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Advanced Miniature Connectors

00S Self-latching Miniature Connectors
for Video, Earphones, and Telecommunication Applications.

Advanced Miniature Connectors

00S Self-latching Miniature Connectors
for Video, Earphones, and Telecommunication Applications.

00B Series & 00S Series Miniature Connector

INTE-AUTO miniature connectors are M7 size, rugged, high-performance, dust-proof, and fast connections with full EMC shielding.

The 00B series and NIM-CAMAC 00S connectors are designed as safe and reliable push-pull self-latching systems, they are the smallest existing circular IP50 connector types for transferring signals and current.

INTE-AUTO provides a wide range of miniature connectors. It is an effective and attractively priced alternative to the famous 00B and 00S series connectors.

miniature connector
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LEMO 00B & 00S Miniature Connector

00B & 00S Miniature Connector

It is a cable mounted miniature plug connector, available 1 2 3 4 5 pins, cable collet, pearl chrome, mating can reach 5000 times.

LEMO 00B & 00S Miniature Connector

Straight Male Miniature Connector

It is a straight plug miniature connector, push pull self-locking ability, cable collet feature, and nut can fit to integral bend sleeve.

Compatible FGG.00 Miniature Connector

Circular Mini Connector

B series INT-TGG.00 design a smooth outshell, used for HD800 earphones, precise and easy operating, push-pull self-latching connection system.

Compatible lemo 00B Miniature Connector

M7 Miniature Connector

This is a very professional 00B series mini connector solution for earphones, design and manufacture by INTE-AUTO, a variant and multiplies choices help to prompt your project.

FVG.00 male miniature connectors

Male Miniature Connector

00B series INT-TVG is a straight plug design with a short shell for cable bend relief, a G key for alignment, and a push pull feature for fast connection.

LEMO compatible FHG.00 Miniature Connector

00B 90 Degree Miniature Connector

00B series INT-THG right angle miniature connector, male soldering contact, cable collet, M7 size, avaliable 2 3 4 5 pins with fast lead time.

LEMO compatible FHG.00 Miniature Connector

Elbow 00B Miniature Connector

INT-THG is a right angle 00B series miniature connector, with a push pull self-latching system, and 2, 3, 4, or 5 gold contacts.

NIM-CAMAC 00 Series elbow miniature connector

Right Angle Miniature Connector

00S series INT-TLA is a 90-degree coaxial miniature connector with a compact 50-ohm coaxial contact, push pull self latching, and unipole contacts.

female EGG.00 Panel Mount miniature connector

Female Miniature Connectors

00B series INT-ZGG is a fixed front panel mount miniature connector, replacement 00B series, M7 size, multipin gold contacts

lemo compatible ERA.00 coaxial miniature connector

Coaxial Miniature Connector

The easy-to-assemble INT-ZRA from the 00S NIM-CAMAC coaxial series is a miniature female connector with unipole gold contacts and a fixed receptable.

LEMO compatible EPL.00 right angle miniature connector

Elbow Female Miniature Connector

00S series INT-ZPL is a female elbow miniature connector, coaxial type, cost-effective solution for medical and ultrasonctesting electronics.

EMO compatible EPS.00 90-degree Female Miniature Connector

90-degree Female Miniature Connector

00S series INT-ZPS is a 90-degree miniature connector with 1 pin and 2 fixed nuts. It is an excellent solution for portable instrumentation and NDT inspection.

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Miniature Connector with Push-Pull Self-Latching System

INTE-AUTO miniature connectors are advanced, high-density, lightweight connection solutions, fit for a wide range of applications and extreme weather conditions. The precision miniature connectors are designed with a push pull self-latching connector system, produced through an advanced manufacturing process by a professional team. ,

Their diameters can be as smallest as 7mm with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 gold-plated contacts configurations in a round shell type. Their out shells have coded standard G keys to ensure reliable and simple connection. These connectors are able to endure 6000 mating cycles, are salt spray resistant, are highly reliable, and are easy to handle.

The 00S series mini connectors now form the basis of the NIM-CAMAC CD/N 549 standard for Test & Measurement and Nuclear Applications.

The 00B series miniature connector can be used in headphones and smart audio devices. If you want to make your custom headphone cables or DIY HD800 headphones, INTE-AUTO 00B series miniature connectors are your best choice.

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EGG.00 Mini Panel Mount Connector

00B Series Miniature Connector Female Type

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T Series Miniature Waterproof Connectors

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T Series Miniature Waterproof Connector

Manufacturing and Technical Details


Most frequent questions and answers

There are many electronic devices around us that need to transfer signals, current, or data.

From a simple headphone to a complex supercomputer, each device sends or receives data in different forms through wires or electronic circuits. Hence, there is always a need for a device that can efficiently transfer the data without external interferences.

The INTE-AUTO Miniature connector is an electronic circuit or device which is designed to provide a smooth path or method for transferring data, current, or signals between two devices.

It consists of a super-strong self-latching mechanism installed into it that provides a secure and strong locking system to its users.

