Communication Connector

INTE-AUTO has the perfect connector solution for communication industry applications. Choose from our IP50 B series and S series as your communication connectors. You will surely find what you need from our  expansive catalog of over 10,000 standard connector options.
We have communication connectors for headsets, noise reduction equipment, antennas, monitors, and  remote controls.
Our high-performance connectors feature:
  • Over 6000 mating cycle times
  • Compact and reliable connection
  • Smart and lightweight design
  • Push-pull latching system
  • 360° EMC shielding
Communication connector
Satellites and Space Vehicles
INTE-AUTO connectors can handle multiple tasks in communication systems with a high data rate as well as fluent signal transfers in military network operations centers.
communication connector
Communications Devices
Rugged and compact connector solutions by INTE-AUTO B, E and S series brass connectors are easy to use, lightweight, and quiet. They can withstand high vibrations and high-temperature changes.
Poilet Binaural Headset
INTE-AUTO B series IP50 connectors are lightweight, easy to use, and quick to attach and detach. They have high mating cycles and high contact density.
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Noise reduction communication equipment with lemo plug
Noise Reduction Communications Equipment

A customized communications connector: quick connect and disconnect system, 6000 mating cycles, high density, multipole, push-pull self-locking, can be used in harsh and rugged environments.

System monitor fischer
Communications System Monitors

Top reliable metal communications connectors in B and F series from INTE-AUTO, push-pull and break away locking design, over 6000 matching cycles, clear signal and power transmission, 2 to 32 contacts in 5 shell sizes.

Remote Control LEMO
Remote Controls

INTE-AUTO high speed and density connectors are push-pull locking, reliable, smaller, lighter, faster, more precise, and allows for high-speed data and signal transfers. Select from our B, K and F series for your Remote controls.

Indoor Outdoor Antennas ODU
Indoor Outdoor Antennas

INTE-AUTO B/K/S/F series connectors with signal and multiple electrical pins save panel space as well as connection and disconnection time. The high-performing connector resists vibration and shock.

Communications Connectors

INTE-AUTO has the perfect and reliable communication connectors design, with full EMC shielding for a wide range of communications equipment.
00 Series Communications Connector
S Series Communications Connector
Female Communications Connector
Elbow Communications Connector
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