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Sterilizable IP50 Medical Connectors Meet the Medical Industry

INTE-AUTO’s Medical Connectors Won’t Let You Down

INTE-AUTO’s medical connectors are reliable and secure even in tough environments. Many customers from different industries have experienced the high-quality performance of our products.

Our medical connectors feature the world-renowned push pull self-latching mechanism that provides quick and easy mating. With a simple quick to connect and disconnect, a fast and robust connection is made. They are perfect for medical and surgical use for their flexibility and precision.

Our high-performing surgical and medical connectors are guaranteed safe, hygienic, easy to clean, and autoclavable. They are made of PSU or PPS housing for strength and biocompatibility.

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0P medical connector

0P Medical Connector

INTE-AUTO’s 0P series medical connectors are compatible with the latest and the most used connector designs in the medical field. They can be alternatives to Redel and ODU connectors.

3P series plastic circular multipole connectors

3P Plastic Medical Connectors

The 3P series dustproof male and female medical connectors are the biggest size, PC outshell with gold-plated contacts. They have an IP50 rating and available 12 pins for easy disinfection and reuse.

compatible redel medical connector

2P Compatible Medical Connector

The 2P series medical connectors offer great shock resistance. The outshell is made of PC and the contact material is brass making it suitable for lengthy sterilization. They are available in 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 14 16 18 19 pins.

LEMO Plastic connector

1P Plastic Medical Connector

1P series medical connector is rated IP50 and has gold-plated brass contacts. It can be used for medical, electrosurgical, dental, and diagnostic devices, you will have a choice from 2 to 14 pins.

male female medical connector

1P Medical Connector

The male and female plastic medical connector prevents accidental disconnection even under excessive tension through its strong push-pull self-latching system. Multiply keys and color nuts will help you blind mating.

mini snap medical connector

Mini-snap Medical Connector

When space is limited, INTE-AUTO’s mini snap medical connector is the right fit. It latches on easily and provides an easy, stable and fast connection, high configuration to save space and reach your signal and current transmission task.

odu medical connector

Odu compatible Medical Connector

These consistent and precise medical connectors are more effective than other connectors for any medical device or equipment. They can be ordered as connectors only or they can come with custom-assembled cables.

plastic medical connectors

1P Series Compatible Plastic Medical Connector

INTE-AUTO’s 1P Series multipole plastic medical connectors come in M14 size. It has several keying options to avoid incorrect mating. The cable inline plug and panel-mount socket will be your best connector choice.

redel medical connector

Compatible to Redel Medical & Surgical Connector

INTE-AUTO’s medical connectors are color-coded for fast and flexible engaging and disengaging. Aside from gray, the housing can come in black or white. INTE-AUTO can offer 0/ 30/40/60/80/155/175 degrees connectors for your exact need.

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Autoclavable Circular Push Pull Plastic Medical Connectors

INTE-AUTO’s surgical and medical connectors use the well-known and reliable push pull self-latching mechanism. This guarantees the safest connections even in indoor or vibrating conditions. The connection is so strong and presents no problems even in a busy setting where people might trip or pull on the cables.

Our durable plastic medical connectors are made of PC(outshell) and PPS(insulator). Both materials are tough and high-quality thermoplastics. They can tolerate chemical wipe downs and extensive sterilization conditions and can be placed in an autoclave for steaming.

There will be no incorrect matings with color-coded casings in a gray, white,  red,  yellow,  green,  blue, or black base and multiply keying system. So even in an emergency situation, they are easy to identify.

Because of these top-notch features, INTE-AUTO’s plastic medical connectors pass high standards in the industry. They can be used for equipment such as ultrasounds, ventilators, MRIs, EKGs, operating tables, defibrillators, x-rays, diagnostic machines, therapy devices, scopes, patient monitors, surgical robots, and much more.

Up to now, INTE-AUTO continues to innovate its line of products. Our connectors are fit for the latest versions of medical, dental, and surgical equipment. We do custom cable assembly solutions and specialized connectors, with fast lead times even with large orders. Thousands of connectors can be ordered off the shelf. If you want cost-savings on high-quality connectors, INTE-AUTO has the solution for you.

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Related Medical Connectors

push pull hybrid connector low voltage and fluidic contacts

Female Panel Mount Connector

This female panel mount hybrid connector from the 3B Series has a multi-functional interface. It allows fluidic and low voltage transmission at the same time.

hybrid connector 6 low votalge contacts and 1 fluidic contact

Hybrid Connector with Fluidic Contacts

The hybrid connector combines the fluidic and low voltage contacts into one by integrating data, current, signal, and fluid media to save space, cost, and incidence of errors.

2B 4 electrical contacts and 1 coaxial contact hybrid connector plug

Hybrid Connector Plug

The INT-TGG.2B.310+1C.CLADXXZ from the 2B Series simplifies multiple connections. It is compact, lightweight, and perfect for use on medical cosmetic devices.
2B 4 low voltage contact 1 fluid contacts cable hybrid plug

Male Hybrid Connector

The INT-TGG from the B Series is a straight plug with low voltage, fluidic contacts, and allows for fitting strain relief.

Manufacturing and Technical Details


Most frequent questions and answers

The INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors are small connectors that quickly connect the medical instrument cables and transfer data, current and signals in an efficient manner.

They are made with excellent quality plastic and consist of two main parts named plug and receptacle.

You can quickly connect the plug with the cable from where you want to transfer data, current or signals, and the receptacle is associated with the device.

The connector’s plug is pushed into the receptacle to start the transmission process.

INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors follow a super-strong self-latching mechanism for locking and unlocking.

These connectors have thousands of applications in different medical fields.

Medical Connectors of INTE-AUTO

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors


An autoclave is a machine that is used to carry out the autoclaving process.

The process involves the sterilization of the different medical instruments to kill germs and bacteria.

An excess amount of steam is provided to the instruments by using water, pressure and heat that combines to complete the sterilization process.

The INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors are autoclavable, which means that you can sterilize them and make them clean for your next use.


The INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors are safe to use and provide you with excellent results for dustproof.

They are manufactured using top-quality materials and give you IP50 ratings.

The excellent ingress protection ratings ensure you excellent protection against dust.

IP Ratings of INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Medical Connector’s IP Ratings

Yes, the INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors can be easily blind mated.

INTE-AUTO has made an excellent keying system (protrudes) on their medical connectors so that they can be quickly blind mated.

The keying system has given code names such as G, A, B, C, H, or J.

Each keying code is assigned an angle so that only the same code connectors can be associated with each other.

The G key is a standard key with a zero-degree angle from the center of the connector, i.e., it has only one protrude that should be aligned before mating.

The angle assigned to other keying codes are:

  • 40 degrees for key code A.
  • 60 degrees for key code B.
  • 80 degree for key code C.
  • 170 degree for key code H.
  • 155 degree for key code J.

INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors are also color-coded to quickly and easily blind mate them.

Keying System of INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Medical Connector’s Keying System

The INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors are available in different attractive colors that you can use to quickly and easily blindly mate them without any confusion.

The housing is made of grey color, whereas the collet nut, bend relief and front casing of the receptacle are available in seven different colors.

The seven attractive colors of INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors are:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black

Colors of INTE-AUTO Medical Connectors

Figure 4 INTE-AUTO Medical Connector’s Colors


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