The INTE-AUTO Miniature connectors are available in 00S Series push pull Coaxial connectors and 00B Series Multi-pin push pull connectors.

compatible lemo miniature connector 00B 00S

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Miniature Connector

The INTE-AUTO Miniature connectors, i.e., 00S Series push pull Coaxial connectors and 00B Series Multi-pin push pull connectors, use the same connection procedure for connection and disconnection.

  • The female receptacle or socket is connected or soldered with the electronic circuit into which you want to transfer or send the current, data, or signals.
  • The male plug is connected or soldered with the cable from which you want to receive the data, current, or signals in order to transfer them into the electronic circuit.
  • Now you have to push the connector’s plug into the receptacle by aligning the keying system designed on the INTE-AUTO Miniature connector.
  • At this stage, the self-latching system into the connectors starts its working.
  • There are latches in the connector’s plug that are in the shape of half arrows.
  • The latches retract when you push the connector’s plug into the receptacle.
  • The latches will be continuously in pressed position until they reach a groove profile inside the connector’s receptacle, which has the same shape as that of the latches arrowheads.
  • The latches then fit inside the receptacle’s groove profile and lock the connection that can never break by pulling the cable outward.
  • If you want to release the locked connection, you have to gently push back the outer covering of the connector’s plug.
  • When you do this, you will be able to release the connector’s plug latches from the groove profile inside the connector’s receptacle that will allow you to disconnect the plug and receptacle easily.

Push Pull Miniature Connector's Connection & Disconnection

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Push Pull Miniature Connector’s Connection & Disconnection


Due to the small size and excellent working performance of the INTE-AUTO Miniature connectors, they can be implemented in all the applications where you need to transfer data, current, or signals with a high level of accuracy and precision.

Among all the applications, below is the detail of some applications where they can be implemented:

  • Test and Measurements: Many electronic devices like hardness testers, weather sensors, nondestructive testing (NDT), or geospatial data systems are used for testing and measuring through transferring of data or signals. You can easily implement the Miniature connectors on these devices to get efficient results without any loss of signals through external interferences.
  • Robotics Industry: Scientists are performing experiments to make robots that work on artificial intelligence and transmit data, current, or signals inside its body. You can implement the Miniature connectors in this field to efficiently perform this task.
  • Data and Communications: All the communication systems consist of electronic devices like Remote Controls, indoor and outdoor antennas, Noise Reduction Communication Equipment, or Satellites and Space Vehicles that need to transfer communication data in the form of signals or currents through different methods. You can easily implement the Miniature connectors to complete this task.
  • Broadcast and Audio/Video: You can implement the Miniature connectors in smart audio devices and headphones like HD800 headphones in order to share the audio and video signals from one station to another station or from one device to another device like digital audio, HDTV, media converter, or microphones.
  • Information Systems: All the servers, printers, copiers, computers, input and output devices transfer data or signals that can be efficiently completed by connecting the Miniature connectors to their cables.

INTE-AUTO Miniature Connector Applications

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Miniature Connector Applications


Yes, the INTE-AUTO Miniature connector’s design has a quick lock push pull self-latching mechanism installed into it.

You can easily and quickly connect and disconnect the plug and receptacle by simply pushing the connector’s plug into the receptacle by matching the keying system.

This efficient, quick lock push pull self-latching mechanism prevents any accidental disconnects, or the connection will never break by pulling the cable outwards from the receptacle.

You can disconnect the plug and receptacle only by a slight reverse push on the outer release shell of the connector’s plug.

Miniature Connector Quick Lock Mechanism

Figure 4 INTE-AUTO Miniature Connector Quick Lock Mechanism


Due to having excellent working properties of the INTE-AUTO Miniature connectors, they have many benefits whose detail is given below:

  • You can transfer your data, signals, or current from one device to another device or from one station to another station without any external interferences and efficiently.
  • They are available from 1 pin to 5 pin connections, so they can be easily implemented on all the devices that require one pin to 5 pin connections.
  • They are a lightweight and high density connection solution for all electronic devices.
  • They have a strong mating mechanism installed into them that prevents any accidental disconnects.
  • 00B Series multicore connectors are composed of a standard G key system, and 00S series coaxial connectors are designed in a circular (can rotate) keying system in order to get a secure, reliable, and blind mate connection between plug and insulator.
  • You can get about 6000 mating cycles from INTE-AUTO Miniature connectors.
  • They are very easy to handle.
  • They have IP50 ratings.
  • Due to their small size, i.e., M7 size, they can easily fit in small areas.
  • They are composed of full EMC Shield to avoid any external interferences.
  • They can easily and quickly be applied to different applications like the robotics industry, communication systems, audio and video devices, information systems, test and measurements, public sectors, and machinery.
  • You can easily apply it in applications whose temperature range is between -40°C to 250°C.
  • Both the 00B Series and 00S Series Mini / Miniature connectors are cost-effective data transmission solutions that can also be used in place of other 00B series and 00S series miniature connectors manufactured by other companies.


INTE-AUTO Miniature Connectors

Figure 5 INTE-AUTO Miniature Connectors


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