T Series Small Size Miniature Waterproof Connectors

Achieved IP68 Watertight Connection Ensures a High Integrity Seal.

Innovative Design Miniature Waterproof Connectors

INTE-AUTO T series miniature waterproof connectors are specifically designed for outdoor applications. They offer long-term durability due to the rugged out shell, excellent water resistance, design with an extremely simple self-latching connection, create a mechanical key for blind mating, 360° full EMC shielding.

The mini waterproof connector has a high-quality and lightweight metal outshell to save weight. They are made with superior mechanical strength, and the design has been engineered to be resistant to rust, and protect from dust and humidity.

The INTE-AUTO T series Waterproof connections offer the ability to extend the waterproofing capability of your outdoor device while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.

FGG 1T Mini Waterproof Connector

Male Mini Waterproof Connector-TGG

INT-TGG is a straight cable push pull plug with multi key (G), cable collet, available 0T and 1Tseries, push pull connection.

FGG.0T Male Mini Waterproof Connector

T Series Miniature Waterproof Connector

INT-TGG is a cable mounted mini waterproof plug, IP68 degree, nut for fitting bend relief, available M9 size and M12 size.

Female Mini Waterproof Connector

Female Mini Waterproof Connector -ZEG

INT-ZEG is Waterproof female push pull fixed socket, nut fixing, key(G), solder or PCB contacts, IP68 degree.

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Durable Miniature Waterproof Connectors for Outdoor Application

Both K and T series are waterproof connectors that create a precision push pull self-locking connection system, the house boy designed an inner sleeve and seals gasket to prevent solids or liquids infiltration.

Compare to the K series waterproof connector, the T series size is smaller than K series. The T series connectors size is closed and compatible with the existing B series plugs and sockets, and have some mounting hole as B sockets. That is a proper waterproof connector solution instead of B series size M7/M9/M12/M15 when you have already cut a hole on your device board. You will not trouble with the size.

When the male and female mate, the T series miniature waterproof connector can show an excellent IP68 protection index, High packing density with multipole for space savings.

Contact INTE-AUTO technician team to get the engineering connector solutions.

Related K Series Metal Waterproof Connector

FGG 0K wateproof connector-1

K Series Male Waterproof Connector

INT-TGG is K series cable waterproof connector, push pull self latching, cable collet, IP68 degree, size from M14 to M20.

FGG 1K waterproof connector

IP68 Male Watertight Connector

0K/1K/2K/3K series INT-TGG watertight IP68 plug, self-latching, 2 to 32 pins, nut for fitting bend relief, fast connection.

ip68 connectors waterproof

IP68 Female Waterproof Connector

K series bigger size panel mount connector, waterproof female type, IP68, sealed, applicate for outdoor and harsh environment.

EGG.2k waterproof connectos

EGG Type waterproof connectos

Compatible EGG 0K 1K 2K 3K female waterproof connectors, front panel mounted, PCB contact, IP68 degree.
EEG 1K waterproof connector

K Series Female Waterproof Connector

INT-ZEG is a K series watertight female panel mount receptacle, right angle PCB contacts, precision push pull self-locking design.

PHG 0K waterproof connector

PHG Type waterproof connector

INTE-AUTO can offer PHG compatible waterproof connectors, free cable mounted design, cable collet, nut for fitting bend relief.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

Miniature Waterproof Connector - FAQ

A miniature waterproof connector offers many advantages over standard metal circular connectors. Push-pull miniature waterproof connectors are built from highly resistant metal brass and are high in quality.

We provide the best push-pull miniature waterproof connectors in China, and in this article, we will share our knowledge with those looking for miniature waterproof connectors.

A miniature waterproof connector interconnects cables with a secured locking mechanism,  you will find the push-pull self-locking connections is very easy to handle and stable.

With the self-latching system, you just have to push the plug into the receptacle to mate the connector. After latching the connector, nothing can break the connection. It doesn’t matter how firmly you pull the cable, the connection will stay just the same.

Miniature circular push pull connector

Figure 1 – Miniature waterproof connector

When you need to disengage the connector, you have to apply a single axial force on the outer release sleeve. The release sleeve will withdraw the plug from the socket by disengaging the latches.

In INTE-AUTO, you will get a range of high-quality well secured miniature waterproof connectors.

A miniature waterproof connector is shielded with protective materials to protect the internal components from water. Here are the basic constructs:

Fixed Receptacle

  • Outer shell
  • Insulator
  • Hexagon nut
  • Retaining ring
  • Earthing crown
  • Female contact
  • O-ring

Straight Plug

  • Outer shell
  • Male contact
  • Latch Sleeve
  • Insulator
  • Inner shell
  • Split insert carrier
  • Gasket
  • Earthing cone
  • Collet
  • washer
  • Retaining ring
  • Collet nut

Miniature waterproof connectors are used in most outdoor electronic applications, and waterproof push-pull connectors are ideal for applications exposed to moisture or water. Such as:

  • They have metal brass which is corrosion-resistant, rugged, and come with secured and high-quality waterproof ability.
  • Durable, rugged, and last for a long time.
  • Come with different IP levels such as IP66, IP67, IP68, and you can select suitable IP-rated miniature waterproof connectors for your application.
  • They are watertight and water vacuum, which provides high transmission efficiency.

