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  • Provides custom cable manufacturing of different types of connectors.
  • A wide variety of choices and designs to choose from for rugged cables with injection molding.
  • Thermoplastic and silicon material over-molded custom cable manufacturing available
  • Cost-saving manufacturing supported by a responsive technical team, with small MOQs to meet your prototype volume requirements.
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Custom Cable Manufacturing Certifications

  • UL certification
  • Rohs certification
  • ccc certification
  • ISO Certification
  • ce-mark

F Series Custom Cable Manufacturing

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INTE-AUTO is your custom cable assembly manufacturer in China, a leading supplier of a wide range of core series plugs and cable assembly solutions.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

If you are looking for cable over-molding design assistance, INTE-AUTO is your best choice for custom cable manufacturing.

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INTE-AUTO is a manufacturer of military-grade cable assemblies. We always adhere to the strictest quality standards in the design and production of connectors and cable assemblies.

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Custom cable manufacturing of perfect-performance cigarette lighters with core series 2 to 9 pins 103 series plugs. The over-molded process design makes the cable connection more stable.

custom cable manufacturing (4)

INTE-AUTO can design and assemble all types of terminals to cables. We have a modern factory and  the highest standards in the custom cable manufacturing industry to work to your advantage.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Many industries choose pearl chrome or black chrome-plated short plugs for the over-molded process as these ensure stable connections. For custom cable manufacturing services, INTE-AUTO is here to help you.

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INTE-AUTO assembles right-angle DC-powered 5.5mm x 2.1mm plugs to 1F multipin straight plugs. Get top-quality custom design and manufacturing cable solutions only at INTE-AUTO.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

We are your one-stop-shop for adapters, connectors, and cable assembly. INTE-AUTO’s team of professional technicians is ready to help you build your project.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO, the leading connector manufacturer in China, is your professional and cost-effective solution to custom cable and connector assembly.

Custom Cable Manufacturer - INTE-AUTO

With over ten years of experience in the business, INTE-AUTO is widely recognized for its success in producing remarkable connectors and customized cable assemblies.

Our products are known for delivering reliability, precision, and resistance to demanding and severe environmental conditions.

INTE-AUTO is the best in custom cable manufacturing because our products are safe, highly configurable, and efficient. These connectors easily replace existing ones to save you on cost. You’ll find them very easy to use and operate.

Core Series Custom Cable Manufacturing

custom cable manufacturing (10)
1F 12 Pins Plug to Terminal Custom Cable Manufacturing
INTE-AUTO’s full cable set design with S103 series plug, terminals, and tubes was used for a laser device.
Overmolded Cable Assembly
Mini USB to SS102 Over mold Plug Custom Cable Manufacturing
We offer high-effective and cost-saving custom cable to connectors solutions for many industries.
Overmolded Cable Assembly
SS102 Male to Male Connector Custom Cable Manufacturing
INTE-AUTO manufactured a set of cables where both ends are SS102 over-molded connectors
custom cable manufacturing (6)
China Core Series 104 Size to Cable Custom Manufacturing
Your reputable manufacturer in China INTE-AUTO guarantees short lead times in producing high quality cables. We have the solutions you need.
Overmolded Cable Assembly
Smart Design Over-Molded Custom Cable Manufacturing
INTE-AUTO has the ability to supply over-molded custom cables in small MOQs. We guarantee perfect designs, fast lead times, and military standard quality.
Overmolded Cable Assembly
Over-molded Custom Cable Manufacturing to S102 Plug
Military devices require over-molded plug-to-cable systems, one of the custom solutions you can find at INTE-AUTO.
custom cable manufacturing (14)
DC Plug Assembly Core Series S Type Plug Custom Cable Manufacturing
INTE-AUTO offers custom cable manufacturing process specific to your requirements.
Overmolded Cable Assembly
Custom Cable Manufacturing Core Series SS Plug to Plug Over-molded Elbow
INTE-AUTO supplies straight and elbow over-molded parts according to your designs’ specifications.

Custom Cable Manufacturer Workshop

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custom cable manufacturing
custom cable manufacturing
custom cable manufacturing
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cable manufacturer
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cable assembly

Custom Cable Manufacturing

To provide one-stop service to customers, INTE-AUTO can perform custom cable manufacturing services in addition to circular push pull self-locking connectors. The cables can be supplied by the customer or procured by INTE-AUTO.

INTE-AUTO has numerous skilled technicians, each one able to complete point-to-point and high-voltage testing for quality assurance.

How to Find Your Custom Cable Manufacturing & Assembly Solutions?

INTE-AUTO has many years of experience in push pull connector manufacturing and cable assembly. We have a modern factory and a technical team that uses advanced engineering technology. We deliver quick prototypes in sealed protective packaging.

With our expertise, we help you save time and money.

