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Male Female D-tap Connectors For Anton/Sony V-mount Camera Battery

Reliable D-Tap Connector for Optimum Camera Battery Performance

When you and your camera are on the go, you need a connector that won’t let you down.

INTE-AUTO’s D-tap connector gives you reliable performance with its durability and quick assembly. It’s perfectly compatible with Anton Bauer and Sony Camera’s V-mount batteries.

Simply screw on the cord and you have a solid attachment that won’t disconnect even with rigorous use. It also comes with a cable clip for your convenience.

D-tap Male connector to Cable for Anton Bauer V-Mount Battery
Play Video about D-tap Male connector to Cable for Anton Bauer V-Mount Battery
D-tap Male to 4 Port D-tap Female Power Cable

D-tap to 4-Port Female Connector Cable

The male D-Tap plug with female 4 port D-tap female connectors gives you more available connections for your devices and Anton Bauer V-mount Battery. Now you can power up your camera, lights, and accessories simultaneously.

d tap female connector

D-Tap Female Connector

INTE-AUTO’s D-Tap female connector allows for easy assembly of custom cable wiring, you also can select INTE-AUTO B series push-pull connectors as an integrated solution for your BMCC BMPCC camera or power battery supply or DIY DSLR Rig Power Cable.

D-tap male connector

D-Tap Male Connector

The male D-Tap Connector from INTE-AUTO provides a reliable and fast connection to your power source. This male D-tap connector can assemble the cable with XLR, FGG, FHJ, FGJ connectors as a perfect solution for your camera.

FGG Straight Plug to D-tap male Cable

Straight Plug to Male D-Tap Cable

This lightweight cable connects a standard 2-pin D-Tap to 0B FGG straight plug. The cable is made of PVC with braided shielding and pure copper wiring. It attaches camera rigs to any push-pull connector-enabled accessory such as Power Breakout, Teradek, or ARRI camera. Lengths can be 18” or longer.

FHJ 0B 1B Right Angle Plug to D-tap Cable

Right Angle Plug to D-Tap Cable

This standard 2-pin male D-tap and cable connect to a right angle FHJ 0B 1B 2B plug. You can also select a right angle FHJ from the B Series with your choice of 2 to 26 pins, with or without sleeves. It powers up cameras, video transmitters, or receivers. The cable can be overmolded for a better look.

Male D-TAP To D-TAP Coiled Cable

Male D-Tap To D-Tap Coiled Cable

This custom D-Tap coiled cable assembly connects 2 standard D-tap connectors with durable, thickly coated coiled polyurethane cables. These 12V DC cables expand from 20 to 38.5 inches to avoid messy lines and tangles in DSLR rigs. Options include male to male D-tap or male to female D-tap.

HR10 to D-tap Connector Cable

HR10 to D-Tap Connector Cable

We have D-tap to male HR10A-7P-4P (Hirose) circular plug cables fit for zoom lenses, monitors, and sound devices such as Zoom F8. These 4-pin micro push pull connectors provide low-frequency operation. The cable is a camera-type 20 to 24AWG with brass in chrome conductor.

D-Tap to USB Connector Cable

D-Tap to USB Connector Cable

We offer this D-tap to USB type-C motor power cable for Tilta Nucleus-Nano. You can also request the 12V 2-pin male D-tap to 5V female USB version with the cable type and length of your choice. All of INTE-AUTO’s cables are fully tested against possible short circuits or breakdowns before shipping.

D-Tap to DC Plug Power Cable

D-Tap to DC Plug Power Cable

Never let your professional camera run out of power again when you choose INTE-AUTO’s 2-pin male D-tap to DC 5.5 mm OD, 2.1 for DSLR, Blackmagic, DJI Ronin, or other equipment models. Our DC barrel plugs come in straight or right-angle configurations and are made with aluminum alloy and ABS.

D-Tap to DC Plug Coiled Cable

D-Tap to DC Plug Coiled Cable

INTE-AUTO’s cables and connectors are stable and thickly jacketed. These quality adapter cables power up many popular LCD and video equipment using V-mount, gold, or Li-ion battery packs. Send us your required cable length and we will meet your specifications.

D-Tap to Right Angle DC Plug Cable

D-Tap to Right Angle DC Cable

Enjoy fast-charging action with protective 10A D-tap to right angle DC 12-volt cable. It is built with a micro-processor electronic control for automatic positive polarity connection. They are applicable for DSLR, LCD monitors, Power Tap-Lectro, Lectrosonic, and many other recorders, receivers, and stabilizers.

