Circular Waterproof Connectors: K Series Waterproof Receptacle

The K series waterproof push pull connector has the same insulator and contacts as the B series, but the IP degree is IP68. They have the following main features:

🔹 Small Blue Diamond Emoji Multipole types 2 to 30 contacts
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiSolder, crimp, or print (straight or elbow) contacts
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiKeying system («G» key standard) for connector alignment
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiMultiple key options for mating correctly
🔹 Small Blue Diamond Emoji360° screening for full EMC shielding
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiHigh packing density for space savings
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiRugged housing for extreme working conditions
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiAvailable customized cable assembly solution
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiFront panel mount, Back panel mount & Cable mount

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