Data Connector
Manufacturer by INTE-AUTO

Data Connector from Leading China Manufacturer INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO is a leading manufacturer of precision push pull data connectors with over 9 years of industry experience. 

Our engineers have mastered the core connection technology when it comes to circular push pull data connectors.

 INTE-AUTO strives for optimizes product quality, and upgrades product structure in accordance with several requirements, including those relating to technology, raw materials, process, and performance.

0B 1B 2B 3B 4B FGG Connector with Standard Nut

INT-TGG Data Connector

The high-quality INT-TGG data connector has an same design that is compatible with B series male plug. Its contacts are gold plated to ensure very good conductivity and resistance to oxidation. The body of the data connector is made of brass for great robustness.

0B 1B 2B 3B 4B FGG Connector

INT-TGG(Z) Data Connector

Our high-quality data connectors are used in a variety of challenging applications and environments. The connectors are of stable performance and widely used in the fields of medical, audio-video, military, navigation, security, aviation, industrial control, data transfer equipment, automotive, and power, etc.

EGG 0B 1B 2B 3B 4B panel mount socket

INT-ZGG Data Connector

Related to the existing B series, our INT-ZGG female connector is designed according to the original B series, it can reach to mate with B series plug . It is a front panel mount receptacle, available number of pins from 2 – 40 pins, including 00B to 4B series size, solder contact.


INT-ZCG Data Connectors

INT-ZCG is a back panel mount receptacle, it can be used in a variety of applications, such as electric device, PEB boards, test equipment, arri Cameras, and many more. They are specifically made to be utilized in tough and dynamic situations.

Back Panel Mount Push-Pull Sockets EEG.0B 1B 2B 3B

INT-ZEG Data Connectors

The INT-ZEG data connectors are keyed, multipole, and back panel mounted female connectors that are ideal for instrument applications across many markets. The push-pull latching mechanism provides a secure connection. The multi-key options prevent the cross-mating of similar data connectors.

EPG data connector-INTE-AUTO

INT-ZPG Data Connector

INT-ZPG connector is keyed, multipole, and elbow femaleconnectors that are ideal for instrument applications across many markets. A secure connection is provided by the push-pull latching mechanism, while panel area is saved by the contacts’ density. It can be a good solution for NDT Inspection Ultrasonctesting and RFID.

INT-ZXG Data Connectors

This data connectors are self-latching, elbow female connectors, nut fixed, keying alignment and rugged housing for use in harsh environments. These connectors feature multipole low voltage contacts. The data connectors include solder or print contacts over different shell styles and sizes, available pins from 2 to 10 pins.

90-degree Push Pull Connector

INT-THG Data Connectors

INT-THG data connector is a right angle plug, it is dustproof and are ideal for high reliability in rugged applications. If your device space limited, this type is your best solution, high density, multipole solder contacts in 00B to 4B size. The work temperatuer is from -40 degree to 250 degree.

Right angle connector FHG

INT-THG(Z) Data Connector

B series THG plug is a 90 degree male connector that utilizes many pins arrangements. They are designed to prevent dust from intruding into the connectors. They are suitable for applications such as cardiologic equipment, deviation tester and lightwave tester.

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INTE-AUTO’s Powerful Data Connector

INTE-AUTO provides dependable, cutting-edge, and high-quality data connectors for our clients and partners. To guarantee our product quality and delivery date, we have a modern and functional manufacturing line, certified staff, and an ideal production method. Quality is always prioritized by our engineers, and technical innovation serves as the core driving force for the development of the company.

Passion drives our technical advancement, and accuracy assures the caliber of our output. Every phase is well-ordered thanks to the meticulous engineering development procedure. The quality of each data connector is guaranteed by the international supply of cutting-edge materials. Customers can access our standard catalog selections as well as highly customized units to exactly match their unique needs because we perform all fabrication in-house. We also guarantee quality, performance, and efficiency.

We also received praise from our clients. By committing to a successful relationship with our clients, INTE-AUTO offers one of the best services on the market. We do this by providing top-notch services and commercial technical support.

 We constantly develop new ideas to optimize our data connectors according to customers’ special requirements. They could be used in various environments required by industrial applications. 

Manufacturing and Technical Details

Data Connectors- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

When your application or industry requires efficient transfer of signals, data, or power, INTE-AUTO data connectors will always be the best choice.

These connectors are manufactured using the latest technology machines and high-quality materials to give you excellent results.

You must know everything about these connectors before placing an order.

So, here is a comprehensive FAQ guide for you that gives you complete information about the INTE-AUTO data connector’s working mechanism, components, technical details etc.

INTE-AUTO Data Connectors consist of a male plug and a female socket/receptacle that are combined to transfer data, information, signals, or power between different devices.

The plug is connected to the first device using a cable, whereas the receptacle is connected to the other device on its panel or using the cable.

The plug is then inserted into the receptacle/socket for efficient transfer of your information, data, or signals.

They have a strong self-latching mechanism for mating and un-mating.

Figure 1 Data Connector

Figure 1 Data Connector

Latches serve as the main locking component in INTE-AUTO Data Connectors.

Suppose you have a long arrow in front of you, and from top to bottom of the arrow, you break/cut it into two parts.

After cutting, one part consists of the right arrow side and the other part with the left arrow side.

Latches have the same shape as these two parts and are present in the plug of these connectors.

When you insert the plug into the receptacle, these latches tightly fit in some area inside the socket to lock the connector.

Figure 2 Data Connector’s Latches

Figure 2 Data Connector’s Latches

INTE-AUTO Data Connectors follow a simple working mechanism.

After an easy and quick connection of the socket with one circuit/device and plug with the other circuit/device, you need to align the red mark on both the plug and receptacle.

After aligning, insert the plug into the receptacle/socket, and that’s all!

