, i.e., by dividing the total voltage with the current passing through the circuit and is measured in the unit named Ohms (Ω).

The electrical impedance of the coaxial connectors is the measure of the opposition/resistance due to fundamental particles like electrons faced by the data, signals, or current passing through the circuit of the connector.

You can measure it by dividing the voltage across the ends of the connector with the current passing through it. It can be expressed in the unit named Ohm, which is represented by the symbol “Ω.”

The INTE-AUTO coaxial connectors have an electrical impedance of 75 Ω or 50 Ω.

For audio and video signals, an impedance of 75 Ω is used, whereas 50 Ω electrical impedance can be used for other applications.

You should follow the following precautionary measures while using Coaxial connectors:

  • Coaxial connectors should be appropriately assembled.
  • The best quality manufactured Coaxial connectors should be used.
  • It would be best if you bought the coaxial connector from a manufacturer who believes in using the best quality raw material to provide efficient working of their products to their customers.
  • Coaxial connectors can endure multiple hours of salt spray corrosion testing.
  • It should be 360° EMC shielded to eliminate interferences.
  • The coaxial connector can work in a wide range of temperatures from -55°C to 250°C.
  • The coaxial connectors should be used in those environments where shock value could be 100 g, 6ms and vibration values range between 10Hz to 2000Hz
  • The connector’s plug and receptacle pin configuration should match.
  • Bend relief should be used to avoid bending of the cable.
  • If you have a small space for connecting the plug with the receptacle, you should use elbow shape plug that can work efficiently in a small space.
  • If you encounter signal distortion due to bending of the cable at the contact point of plug and receptacle, you can use elbow shape plugs to prevent bending and signal distortion.
  • The connection should be released by applying small axial force on the outer release shell and only by pulling the cable.

Figure 6 Coaxial Connectors Safety Precautions

Yes, the coaxial connectors can be reused.

Once you connect the coaxial connector with a cable, you can easily remove it and connect it to another cable.

On the second cable, it will perform in the same efficient manner as it was performing on the first cable.

Figure 3 Coaxial Connector Reuse

The coaxial connectors can be removed from the cable and then reused by the following steps:

  • Untighten the collet nut by twisting it in the anticlockwise direction and move it back towards the cable.
  • Take out the collet, insulator, and split insert carrier from the outer shell housing of the connector’s plug.
  • Remove collet and split insert carrier from the insulator.
  • Unsolder the main conductor of the coaxial cable from the insulator.
  • At this stage, the coaxial connector has been completely free from the cable and is ready to be attached with another cable.
  • Now slide the new cable inside the collet nut and then collet and solder the main conductor of the new cable with the insulator of the male plug that was removed from the old cable.
  • Attach split insert carrier onto the insulator.
  • Arrange collet, split insert carrier, and insulator in proper order, and then insert them into the outer shell of the plug that was removed from the old cable.
  • Tight the collet nut by twisting it in the clockwise direction.
  • Certified and reputable
  • Has years of experience in manufacturing quality coaxial connectors
  • Has a large capacity for short lead times, delivers on time
  • Exceeds expectations with complete assembly solutions
  • Offers custom-design and builds products to your specifications
  • These products have passed a continuous airflow test and have proven no invasion from particulates.

If you want to buy Coaxial connectors from a reliable and cost-effective manufacturer, then you should search for different coaxial connector manufacturers on the internet.

You need to get complete information about their price tags, experience, terms and conditions, MOQ requirements, customer reviews, delivery charges, delivery time, payment method, and the raw material they use to manufacture their products.

Once you select the manufacturer/company of coaxial connectors whom you want to buy your product, you have to find their contact information.

Now provide complete details of your product specifications, the number of pieces you need, your full address, and all the necessary information required to process your order.

You should clear all payments and confirm your order.

After that, within the given delivery time of the manufacturer, you will get your order at the address you provided to the company.

The Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD in China can deliver the best quality manufactured Coaxial connectors in a minimum time of three to seven working days.

Figure 9 Buy Coaxial Connectors from China

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