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  1. The raw materials are mainly brass, gold plating and insulators
  • The copper material is purchased from a leading brass manufacturer in China, the brass is environmentally friendly copper, which can ensure the elasticity of the shell.
  • Gold plating: guarantee 8μ, the cooperating supplier has 20 years of gold plating process experience, and we have a gold plating thickness detector to check whether the contact has reached the thickness of gold plating.
  • Insulator raw materials: PPS, an environmentally friendly material certified by UL.
  1. Company hardware introduction:
  • Production equipment: 25 CNC machines, except for contacts, all the parts are produced by our company. It can be guaranteed that the delivery time is effective and fast. Many factories are outsourced or have only a few CNC machines, and the delivery time and quality are not controlled.
  • Factory area: 1 building with 3 floors, each floor is about 1,500 square meters.
  • Quality inspection: we have a complete quality inspection process from raw materials, in production, after production, and final inspection before shipment.
  • Company management: Passed ISO9001, all raw material suppliers have ISO, and products have UL certification.
  1. Testing Equipment:
  • Connector insertion force testing machine: up to 5000 times (real data)
  • Salt spray corrosion tester: >72 hours (real data)
  • Automatic constant temperature and humidity tester: approve that connector can really work at -55°C / +250°C, humidity (maximum): <=95% [at 60 deg C/140 F].
  1. How to reduce costs and the consequences after reducing costs:
  • Decreasing the quality of raw materials, the bad quality can cause the outer shell and inner parts are lack elasticity, and connectors will be hard to push-pull.
  • Reduce the thickness of the gold plating, some are 4 μ or 6 μ. It will reduce the mating times and have trouble with signal transmission.
  • Some factories can greatly reduce the cost of machinery and labor through outsourcing. The purchase and maintenance of the machine require a lot of money. In addition, the monthly salary of CNC workers is about 8K.
  • Too small a plant area can reduce rental costs.
  • If the company does not have ISO9001, management costs will also be reduced.
  • These products are very precise connectors, which cannot be detected by QC. Some factories do not have testing equipment, only QC checks everything.

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