HR10 Connectors

Compact, High-Density
HR10-Compatible Micro-Connectors

Miniature HR10 Connectors

INTE-AUTO’s HR10 connectors pack a lot of operability and precision despite their small size.  They’re also lightweight and very convenient for many types of portable equipment.

Our HR10A models have an ergonomic, easy-to-handle design for fast connection and disconnection.

It has a single-action, push-pull locking mechanism plus a key polarization system that won’t allow it to ever mismate even in blind conditions.

Because they’re from INTE-AUTO, you can always be sure of their reliability and quality. Order yours today.

HR10 connectors
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HR10 Female Jacket

HR10 Female Jacket

The INT-HR10A-7J is a jack-type free receptacle connector with multipin contacts. It has a solder cup termination. It can also come with 4 contacts like the example above.

HR10 12 Pins Receptacle

HR10 12 Pins Connector

We have the INT-HR10A-10P-12S(73), a compact circular connector receptacle with a 12-pin array. It is a solder-type female HR10 connector and can have solder termination.

HR10A 6 Pins Connector

HR10A 6 Pins Connector

The INT-HR10A-7P-6S(73) is a socket connector, we offer solder or PCB type contacts. This mini HR10 connector is female sockets and 6 contact positions.

hr10a 7p 6s pcb contact

HR10A 6 Pins Receptacle

We offer an HR10 connector with a female 6-pin array and PCB pins. This model accommodates quick insertion and removal through the push-pull latching system.

HR10A 7P 6P Plug

HR10 6 Pins Plug

This HR10A connector is a 6-pin male plug with a small size outer shell. It has solder contact termination and it features inline cable mounting. It can have backshell, clamp, and strain relief upon request.

HR10 4 Pins Connectors

HR10 4 Pins Connectors

This HR10A plug and socket pair is often used for industrial cameras. These connectors have gold-plated brass contacts and a working temperature of -55 to 125°C. They have an IP50 rating.

HR10 12 Pins Connector

HR10 12 Pins Connector

These HR10A connectors are available in solder type plugs and solder or PCB type receptacles per your requirements. The HR10A has a bigger size outshell. Aside from industrial cameras, they are also used for audio equipment and measuring devices.

HR10 12 Pins Receptacle

HR10 12 Pins Receptacle

We also have compatible HR10A-10P-12S connectors in solder or PCB pin configurations. This 12-position HR10A micro connector can accommodate flexible applications.

6 Pins HR10 Connector

6 Pins HR10 Connector

Try the INT-HR10A if you need a mini connector with a 6-pin array and an inline cable configuration. It’s housed in brass out shell but nickel-plated.

HR10 6 Pins Connector

HR10 6 Pins Connector

The INT-HR10A-7P-6P and the INT-HR10A-7R-6S provide 6-Pin plug male contacts and socket female contacts, they can be used for camera interfaces and power management equipment. The keying code prevents any damage from occurring during blind mating.

HR10 4 Pins Connector

HR10 4 Pins Connector

4-Pin HR10A connectors are precision high-density plugs and receptacles, they are often used for cameras, audio recorders, sound mixers, surveying equipment, and power systems. They provide a secure automatic latch upon insertion.

Female Hirose connectors pcb contact

HR10 Female Connectors

We have HR10 female receptacles equipped with PCB pins with 4, 6, 7, 10, or 12 contacts. They are either in M8 x 0.5 or M11 x 0.75 size.

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The HR10A Connector: Not Just for Cameras

HR10s are simple but highly efficient miniature connectors with many possible applications. They are known as camera and video equipment connectors, but they are also used in sound devices, robotics, testing and measurement, factory automation, communications, and outdoor LED lighting.

What makes them unique is their amazing functionality and durability despite their low cost. They’re simple for anyone to operate and easy to attach the cable. Alternatively, INTE-AUTO can offer customized cable assembly solutions.

When ordering, our part numbers start with INT. The “HR” is the model name, the “10” stands for its series, and the “A” is the outshell type of the connector. The part number also contains the shell size (for example, “7P”) followed by its number of contacts (example, “4P”).


Shell types are plug (P), receptacle (R), and jack (J). Be sure to indicate your specifications for easier identification and faster shipping. Contact us for more information and help.

Related Connectors

HR10 series 4 6 12 pins connectors

HR10 Series 4 6 12-Pin Connectors

The HR10 series are low-cost but high-quality miniature connectors that accurately fit most Japanese-made communications and recording equipment. With various sizes and diameters, they are also applicable to many other portable gadgets and devices.

Compatible Hirose connector

HR10 Compatible Connectors

Choose INTE-AUTO as your HR10-compatible connector supplier and take advantage of our wide range of products, cable manufacturing and assembly with short lead times. INTE-AUTO will be your supplier with amazing prices and responsible customer service.

hirose connector cross reference

HR10 Connectors Cross Reference

INTE-AUTO manufactures top-quality HR10 type connectors that can mate with or substitute for any existing similar connector. They are quality certified and 100% tested, bearing the CE, TUV, and RoHS marks.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

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