D-Tap Male to Male Extension Power Cable

D-Tap Male to Male Extension Power Cable

We have factory customized male-to-male D-tap cables with polystyrene insulation and gold-plated pins. This DC power cable has many applications including Blackmagic accessories, LED lights, and displays. All cables are 100% tested before shipment.

D-Tap Male to Female 4-Pin XLR Connector Coiled Cable

D-Tap Male to Female 4-Pin XLR Connector Coiled Cable

This male D-tap to 4-pin female XLR cable connects any D-tap power source to any device that accepts a 4-pin female XLR power input. It features our quality D-tap connector on one end with a 4-pin XLR female connector on the other.

D-Tap Male to Female 4-Pin XLR Connector Cable

D-Tap Male to Female 4-Pin XLR Connector Cable

This is a standard male 2-pin D-tap connector with a 4-pin female XLR cable for a rig to pinch connection between a power supply battery and DSLR video equipment. INTE-AUTO guarantees all its products with a full responsibility warranty on all your purchases.

D-tap Male to 4 Port D-tap Female Coiled Cable

D-Tap Male to 4-Port D-Tap Female Coiled Cable

Plug in more equipment with this 4-port female D-tap hub splitter with coiled cable. It expands to accommodate more wireless receivers, LED lights, and onboard monitors from a single Anton Bauer or Sony V-mount gold battery plate.

Get Your D-tap Connections Now

Safe and Precise D-tap Connections When You Need It

Power is always an issue when you’re shooting onsite and the session runs longer than planned. Good thing INTE-AUTO’s high-performing D-Tap Connectors are available to give your equipment fast-charging connections to your batteries.

With meticulously pinpoint contacts and a snug port fit, these D-Tap connectors work as hard as you do. They have a 220V output and a 10 amp rated AC/DC current that allows you to draw power from V-mount batteries seamlessly and without a hitch. You are guaranteed secure and quick connections whenever you need them, wherever you need them.

Products include the male D-Tap connector with a female D-Tap splitter to accommodate multiple connections. This handy connector is favored by many for its space-saving, compact design. You don’t miss out on the action as your camera, lighting, laptop, and other accessories are charged at the same time.

The female D-Tap connector can accommodate your choice of cable. It can be as short as you want to avoid any problems, colored to help you remember which connection is which, or coiled for a longer and retractable connection. Both the male and the female D-Tap connectors come with their own metal retention collar for your convenience.

INTE-AUTO is a leading manufacturer from China of different kinds of connectors including the D-Tap. All products pass through rigorous testing to ensure quality and tolerance to rigid conditions. The company itself is certified and follows the strictest international quality standards for electronics and manufacturing. You get the best value for your money with every product from INTE-AUTO.

So when you want a D-Tap connector that works as hard as you do, remember the name INTE-AUTO.

Related D-tap Connector Products

Coiled Cable to D-Tap and DC Plug

Coiled Cable to D-Tap and DC Plug

This quality D-Tap connector with coiled cable maintains a neat connection between your camera and your V-mount battery.

D-Tap Male to Female 4-Pin XLR Connector Cable

D-Tap to 4-Pin XLR Connector Cable

Using Anton Bauer brick batteries is not an issue when you use INTE-AUTO’s male D-Tap to female 4-pin XLR connector.

D-tap connector to DC plug

D-Tap to DC Plug Cable

This connector has a 2.5 mm DC plug that allows you to harness the power of your D-Tap power source. It can fit BMCC, BMPC, or DSLR rigs.

Coiled Cable to D-Tap and DC Plug

Coiled Cable to D-Tap and DC Plug

This quality D-Tap connector with coiled cable maintains a neat connection between your camera and your V-mount battery.

Male to Female D-Tap Hub Adapter Cable

Male to Female D-Tap Hub Adapter

INTE-AUTO’s D-tap connectors pass the highest quality standards in safety and durability. This includes this male D-Tap to a 4-port female D-Tap hub adapter with a coiled cable.

d-tap female to XLR male

D-Tap to XLR Connector Cable

INTE-AUTO have expert engineers and staffs, we could supply customized cable assembly, extension D-tap to XLR cables with standard testing.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

D-TAP Connectors - FAQ

When you need to charge your accessories through external charging batteries, you just need a reliable connector that passes current flawlessly between battery and accessories.

INTE-AUTO is a D-tap connector manufacturer that can provide you with the best connector solution to charge your accessories as fast as possible without external interferences.