The plug consists of latches, and the socket has an empty area/groove with the same half-arrow head shape as that of latches.

When you insert the plug, the plug’s latches contract until their half arrowheads reach the empty space of sockets.

As soon they reach, the latches fit tightly inside the receptacle and secure the connection.

Now that you have closed the circuit path, you can easily transfer any type of data, information, signals, or power at the highest rates without any loss.

To remove the connection, you should make an axial backward push on the plug’s outer shell that will remove latches from the socket, and then the plug can be removed easily.

  • Self-Latching Push-Pull Design
  • Series available: B series, K series, F series, P series, W series, U series, Y series, T series, 2C series
  • Available in multiple keying options for precise alignment and blind mating
  • Full EMC Shielding with 360° coverage
  • 2 to 48-pin connections are available
  • Available in straight and elbow options with PCB and solder contacts
  • Customized crimp contact solutions are also available
  • Blind mating can be done in tight spaces/areas
  • The keying system is available in different angles like (0/30/45/60/80/145/155 degrees)
  • Customized cable assembly solutions are also available. 

INTE-AUTO Data Connectors are manufactured with the latest technology machines that can easily withstand continuous mating and un-mating of more than 5000 times.

Sometimes, you are in a situation where you are dealing with multiple plugs and sockets at the same time, and it becomes difficult to figure out which plug goes into which socket.

To overcome this difficulty, INTE-AUTO has created a keying system for their data connectors.

According to this system, each plug has one or two raising parts (protrude), and each socket has an empty space where this raising part (protrude) enters.

For one protrude, the code G and key= 1 is assigned, but for two protrudes, key= 2 and A, B, C, D, E, F, J, K, L, or M code is assigned having different angles/spacing from the plug’s center. 

Figure 3 Data Connector’s Keying System

Figure 3 Data Connector’s Keying System

  • You can get exceptional endurance of at least 5000 mating cycles.
  • Can operate within – 55° to 200° temperatures
  • Surpasses 72 hours of salt spray test
  • They are rated IP 50 and IP 68 
  • Efficiently transfer your information, data, or signals
  • Provide you with thousands of mating cycles
  • Reduces accidental disconnects through the self-latching mechanism
  • Easy and quick to latch and unlatch
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Versatile solution for various applications
  • Cost-effective and highly durable
  • Multiple keying system permits you blind mating

Below are some application areas where you can use these connectors:

Medical and Surgical:

  • These connectors work in harsh and wet environments
  • Ventilators, dental equipment, pacemakers, etc., can be opted for.

Test and Measurements:

  • These connectors are 360° EMC shielded and have a strong mating system
  • Can be opted for hardness testers, high voltage experiments, GPS, weather sensors

Research Industry:

  • These connectors have multiple-pin connections
  • Can be opted for sub-atomic and physics research, robot connections, and laboratories

Data and Communications:

  • Multi-task handling abilities allow them to be used in indoor and outdoor antennas, satellites and space vehicles, pilot binaural headsets, remote controls, CAT5 and CAT6, etc.

Broadcast and Audio/Video:

  • They give you strong connections for media converters, digital audio, HDTV, indoor and outdoor lighting, microphones, etc.


  • Aerospace temperature sensors, converter splitters, machine control systems, sound analyzers, etc., can be opted for.

Defense and Military:

  • Their excellent interconnect solutions in harsh environments allow them to be used in military radio, land vehicles, aerospace applications, marine, military, etc.

Information Systems:

  • It can opt for input and output devices, printers, computers, copiers, servers, etc.

Public Sector:

  • It can be opted in trains, traffic signals, rescue operations, communication systems, etc.

Motor Sports:

  • Their shock and vibration-resistant quality allow them to be used in trucks, sports cars, emergency vehicles, etc.

Figure 4 Data Connector’s Applications

Figure 4 Data Connector’s Applications

INTE-AUTO Data Connectors have high dust resistance capacity, and the different models of these connectors give you an ingress protection rate of IP 50 or IP 68.

Figure 5 Data Connector’s IP Rating

Figure 5 Data Connector’s IP Rating

INTE-AUTO uses the following material to manufacture their Data Connectors:

  • Outer Shell and Collet Nut: Made of brass plated with pearl or black chrome
  • Insulator: Made of Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)
  • Collet and Split Insert Carrier: Made of brass plated with nickel
  • Contacts: Made of brass plated with gold
  • Bend/Strain Relief: Made of thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) or Silicone

Yes, INTE-AUTO Data Connectors are certified.

They have UL, RoHS, ISO certifications, and CE marks.

Figure 6 Data Connector’s Certifications

Figure 6 Data Connector’s Certifications


Here are some essential requirements of a good connection design:

Interchangeability. Data connectors from different manufacturers must be interoperable if they are the same type.

Simple assembly.  The connectors should be easily to assemble when anyone wants to solder the cable, and design a stable self-latching connection.

Low sensitivity to the environment. Temperature, dust, and moisture levels should have a negligible impact on connection loss variations.

Low-cost and reliable construction. The data connectors must be dependable, with accuracy appropriate to the application, and their cost must not be cost-effective.

Connection ease. One should be able to easily and manually connect and disconnect the connector, with the exception of a few special applications

Male and female connections make up the majority of connectors. The male component, often known as the “pin” or “plug,” is joined to the female component, which carries the cable.

Another name for a connector’s female portion is a socket or receptacle. It is a permanent component of an electrical device. 

Diverse demands are made on connectors depending on the application industry. This is due to the fact that the electrical connections must adhere to extremely strict specifications based on the sort of signals that must be carried.

For instance, the amperage and voltage level are key considerations when choosing the appropriate connection. The IP protection classifications, which choose the protection against water, touch, and foreign bodies, are equally important.

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