How to Get Your Connectivity with 4-steps?

Solve all your connectivity issues with our 4-step formula

STEP 1: Identify the connector which is ideal for you

It is very important to choose the right connector as per your requirements. Consider the following factors before choosing a particular connector.

● Electrical requirements:
It is necessary to analyze electrical voltage as well as the current-carrying capacity of each contact. So, analyze the no. of contacts and how much current and voltage each contact will be able to carry.

● Type of termination
You need to understand which type of termination would be most suitable as per your application. As the type of termination has a direct impact on the assembly process sealing connector abilities.

● Suitable material
Depending upon your application, you can choose the material for your connector. It could be plastic, a particular metal, etc.

● Extra functions
Do you need any extra functions in your series connector?
Apart from the above factors, you should also pay heed to environmental sealing. Also, pay attention to your specific reliability needs, and miniaturization.

INTE-AUTO provides various types of serial connectors. Such as IP50 metal push-pull connectors, IP54 metal push-pull connectors, and IP65~68 metal push-pull connectors. We also provide plastic push-pull connectors, coaxial push-pull connectors, etc. You can choose one as per your needs.

If you are still confused, which connectors would be suitable for you, contact INTE-AUTO support for expert advice.

Step2: Which is the appropriate cable type as per your requirements?

● Extreme environments
To figure out if you need a rugged assembly to solve the purpose, you must first figure out what it’s supposed to do and how you’ll use it. It needs to be tested if you expose the connector to extreme calefaction. The risks range from high mating cycles, moisture to dredge and soil, or sterilization. Precipitous connectors are often essential for devices with no room for error.

It’s left to designers’ creativity to figure out the details. These details include a connector’s sealing specifications, working voltages, and current markings.

● Assess Your Need for Speed
Look for Reliability in Connector Characteristics
Resistance to extreme environmental conditions is another factor to consider. Temperature, sealing, and longevity are all important factors.

● Understanding Connector Materials
The housing material of a connector has an impact on its weight, reliability, and cost. Many products have a shorter life than connectors made from brass with the plating of nickel or chrome. As mentioned before, the methods involved in sterilization will also play a role in material selection.

You may need to include the property of waterproofing connector resistance to dust or dirt. You must search for ratings IP68 or even higher than that. Always consider the fact that there are different definitions of these ratings for each manufacturer.

For example, a two-hour IP68 rating at a distance of 20 meters is not the same as that of a 24-hour IP68 rating. The latter is at a distance of 120 meters. Although both can assert IP68. The manufacturer’s information will help determine the exact specification of IP68. You have the provision for deciding whether the connector’s rating relating to the IP is of unmated use or formated.

● Optional Step: Choosing Your Cable
Also, the increasing number of miniature connectors sometimes makes assembly difficult. Consider buying pre-assembled plugs or custom cable assemblies from the manufacturer. It helps you get the most miniature connectors.

STEP 3: Choose a bend relief that will work best for you

The next step to choosing a perfect custom cable assembly for yourself is selecting a bend relief that is the best for your application. Let’s discuss the options available to you:

● Molded bend relief
You can choose a molded bend relief if you are looking for a stable, rugged bend relied on with a smart design.

● Strain relief
Strain reliefs are quite flexible and quick in their function. Also, strain relieves are quite cost-effective when it comes to low-budget bend reliefs.

● Thermoplastic over mold
Thermoplastic over molds works best for strength and reliability. It is a permanent type of bend relief that is quite strong and tight.

● Silicone over mold
Do you want a bend relief that has high resistance and can work best in high temperatures? Go for silicone over molds as they are heat-resistant and, thus, would work great in high-temperature conditions. Also, silicone over molds bend relief is soft and flexible.

● Custom over mold with multi-cable exits
INTE-AUTO can customize a bend relief for you if you want custom molds in a specific design.
If you are confused about the suitable bend relief for your specific application, contact INTE-AUTO for help on that.

STEP 4: Select the right mating connector

Now, when you are clear about your ideal connector, cable type, and bend relief. The last step is to identify a suitable mating connector for your custom cable assembly. So, here’s is a glimpse of the mating connectors we offer:

● INTE-AUTO connectors on both ends of the cable:
You can choose the right kind of INTE-AUTO connectors on both sides of your cable as per your need and application. We can provide reliable and durable mating connectors. Our expert engineers create each connector with high precision and accuracy. Furthermore, high-quality material increases the life of the INTE-AUTO mating connectors.

● Third-party products:
If you want, we can also use third-party products or connectors such as terminals, RJ45s, HDMIs, USBs, etc.

● Industry standard connectors:
There are different kinds of standard connectors recommended for different industries. You can discuss your custom cable requirements, and our team will suggest suitable mating connectors for your use. If you want to go for Industry standard connectors, we can provide you the custom cable solutions accordingly.

● Cut or pigtail connections:
Cut or pigtail connection is another choice for mating connectors. If this is your choice, we will create your cable assemblies customized as per your requirements.

You are keeping up with the latest technology and ensuring your whole configuration. These include cabling, which meets the specs of your application and requires a strong supplier relationship.

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