They have manufactured male and female D-Tap Connectors that take the responsibility of carrying current from batteries and then transferring it to your accessories.

The below FAQ guide article will provide you with complete details of these connectors so that you can easily choose the type you need according to your products.

We INTE-AUTO is a D-Tap Connector supplier, D-tap connectors are a medium between electric appliances and charging batteries that transfer electrical energy towards your devices in an efficient manner.

They are lightweight and cost-effective with two-pin connections.

One end of the cable that connects battery and the electric appliance is associated with the male D-Tap Connector.

The connector’s male part joins the battery source through the female D-Tap Connector.

The other end of the cable is connected with another connector that can transfer current from the battery to the electric appliance.

The male and female INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors have male and female terminals.

INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO D-Tap Male and Female Connector

Yes, the INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors have perfect performance for camcorder and photography rig power cable V-Mount DSLR camera batteries.

INTE-AUTO D-tap Connectors are perfectly compatible with different famous brands and are cost-effective.

You can easily and tightly connect the male INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connector with the female socket of these batteries.

INTE-AUTO also provides you with customized cable assembly solutions for their D-Tap Connectors, which means that they can design the connector and cable solutions according to your needs.

Each electrical appliance has different connectors and terminals that receive current and signals from external batteries.

So, the cable connecting the male D-Tap Connector on one end must have a connector on the other end that can easily transfer current and signals into the appliance’s female socket.

The INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors can be easily associated with other connectors.

The one end of the current transferring cable is connected to the male D-Tap Connector whereas the other end can be associated with the following:

  • Four-port female D-Tap Connector
  • 0B FGG straight plug to enable power in power breakout, ARRI camera or Battery.
  • Right angle FHJ 0B 1B 2B plug to enable power in video transmitters, cameras etc.
  • Female D-Tap Connector
  • Four pin HR10A-7P-4P (Hirose) circular plug to enable power in monitors, lenses, sound devices like zoom F8, etc.
  • 5V female USB connector
  • Straight or right-angle DC barrel plugs for DSLR, Blackmagic, DJI Ronin etc.
  • Female four-pin XLR connector for a rig to pinch connection between battery and DSLR video equipment.

Conneting D-Tap Connectors With Other Connectors

Figure 2 D-Tap Connector’s Connection with Other Connectors

The INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors have a very short and easy assemble and disassemble process:

Assemble Process:

  • Unscrew the nut of the male D-Tap Connector to separate the housing and expose the two gold-plated contacts.
  • Make a cut on one end of the outer rubber covering of the cable using a wire stripping tool or a razor.
  • Remove the cut rubber portion and expose the small inner wires.
  • Carefully expose the conducting material from the small wires and then solder them with the gold-plated contacts of the male D-Tap Connector.
  • Now combine the connector housing and tighten the nut using a screwdriver.
  • The male part of the connector is now ready to plug into the female part.

Disassemble Process:

  • First, you must separate the connector’s housing by untightening the nut using a screwdriver.
  • Unsolder the small wires from the gold-plated contacts of the male D-Tap Connector.
  • Now carefully place the connector’s contacts into their place and tight the housing using a screwdriver.
  • The connector and cable are completely disassembled.

Assemble And Disassemble INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors Assembling and Disassembling

The INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors have the following characteristics:

  • Contacts: Gold-plated contacts
  • Contact Type: Solder or welding
  • Polarity: Positive and Negative
  • Housing Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS Plastic)
  • Insert Configuration: two pins low voltage contacts
  • Mating Cycles: Can be mated 100 times
  • Contact Diameter:4mm
  • Bucket Diameter:2mm
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Output Voltage: 220V
  • Rated Current: 10 Amperes (A) both AC (Alternate Current) and DC (Direct Current)

The  INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors have the following benefits:

  • They can be easily assembled and disassemble in a very short time.
  • They can be quickly mated by the plug-in of the connector’s male part into the female part.
  • The excellent quality manufacturing material of these connectors will provide you with around 100 mating cycles.
  • They are compact and lightweight.
  • They can quickly transfer power from batteries to appliances without hurdles.
  • They are reliable and cost-effective.
  • A single male D-Tap connector can easily connect with four female D-Tap Connectors to provide power to four different appliances using a single battery.
  • They are cost-effective and quality certified by most of our customers.
  • You can use any type of cable you need to transfer power from batteries to electric appliances.

The INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors can have the following applications:

  • The connector’s male part can withdraw power from batteries and transfer it to different appliances like lights, cameras, LED lights, wireless receivers, onboard monitors etc., at the same time through a four-port female connector cable.
  • Connecting right-angled FHJ 0B 1B 2B plug with a male D-Tap connector can power up your camera, receivers, video transmitters.
  • In order to avoid tangles and messy lines in DSLR rigs, you can expand 12V DC cables from 20 inches to 38.5 inches by connecting two standard male D-Tap Connectors.
  • To enlighten zoom lenses, monitors and different sound devices like zoom F8, you can utilize male D-Tap Connectors with HR10A-7P-4P (Hirose) circular plug.
  • If your DSLR, Blackmagic, DJI Ronin, or other equipment models are powered using DC 5.5 mm OD, then the male D-Tap Connectors can be used for this purpose.
  • When your device accepts 4-pin female XLR power input, you can easily associate a female 4-pin XLR connector with an INTE-AUTO male D-Tap Connector.
  • To withdraw power efficiently from v-mount batteries, you can use INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors for this purpose.

Applications of INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors

Figure 4 INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors Applications

The INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors consist of two gold-plated contacts that connect with the cable.

These contacts are safely stored inside a cover made of plastic that holds them in place and resists them moving from one place to another.

The outside plastic covering of the INTE-AUTO male and female D-Tap Connectors is said to be the housing of these connectors.


The housing of INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors is manufactured using superior material so that it can provide you excellent performance even in harsh environments.

INTE-AUTO uses Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS Plastic to manufacture these connectors.

The purpose of using ABS plastic is given below:

  • It has excellent abrasion, heat, chemical and impact resistance properties.
  • It is equipped with super strength and stiffness.
  • You can easily paint and glue it.
  • It has excellent dimensional stability.
  • It has good electrical properties.
  • It is recyclable.
  • It remains rigid, hard and tough at low temperatures.

If you think that the INTE-AUTO male and female D-Tap Connectors are not useable after using them several times, you are completely wrong!

INTE-AUTO always uses the best raw material for manufacturing each of their products that long last for a number of years.

The 2-pin contacts are gold-plated, and the housing is made using ABS plastic which increases the life of these connectors.

You can mate connector’s male and female parts around a hundred times.

After mating the connector’s male and female part 99th time, these connectors will provide you the same result as they were mated for the first time.

Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD is well known for providing its best services and top-quality products for all its customers worldwide.

Each of their products is tested before supplying to the customers or after manufacturing.

They provide you with the best quality products, and due to this, they comply with the CE and RoHS certifications.

For the satisfaction of their new customers, they have uploaded all quality certificates on their website.

You can easily check and verify the quality certificates by visiting the certificates tab.

Yes, INTE-AUTO is a D-tap factory, they can always provide a free sample to each of their customers so that they can verify their requirements before placing a large order.

One to three pieces can be ordered as a free sample.

Click the “Sample Order” tab on their website and fill up the form to order a small quantity of D-Tap Connectors.

Your free sample order will be delivered to your address within seven to fifteen working days.

Free Sample Of INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors

Figure 6 INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connector’s Free Sample

If you want to place an order of INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors, the process is very simple and quick.

INTE-AUTO support team accepts email.

You can email them at or

You can also contact the INTE-AUTO support team on WhatsApp or WeChat at +8613420981319 

Import INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors

Figure 7 Order INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors

The delivery time of INTE-AUTO depends on the number of D-Tap Connectors you have ordered, i.e., it only depends on their manufacturing and order processing time.

Usually, an order below 200 pieces can be delivered within three to seven working days.

If you place an order with a quantity of 500 pieces or 1000 pieces, then INTE-AUTO can deliver this large order within ten to twelve working days.

Delivery Time Of INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors

Figure 8 INTE-AUTO D-Tap Connectors Delivery Time


After studying the above FAQ guide, you have a clear concept that INTE-AUTO is a D-Tap Connector and cable assembly manufacturer, they offer connectors that can provide you extreme benefits in your applications.

The purpose of this FAQ guide is just to show the technical characteristics of our D-Tap Connectors to our customers so that they can easily decide about buying from us.

Using our D-Tap Connectors, you can efficiently transfer power from batteries to enlighten your electric appliances.

All our products have been manufactured with the help of professional engineers and are tested before supplying to our customers.

So please do not waste your time thinking about whether to buy the D-Tap Connectors from INTE-AUTO or not to buy from us!

Simple email your queries at, where our support team is always ready to assist you in the best possible way.

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