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INTE-AUTO offers medical connectors fit for a variety of medical devices. They are flexible, available in 2 to 32 multi-pins, can withstand up to 6000 mating cycles, have 360 full EMC shielding, can be sterilized, are lightweight, certified by RoHS, and are of superb medical-grade quality.
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Medical Diagnostics Device
INTE-AUTO B and S series reliable medical connectors are used for gathering signal, data and current. They are sealed and flexible, making them perfect for demanding environments and wet applications.
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Medical Dental Equipment
INTE-AUTO’s B and K series hybrid connectors work perfectly on medical-dental equipment. The connector’s inserts combine low voltage contacts and fluidic/pneumatic contacts for a balanced configuration.
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Aesthetic Device
INTE-AUTO developed a medical hybrid connector for the influx of aesthetic devices in the market. They consist of a mixed-type insulator with soldering and fluidic contacts.
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Electrocardiograph Device
Electrocardiograph (ECG) devices typically utilize our B and P series medical connectors. They have a very safe and secure push pull connection system, making them a reliable medical connector choice.
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Baby Weighing Apparatus
INTE-AUTO’s metal B series connectors and 1P or 2P series plastic connectors are well-known in the medical industry for their reliability in delicate and demanding environments.
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Ventilators, Anesthesia, Intensive care
INTE-AUTO offers a large variety of connectors with reliable conduction and perfect EMC shielding. They can come in multi-pin or hybrid configurations, metal connector or plastic connectors are your multi-choice.
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Ultrasound Equipment
We offer you top-quality yet cost-effective medical connector solutions that are the best in the industry. Your concern is our concern.

Find Your Medical Connectors Solution

We offer not only medical connectors but complete medical cable assemblies. Contact INTE-AUTO’s team for special rates and dedicated service.
Metal Male Medical Connector
Metal Female Medical Connector
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