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INTE-AUTO is audited by TUV and ISO, and our products are all tested against IEC standards. We design a series of secure and reliable military connectors to meet military-grade applications. These push pull connectors are utilized in most military modernization systems and equipment.
Connector Solutions for Defense and Military Applications
  • Easy Blind Mating
  • Rugged Outshell
  • Lightweight Design
  • Sealed and Waterproof Connectors
  • UP to IP68 Even Unmated
  • EMC Shield for Obtaining Signal Integrity in Transmission
military connector (1)

Airborne Devices / Drones

Defense devices need very secure and reliable connections every single time and even in rough and harsh environments. The lightweight F series and K series with tough shielding is perfect for these applications.

military connector (3)

Multi-purpose Target Locator

INTE-AUTO F series and K series connectors are lightweight yet durable with a rugged design specially made for harsh environments. Cable assembly involves over-molded injection of connectors.

military connector for Battle Management RBM

Battle Management (RBM) Notebook Computer

This safe and advanced connector from the INTE-AUTO F series offers a combination of power and signal strength for Battle Management (RBM) notebook computers.

military connector

Military Radio

INTE-AUTO Military connectors have a very robust mechanical keying and connection structure. They have an IP66 – IP68 sealing rating whether it is mated or not, full 360° screen EMC shielding for reliable data and signal transmission, and work well at temperatures ranging from -55°C to 200°C.

military connector for Transmitter


We design and manufacture military connectors. Our S series and F series connectors offer fast and easy connection, high data and signal transmission, and power for military defense equipment.

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INTE-AUTO designed these connectors can transmit the common data and signals like USB® and HDMI®, but they are circular standard connectors.

military connector (6)

Metal Male Military Connector

military connector (6)

Waterproof Male Military Connector

military connector (8)

IP68 Fenale Military Connector

military connector (7)

Female Military Connector

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