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FGG connector

Best Version FGG-Compatible Connectors

INTE-AUTO makes the best-priced compatible FGG connectors with reliable quality. Our catalog includes various models with different sizes and pin counts for easy compatibility with any other brand.

The IP50 to IP68 brass metal housing is lightweight but keeps the product durable even through more than 5000 mating cycles. Further securing your connections is the quick mating push-pull locking system.

Our customization allows you to choose your own key coding. This is for easy use with your existing connector or to avoid mismating with other components.

They’re simple, easy, and everything you want. Only from INTE-AUTO.

Waterproof K Series FGG Connector

Our K Series connectors have IP66 to IP68 products like this INT-TGG plug. It is a waterproof connector that has 4 sizes and allows up to 30 contacts. It’s ready for any kind of outdoor use.

Miniature 00B FGG Connector

This mini connector is a multi-pole type that can have 1 to 5 pins. It is an audio connector plug that’s simple to use and is equipped with bend relief. This type can endure up to 6000 mating cycles.

Mini HD800 FGG Connector

This is a high-end but easy-to-use miniature connector for HD 800-type headphones in the market. The INT-TGG.00 adaptor from our 00B Series can have up to 5 pins.

Mini 00 FGG Connector (2-Pin Plug Connector for Sennheiser HD800)

This is the 2 3 4 5 pin version of the INT-TGG mini connector for the HD 800 headset. This cable plug has a push-pull self-latching system that makes it simple to use and secure. It is compact and space-saving.


IP68 Coaxial FGG Connector

Our INT-TFA 1E connector has a 50Ω or 75Ω unipole configuration, and an IP68 waterproof rating. It comes in M12 size for coaxial cables, and your choice of a keying system.

IP68 0T 1T FGG Connector

The small but powerful waterproof FGG-compatible INT-TGG connector is perfect for outdoor applications. It comes from our T Series and offers fully watertight mated protection and precision with its G standard key.

1E Coaxial FGG Connector

This is our INT-TGG 1E plug with full mated sealing against ingress. Available sizes are from M9 to M12 with multipole configurations. It has a cable collet and gold-plated solder contacts. It has an elegant pearl chrome finish.

0T 1T Waterproof FGG Connector

This is another INT-TGG model from the T Series but this time with a nut for fitting bend relief. These miniature FGG-compatible connectors have full 360° EMC shielding and IP68 protection. They are the best connectors for tight spaces.

0K 1K 2K 3K FGG Connector

The INT-TGG(Z) from our K Series provides excellent protection from dust, moisture, and rust. This IP68 connector features 2 to 32 pins, 0K to 3K sizes, and a nut for fitting bend relief. Custom cable assembly is available upon request.

00B FGG Connector

This is an FGG-compatible 00B series straight plug with a nut for fitting bend relief. It has a G key, cable collet, and solder contacts. We can supply 2, 3, 4, 5 pins, they can mate with EGG.00 connectors.

0B 1B 2B 3B 4B FGG Connector

The INT-TGG(Z) from the B Series is available in M9 to M18 sizes. You can choose between 1 or 2 keys. It has a cable collet and a nut for fitting bend relief. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and operate.

0B 1B 2B 3B 4B FGG Connector with Standard Nut

The classic INT-TGG straight plug with standard nut is a popular connector in many industries like audio-video, medicine, testing and measurement, and communications. They are available in 00B to 4B sizes and can have 2 to 30 pins.

We are the Best Supplier for FGG-type Connectors

Our FGG-compatible connectors are versatile and sleek. They are ready to give you excellent performance no matter what application. We have various sizes and configurations possible to fit your every need. 

We have a large inventory of these FGG-type connectors for quick shipping even for high volume orders. And even with the many models, we give you many options to further customize your needed product. 

Come to INTE-AUTO to get leading technology. Prices are competitive yet the quality is very high. 

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    We have HGG-type compatible sockets that provide hermetically sealed mating, and a powerful fixed female connector with IP66 or 68 rating.

  • Female EGG 00 Connector

    Try this miniature 00B Series panel mount socket with a fixed nut. The INT-ZGG in 00 sizes has 1 key and have 2 3 4 5 pins for signal and current transmission.

  • Female Cable Mount Connector

    The INT-DHG(Z) is a free receptacle with cable collet and nut for fitting bend relief. It can have 2 to 5 pins in the 00 sizes up to 30 pins in its 3B size.

  • Coaxial Panel Mount Connector

    Make your connections waterproof with the 1E INT-ZGG receptacle. It’s a coaxial-type female fixed socket with IP68 rating with 1 key.

  • Cable Mount Connector PHG-Compatible

    Our INT-PHG is a straight cable mount receptacle with multipins. It provides better protection than most other female connectors with its IP50 rating. 

  • Back Panel Mount Receptacle EGG-Compatible

    The INT-ZEG is a front-sealed IP68 female receptacle from K series, it is available in solder contacts or 90° elbow configuration.

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