Apart from those, push-pull miniature waterproof connectors provide more flexibility. For instance, you can purchase them in various sizes based on the number of pins they can hold.

INTE-AUTO push-pull miniature waterproof connectors are premium quality and are applicable for a wide range of applications.

In INTE-AUTO, We manufacture the following types:

  • Cable in-line to line connectors – straight plug and free receptacle
  • Cable plug to panel-mount socket.
  • Male plug with female contacts and female receptacle with male contacts.
  • Male plug with male contacts and female receptacle with female solder contacts
  • Male plug with male contacts and female receptacle with PCB contacts
  • Male plug with male contacts and female receptacle with elbow PCB contacts

You can use miniature waterproof connectors for various purposes. The primary reason to use them is to protect your connection from moisture.

A miniature waterproof connector is suitable when the water from the environment can go inside your application and affect your product’s working operation. Therefore, applications like medical equipment, military, security, and communication industry, test and measurement applications, industrial applications, energy, and automotive industry.

mini waterproof connector

Figure 2 – miniature waterproof connector


We see considerable development in medical, security, communication, and military equipment in the modern era.

Besides, more advanced testing instruments are coming into the scene. Furthermore, we can see massive development in the automotive industry also. Many of those applications are used outdoors. Even indoor applications have the possibility to get in touch with water.

Therefore, most applications of those industries need miniature waterproof connectors.

IP degree

Figure 3 – IP rating

And when you are talking about miniature waterproof connectors, you are basically talking about the IP rating because that is the scale to measure how waterproof a connector is.

For better understanding, here we will discuss IP ratings definition.

The Basics of IP Rating

IP rating refers to Ingress protection which is established in the IEC 60529 standard. In that standard scale, the IP rating prefix consists of two numbers such as IP65, IP67, etc.

The first number in the IP rating represents protection against solid material, and the second number tells the protection against liquids. There are also regional or national equivalents for this standard, such as EN60529(Europe), ANSI60529 (America).

We prepared the following table to understand the number of IP ratings:

Protection LevelFirst Number (Solid Rating)Second Number (Liquid Rating)
0No protection for this typeNo protection for this type
1Protection against solid materials bigger than 50 millimeters. (Not protected for deliberate contact but accidental contact)Protects when the water is falling vertically.
2Protects from Solid objects larger than 12 millimeters. For example, accidental finger contact.Protects against water coming at 15-degree angles off vertical
3Protects against solid material greater than 2.5 millimeters—for example, tools.Protects direct water spray at any angle up to 60 degrees off vertical.
4Protects against solid material greater than 2.5 millimeters. For example, insects, screws, and nails.Protects from splashing water from any angle. Can survive a test with oscillated spray for 10 minutes. (Minimal ingress permitted)
5Dust protection. Can shield dust or similar tiny objects. If there is any permitted object type that should not compromise the inner function.Can protect from water projected in jets from any direction with a 6.3 mm nozzle.
6Absolutely dust-tight. No dust or solid material can enter the system.Protects from powerful water jets from any direction with a 12.5 mm nozzle.
7N/ACan protect from temporary submersion under the water of 1 meter. The test can be run for 30 minutes.
8N/AProtection against continuous immersion beyond 1 meter.
9 Protection against high pressure underwater. Suitable for deepwater application.

Dust and water enter easily to an exposed connector and damage the device. Therefore, determining the intended use of the application at the early stage is crucial. That’s how you will be able to select the proper IP rating for the miniature waterproof connector

You will see IP-rated miniature waterproof connectors in many applications. Devices with accurate IP ratings will protect the internal circuitry from any unwanted dust or water ingress when no external equipment or plug is connected.

On the other hand, in industrial connections, the IP rating should be higher. The purpose of miniature waterproof connectors is to make the connection fully sealed.

The sealed area must prevent moisture and dust from entering the circuitry and cause any disruption in the signal. Moreover, you need a miniature waterproof connector that prevents the device from continuous water flow for a long time.

You should know that a proper IP-rated miniature waterproof connector can not create an IP-rated connection alone. The design should include an IP-rated mechanism to produce a fully IP-rated connection. Though you need an IP-rated design, an IP-rated miniature waterproof connector is mandatory to make the design properly functional.

A push-pull miniature waterproof connector is highly secured. Therefore, you will see them in the most sophisticated applications, military departments, communication industry, and medical instruments.

Push-pull self-latching miniature waterproof connectors are used in various applications to transfer signals, data, currents, media etc., and you will need to establish a secure connection. For example, military vehicles contain much sophisticated electronic equipment, and they have to operate them in a harsh environment.

