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Your Expert Push-Pull Connector Manufacturer

INTE-AUTO facilities cover over 5000㎡. We are CE, RoHS, ISO9001 and TUV certified.

We have extensive experience in connector design, customized connectors, and complete connector solutions.  Our valued clients with unique applications and requirements receive and benefit from our custom solutions.

Our products are widely used in the testing, communication, medical, aerospace, military, and automotive industries.  We currently serve many domestic and international clients.

Facility of NTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO: total 4 floors, cover over 5000㎡
Product Range:
  • B Series IP50 Push Pull Connectors
  • K Series IP68 Push Pull Connectors
  • T Series IP68 Push Pull Connectors
  • W Series Hight Pressure Connectors
  • S Series Half-moon Connectors
  • E Series Waterproof Half-moon Connectors
  • S Series Nim-camac Coaxial Connectors
  • C Series Push Pull Connectors
  • F Series Push Pull Connectors
  • P Series Plastic Medical Connectors
  • B & K Series Hybrid Fluidic Connectors
  • B & K Series Hybrid Coaxial Connectors
  • SP13 17 21 Waterproof Connectors
  • D-tap Connectors
  • NIBP Connectors
  • Customized Cable Assembly
We Care The Quality

Quality Control Tests

Deliberate and controlled process design

Strict incoming, production, and outgoing inspection

After-sales service and customer feedback

In production

* Pulling force (Separate tension test for pinhole and connector)
* Assembly lead bending resilience (Wire swing test)
* Realtime vision inspection (die test)


* Repeated use (Mechanical service life test)
* Assembly lead bending resilience (Wire swing test


* Salt spray
*Waterproof test (In the condition of 2 meters, 24 hours)
* Dustproof test (In the condition of 8 hours)


* Wire (Wire guide, short circuit, high - voltage test)
* DC through resistance
* Voltage
*Insulation resistance

Our Global Clients

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