Below are the Steps for Easy Access to Custom Cable Manufacturing & Assemblies:

1. Choose the Ideal Series Connectors According to Your Needs.

  • IP50 metal push pull connector
  • IP54 metal push pull connector
  • IP65 ~ IP68 metal push pull connector
  • Plastic push pull connector
  • Coaxial push pull connector

2. Select the Suitable Cable Type for Your Application.

  • Extreme environments – IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 or sealing, rugged
  • Medical – soft, can be sterilized, hybrid
  • Military – High quality, lightweight, stable, over-molded
  • Instrumentation – Precise, high speed, shield

3. Choose Between Strain Relief/Cover/Rubber

  • Molded strain relief: stable, rugged, and smart design
  • Strain relief: fast, cost-effective, and flexible
  • Thermoplastic over mold: permanent, strong, tight
  • Silicone over mold: flexible, soft, heat-resistant
  • Custom solutions: new die for your specific design

4. Choose the Mating Connector

  • INTE-AUTO connectors on both ends of the cable
  • Third-party products such as terminals, USBs, HDMIs, RJ45s, or others
  • Industry standard connectors
  • Cut or Pigtail connection

How long does it take to manufacture and deliver custom cables after the order is placed?

Below is INTE-AUTO’s work process flow:

Best solutions discussion with the customer: 1-3 days or more

Drawing up of design plans and customer confirmation: 1-2 days

Order and payment processing: 3-5 days

Delivery date evaluation: 1 day

Purchasing of cable and accessories according to customer specifications: 7 working days for most materials

Scheduling and production: depending on the quantity required, generally not more than 20 days

Product inspection and testing: 0.5 to 1 day

Packing and shipping: 5 to 7 days for international shipments.

What is Custom Cable Manufacturing?

Custom Cable Manufacturing involves combinations of connectors, terminals, and cable systems that are used in electrical power devices to transmit data or electrical signals.

Specifications and requirements for custom cable manufacturing and production:

  • Appearance requirements

After the cable is processed, the rubber should be uniform and smooth. Pores, cracks, indentations, depressions, breakage, spots, dirt, or other similar imperfections are unacceptable.

The cable and connector are firmly pressed together without spaces. If welded together, they should be firm and the core should not be loose.

  • Technical requirements

The insulator should be tightly packed around the conductor but should be easy to peel off without damaging the insulator itself and the conductor. The insulator’s surface should be even and of uniform color and luster.

The average insulator thickness should not be less than the specified nominal value. The width of its thinnest point should be no less than 90% or 0.1 mm of the nominal value.

The insulator core should withstand an AC 50Hz spark test on the intermediate check.

  • Color of the insulated wire core

The insulator wire core should be easy to identify through the properly coded colors. These colors should not fade easily. The cables should also be properly marked. If other identification methods are used, they should fall within international product standards.

The colors should be as follows:
single-core cables: no preferred color.
two-core cables: no preferred color.
three-core cables: green/yellow, light blue, and brown; or light blue, black, and brown.
four-core cables: green/yellow, light blue, black, and brown; or light blue, black, and brown.
five-core cables: green/yellow, light blue, black, and brown; or light blue, black, and brown.
Green/yellow is the core color of the ground cable. Neither green nor yellow is allowed for other cores when green/yellow is used in the insulated wire of the cable.

  • Sheathing

The sheath should be tightly packed on the stranded insulated wire core or the inner sheath. It should be easily strippable without damaging the insulator or the inner sheath. The surface of the sheath should be flat and uniform in color or luster. The average thickness of the jacket should not be less than the specified nominal value. The width of the thinnest point should not be less than 85% (or 0.1 mm) of the nominal value.

  • Mechanical Strength

The connector should be able to withstand the mechanical stresses that may occur during normal use. It should be able to pass tensile strength test inspection whether it is required or not.

The required pulling force is applied for 1 full minute. Explosive force should not be used when applying pulling force. The said pulling force can be applied through a tensile strength test machine. The moving speed of the head of the testing machine should be between 25 mm or 1.0 in per minute and 50 mm or 2.0 in per minute. There should be no falling off and no fracture during the test.

The cable will be subjected to a combustion test. After which, the flame on the surface of the specimen should extinguish itself. Also, the distance between the burnt part and the lower edge of the fixture on the test device should not be over 50 mm.

The cable and the insulated wire cores between multiple-core cables should be able to withstand the AC 50Hz non-immersion voltage test.

  • Insulation resistance

The insulation resistance of a cable will be tested to a specified voltage on the insulation core.

  • The electric resistance of the conductor

The following voltage is applied between the cable and the conductors. It is also applied between all the connected conductors and to the sheath:

  1. weak cable: 1500V AC for 1 minute
  2. strong cable: 2000V AC for 1 minute
  3. sheath: 3750V AC for 1 minute.

Applying these voltages will not cause breakdown or flashover.

  • Quality of connector appearance on the manufactured custom cable
  1. The surface of the connector should look good and should be free of scratches, burrs, deformation, poor electroplating, and such.
  2. The riveted joint should not be damaged, loose, or falling off.
  • Wire gauge

The AWG wire gauges may be 24, 26, 28, or other requested gauges according to the overcurrent requirements of the equipment.

What are the Advantages of Custom Cable Manufacturing?

Custom cable systems are built with the specific purpose of withstanding rugged and harsh conditions while delivering flawless data, signal, or power.

Custom-designed and built cable systems by INTE-AUTO are user-friendly and of top quality. They are required to be tough, rigid, and versatile because they are used by different sectors like the medicine, energy, communications, and broadcasting industries.

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact the INTE-AUTO team.

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