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Discover the great functionality and performance of dust caps from INTE-AUTO. We offer quality-made vinyl dust caps for a variety of applications. Our flexible dust caps can be used in a wide range of applications but are commonly used for masking procedures and contamination protection. No matter what your exact need or specifications are, INTE-AUTO will get you your much-needed dust caps speedily and efficiently. We also provide you with standard catalog selections as well as highly customized units to exactly match your unique needs because we perform all fabrication in-house. We also guarantee filter life, performance, and efficiency.

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Dust cap for B series socket-1

Dust cap for B series socket-1

Our dust-proof cap for B series socket-1 has the function of protecting the plug and socket and preventing dust. It can be unplugged directly when in use and plugged in when not in use, which is fast and convenient. They help prevent moisture and dirt from contaminating the unmated connectors.

Dust cap for B series socket-2

Dust cap for B series socket-2

Use our dust cap for B series socket-2 various industrial applications. This series includes sockets fitted with male or female contacts, plugs with a choice of straight or angled connectors, and accessories (blanking plugs, sealing sleeves).

Dust cap for B series socket

Dust cap for B series socket

Our dust cap for B series socket provides leak-tight connections to other cam-lock fittings. The female-threaded side will attach to a male thread. The male camlock quick-connect adapter will attach to a female camlock coupler. They are lightweight and offer strength as well as resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Dust cap for F series receptacle-1

Our receptacle dust caps for the F series come with a mounting chain and are used to protect the connector while not mated. We provide dust-metal caps available in various shell sizes. These protective caps provide an environmentally sealed interface for unmated receptacles.

Dust cap for F series receptacle

Our F Series receptacle is trusted by technology-driven industries all over the world, including the medical, military, automotive, and instrumentation fields. Our connector assures a reliable connection with the corresponding connectors of other companies of the same type that make it.

dust cover for B and K series plug

Dust cover for B and K series plug

Our B and K series dust covers protect open plug-in couplings, particularly the thread, from damage and dirt and have a captive design. The protective dust plugs have a thread and prevent the ingress or leakage of liquids within certain limits.

Dust cover for F series plug

Our dust covers for F series plugs ensure optimum protection during production, storage, and transport. Each plug can be individually tailored according to your requirements. Whether robust, low-abrasion, temperature-resistant or sealing, you will find the right protective element here.

IP68 dust cap for K series female connector

The IP68 rating of our dust cap for the K series female connector protects the connectors and fibers from water and dust in harsh and outdoor environments. It is ideal for deployments of fiber optic cabling in harsh environments, this dust cap ensures ingress protection against water and dust.

IP68 dust cap for K series receptacle

IP68 dust cap for K series receptacle

Our K series receptacle is an IP68-rated dust cap for fiber optic connectors. Ideal for deployments of fiber optic cabling in harsh environments, this dust cap ensures ingress protection against water and dust. It is just one of a large selection of in-stock fiber optic products available.

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INTE-AUTO has a solution for every dust, fume, and VOC problem you may have—and can prevent those you anticipate in your industrial operations. We engage in the design, research, and manufacture of precision connectors, custom cable assemblies, and solutions, as well as compatible connectors for medical and military requirements.

We offer turn-key solutions for new industrial ventilation systems and assist our customers in maintaining these systems and filters. We have over 9 years of experience providing top-quality industrial-grade products at low prices with excellent service that you can depend on.

Our dust caps are dip molded and made to order for your facility in any quantity you need. They serve many different functions and can be utilized for many different applications. Also, you can order them in several different colors, and they can be made to your exact size specifications.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Dust caps are a cheap way to keep your valves clean and in great working condition. Every car and machine needs them. The main advantage of dust caps is that they protect your valve by preventing too much dust or other dirt from entering inside. When dust and other forms of dirt enter your valve, they can clog and damage it. A dust cap keeps this from happening.

Dust caps are an important part of the optical fiber system. They keep the fiber optic connector, fiber optic adapter, optical interface of the optical module, and other ports from getting dirty or broken by outside forces. This keeps the network from slowing down or going down completely. Hence, when a fiber cable is not plugged in, each connector should always be covered with a dust cap. By just covering the ends of your fiber connectors, you can greatly improve your network’s uptime and performance.

The caps are literally called “dust caps” for a reason. They only function by keeping dust or dirt from getting into the valve. If you put air in a tire that has even a little bit of dirt or dust on the valve, the air can start to seep out or just leak out. Also, when you drive through snow, water, mud, or dirt, the valve stem cap keeps debris and goo from getting into the valve. For instance, if too much mud got into the valve, it could get broken. If there is mud on the valve, it may be difficult to pump up the tires.

The tire dust cap connector could come off sometimes. If you didn’t tighten it enough, it might come off on its own. So, it’s important to put the cap on tight. There’s also a chance that it could pop off if it gets hit. If you scrape your car against the curb, you might also lose the stem cap. It can also damage the stem itself, which could cause air to leak out. Most of the time, though, the tire valve caps come off because they are lost. It’s easy to lose the cap when you take it off to fill the tire. When you fill the tires, put the valve caps somewhere safe so you can put them back on later.

Putting metal dust caps on your tire valves when you buy new tires can help them last longer. Metal valve stem covers not only keep the valve from getting damaged by weather or other things, but they also make the valve look great. But metal caps can rust over time and stick to the stem, making them very hard to take off when you need to add air to your tires.

Even though a missing dust cap connector on one tire might not seem like a big deal, it can cause the tire to lose air pressure. Without a cap, dirt and other things can get into the valve stem and break the seal. When this happens, the valve stem will let the air out of the tire.

Even if you lose the valve cap, your tire won’t go flat right away, but you should replace it as soon as possible. The valve cap on your tire keeps dirt and other debris out of the air valve and acts as a backup seal in case the valve leaks.

Even though you can drive with a missing dust cap connector, you should replace it as soon as you can to keep dust and dirt from getting into your tires. Dust cap connectors are easy to replace and can be bought at INTE-AUTO for a low price.

Today, most dust caps are made of cheap plastic and are simply screwed over the valve opening. There are also metal and alloy models, which cost a little more because they are stronger than plastic ones and often have a seal built-in. The only bad thing about metal dust caps is that sometimes they get rusted after some time and are a target for theft.

Metal dust cap connectors are not better than plastic ones. The main problem is that they rust quickly, which makes it hard to get them out of your valve. So, if you ride in all kinds of weather or don’t check the pressure of your tires often, you may find that metal valve caps are hard to take off.

Dust caps can come loose or get damaged because of the vibrations in a machine. Check them often to make sure they still fit well. If your dust caps are starting to look worn, you should get new ones so that your car and tires don’t stop working as well.

Always tighten your dust cap connector with your finger. No tool should ever be needed to get one of these caps off. It’s best not to use any kind of tool to tighten them. If you screw your valve stem caps on too tightly, you could damage your valve stem.

Put the valve stem cap on the valve and turn it a half turn in the opposite direction of the clock. This will help make sure that the cap is properly seeded along the threads of the stem. Then, carefully turn the cap on the stem in a clockwise direction. When the threads catch, the cap will start to get tighter. Keep turning the cap with your fingers until it fits tightly at the bottom of the threads on the stem.

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