Circular Waterproof Push Pull Connectors: K Series Waterproof Plug

INTE-AUTO manufacture K series waterproof connectors, design push-pull self-latching connection system for harsh and outdoor applications.

🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiSecurity of the push-pull latching system

🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiWatertight connection (IP 66~IP 68)

🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiMultipole types 2 to 30 contacts

🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiSolder contacts

🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiKeying system («G» key standard) for connector alignment

🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiMultiple key options for mating correctly

🔹 Small Blue Diamond Emoji360° screening for full EMC shielding

🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiHigh packing density for space savings

🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiRugged housing for extreme working conditions

🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiAvailable customized cable assembly solution

Mated With Female Connectors

waterproof sockets

INT-ZGG(Front Mount)

waterproof sockets EEG

INT-ZEG(Back Mounted)

waterproof sockets elbow contacts


waterproof socket

INT-DHG(Cable Mount)

Cable Mount Waterproof Connector PHG.0K 1K 2K 3K

INT-DHG(Bend Relief)

dust cover for FGG 1K


dust cap for waterproof connectors


dust cap BRE.1K


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