Moreover, they need to connect their pieces of equipment quickly to start an operation. Therefore, military departments need push-push miniature waterproof connectors in their communications, solder wearables, and instruments in the stations.

The medical industry is another space where you will see push-pull miniature waterproof connectors regularly. The medical department is a sector where doctors and nurses need to establish connections to the machinery quickly. Sometimes they need to quickly disconnect the connection to save the life of a patient. That’s why are in high demand in the medical industry.

Medical equipment needs some special care for both physical and technical reasons. Every medical equipment needs extensive sterilizations. That’s why metal-based push-push miniature waterproof connectors are mandatory for the medical industry.

Sometimes sterilization is not an option, and disposable or single-use connectors are used. You can easily manipulate a push-pull miniature waterproof connector, and they are available in IP67 and IP68 ratings. Those connectors are used in various medical devices, including intensive care and operating theatre.


Figure 5 – Medical applications need miniature waterproof connectors

In addition, flexibility is crucial in the medical industry. Here the medical staff needs to set up an operation or run a machine in quick time. Moreover, they need to plug out the connection very fast if any disaster happens. That’s another important reason why medical equipment needs quick connections, especially metal brass-made push-pull self-latching miniature waterproof connectors.

Every industry has its own set of requirements for miniature waterproof connectors. For example, connectors are used in the automotive that need to face high temperatures and vibrations. Therefore, if you look for a connector solution, you must follow the design specification.

INTE-AUTO connectors are used in medical, communication, military equipment, testing machines, automotive and industrial applications. We maintain the proper design specification for each of our connectors.

For example:


Figure 6 – Defense applications need the miniature waterproof connector

Miniature waterproof connectors for the military should confirm rigorous safety standards for the associated institutions. They should come with an increased impact and shock rating.

On the other hand, the connectors are shell-type and must possess the design specification focused on military operations. The military-grade miniature waterproof connectors must be able to protect themselves from environmental factors. Those connectors need to follow the design specifications for military applications and aerospace.

Miniature waterproof connectors are used in various applications. You will see them in households, commercial, security, testing multiple applications. For instance, outdoor lighting, outdoor signage, outdoor communication system, outdoor security system, etc.

Furthermore, miniature waterproof connectors are used in the retail industry, Defense and aerospace, automotive, medical, and industrial products industries. And none of these and the above sectors are not demolishing soon, nor are they switching their application type and working process.

Market growing

Figure 7 – Connector market is growing

The global market value of miniature waterproof connectors was 2 billion dollars in 2020. And according to EMR, the market size will increase 4.6% from 2021 to 2026.

The push-pull miniature waterproof connectors are essential in the medical, automotive, testing, security, defense, and communication industries. Electricity and innovation both are at the core of those industries. Therefore, it is eminent that miniature waterproof connectors have a great future ahead and the market size will grow exponentially in the coming years.

A miniature waterproof connector is a sophisticated product and plays a very vital role in a system or application. A perfect connector solution not only will help you to prevent destroy your application or system, but also can stop severe accidents causing catastrophic physical damage. Therefore, you should look for the following qualities before choosing your miniature waterproof connector manufacturer.


That is the essential factor in choosing a miniature waterproof connector manufacturer. Ask them to provide their customer list. Any professional manufacturer will provide you with their customer list and the companies they are working for right now. If the miniature waterproof connector manufacturer has already worked with reputed brands, it is a plus for you. Any reputable brand would visit the manufacturer and its factory before submitting an order. Therefore, choose a manufacturer that has the experience to work with top brands.

Their Facilities

An excellent miniature waterproof connector factory will have larger facilities. They will have sufficient engineers with industry experience, a production team, and a handful of efficient workers. Besides, their factory will be equipped with the latest machinery to produce the best quality miniature waterproof connectors.

Quality Assurance

Miniature waterproof connectors are used in delicate applications, and you have to be 100% sure about the product quality before you use those in your system. Therefore, a miniature waterproof connector manufacturer must maintain a strong quality control procedure in the manufacturing steps. Moreover, they should allow third-party inspection at any level of production. Remember, for electrical products, a quality test on the end product is not sufficient. You have to make sure the manufacturer conducts the quality test in various sectors in the production.

Production Capacity

If you are planning for a long-term investment, you must ensure the manufacturer has an excellent production capacity. Production capacity is the key to success for a long-term investment. You have to make sure they can deliver your order on due time, maintaining the same product quality for every miniature waterproof connector.

Documents and Certification

You should ask for the certification also. A good manufacturer should have every document and certificate. Besides, if the company has some awards that also tell the quality of the miniature waterproof connector manufacturer.


Push-pull miniature waterproof connectors are mandatory in various fields. They are primarily used in delicate applications and therefore need to be made with proper precautions. INTE-AUTO manufactures some of the most delicate miniature waterproof connectors in the industry. We hope this article has provided you with sufficient information. If you want to know more or have any project in your mind, just send us a message. Our technical team will be in touch with you shortly.
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