Medical Grade Male and Female NIBP Connectors

Quick Connect Bayonet NIBP Hose &Cuff Air Hose Connector

Excellent NIBP Cuff & Hose connectors

The best valued and cost-effective NIBP connectors are made by INTE-AUTO Company.

INTE-AUTO introduces its newest line of products for the medical industry: NIBP connectors. We have metal and plastic NIBP cuff connectors and NIBP hose connectors for blood pressure monitors and ECG equipment.

These precise NIBP connectors are compatible with most standardized medical devices today. We have all sizes from neonatal to adult, from single to double hose models. They are easy and quick to mate.

You will find Error-free BP readings with INTE-AUTO’s NIBP Connectors.

NIBP connector for medical
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BP55 NIBP connector

BP55 NIBP Connector

NIBP connectors from INTE-AUTO are made from nickel-plated copper alloy. They are equipped with a quick connecting and disconnecting bayonet system for ease of use with cuffs and hoses. They are not only used for medical devices but for appliances and industries where gas connections are necessary.

BP32 NIBP connector

BP32 NIBP connector

The BP32 NIBP connector has a 5mm diameter barb for a tight and secure fit. It is made of brass. This male implement is a perfect NIBP hose connector for the medical device.

BP20 NIBP Connector

BP20 NIBP Connector

The BP20 NIBP connector is used for neonatal BP monitors with quick-connect hoses. Using this NIBP connector, the cuff can directly and easily link with the hose.

BP16 NIBP Connector

BP16 NIBP Connector

The BP16 NIBP connector is mainly used for ECG equipment of the brands GE, Mindray, and Philips. We not only produce strictly precise BP16 NIBP connectors but offer them at a very reasonable price as well.

BP15 NIBP Cuff Connector

BP15 NIBP Cuff Connector

The BP15 NIBP cuff connector is interchangeable with similar parts from other manufacturers. It is sturdier than plastic parts as it is made of brass, guaranteeing you a longer life, more mating cycles, and less air leakage.

BP12 NIBP Cuff Connector

BP12 NIBP Cuff Connector

This metal BP12 NIBP cuff connector is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It has a 5.0 mm barb. All of our NIBP connectors have 5-star reviews by consumers showing how sturdy and reliable our products are.

BP11 NIBP Connector

BP11 NIBP Connector

Metal NIBP connectors like the BP11 from our catalog have much better performance and life cycle. And because it’s INTE-AUTO, you can count on amazing prices and world-class quality every time.

plastic push pull NIBP connector

Plastic Male NIBP Connector

The 1P INT-PAG male plastic plug is mainly used in the medical industry. It can fit a bend relief and is available in 2 to 12 pins. It is a versatile connector with the push pull latching system and a G key. It is very durable and can be sterilized.

Female Plastic NIBP Connector

Female Plastic NIBP Connector

Our plastic NIBP connectors are made of lightweight but strong polycarbonate (PC) and won’t scratch. This female NIBP connector can have a different color nut for easy identification.

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Quality and Performance NIBP Connectors is Our Promise

Looking for an NIBP connector supplier is sometimes hard because of the inconsistencies in the quality of the products. But you’ll never get that problem with INTE-AUTO, as we have high-performance NIBP cuff connectors and NIBP hose connectors that are among the best in the market.

We are meticulous with the quality of all our products. Each piece is designed with accuracy in mind and tested with longevity as our goal. With our NIBP connectors, you will get quick, proper, accurate blood pressure readings for every mating connection.

Choosing INTE-AUTO means you are choosing the best quality NIBP connectors at the best value. Truly, you won’t find any supplier like us in the market.

Find the right-sized NIBP hose connectors or NIBP cuff connectors from our wide range of standard sizes and models.

Contact the INTE-AUTO team now! You will get a free sample today and find out why customers give great reviews about our products.

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NIBP Hose Connectors with cable

NIBP Hose Connectors with Cable

INTE-AUTO’s NIBP hose connectors can fit both disposable and reusable adult or pediatric BP hoses made by Philps, Marquette, Mindray, GE, or other similar branded monitors. We have a complete line of NIBP connectors for single or double tubing hoses.

NIBP Hose Connector with Cable

NIBP Hose Connector with Cable

Our NIBP connectors are precisely made and engineered so that they can never damage hoses or other connectors. We have the right size you’re looking for that will fit neonate and adult BP hoses and cuffs.

NIBP Cuff Connector with Spring Wire

NIBP Cuff Connector with Spring Wire

We have the latest models of NIBP connectors for the newest styles of hoses and cuffs. You will never have a problem with ordering as stocks are always available and shipping is fast. We also have the fastest lead times in the industry for your special NIBP connector builds.

Blood Pressure Cuff Hose Connector

Blood Pressure Cuff Hose Connector

We have male and female bayonet NIBP connectors that guarantee an airtight fit for faster and more accurate blood pressure readings. Our NIBP cuff connectors and NIBP hose connectors have a 5000 mating life cycle so you can do more for your patients.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

NIBP Connectors- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In the medical industry, blood pressure measuring devices and ECG machines are the most common operators used nowadays in various hospitals and clinics.

Blood pressure and ECG are properly checked through the latest technology machines to get excellent treatment according to their BP and ECG measurements.

For accurate measurements, all the connections should be secured by using top-quality connectors that can transfer fluid without any hurdles and leakage.

Due to the excess usage of such operators, INTE-AUTO has manufactured NIBP Connectors that can connect cuff and hose to provide accurate readings.

The term “NIBP” in INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors stands for Non-Invasive Blood Pressure.

It is a technique that you can use to measure a person’s blood pressure from neonatal to adult by using a cuff and hose connected with an electronic device showing pressure.

INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors are available in both metal and plastic material for precise connections in ECG equipment and blood pressure monitors.

The cuff and hose are used in the blood pressure operator, which should be connected with each other through a connector that can transfer fluid flawlessly.

The one end of the rubber tube is connected with the hose using INTE-AUTO NIBP Cuff Connectors.

Some of the male INTE-AUTO Cuff Connectors are BP55 NIBP Connector, BP12 NIBP Connector, BP16 NIBP Connector etc.

The other end of the hose is connected with a manometer or an electronic blood pressure device using female Hose NIBP Connectors.

Some of the female Cuff Connectors are BP20 NIBP Connector, BP15 NIBP Connector, BP11 NIBP Connector etc.

NIBP Connectors of INTE-AUTO

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors


The metallic INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors do not operate on a push pull self-latching mechanism; instead, they have a bayonet system for quick mating with cuffs and hoses.

Whereas the plastic INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors have a push pull self-latching mechanism for mating with hoses and cuffs.

You can easily mate them by plug-in the male plastic NIBP connector into the female plastic NIBP connector.

The male plastic NIBP connector have model INT-P-TAG or INT-P-TAG(Z) whereas the female plastic NIBP connector have model INT-P-ZKG.

The unlocking system of plastic INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors is also easy and quick.

You just have to push back the outer shell of the male side that will release the associated latches inside the connector.

Plastic NIBP Connectors of INTE-AUTO

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Plastic NIBP Connectors

The metallic INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors do not have a blind mating facility, whereas the plastic INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors can be easily blind mated.

INTE-AUTO has manufactured a standard G Key system on their plastic NIBP Connectors.

With this system, the male and female parts can never be connected without aligning according to the keying designed on their surface.

Blind Mating of NIBP Male And Female Connectors

Figure 3 Male Female Plastic NIBP Connectors

Yes, the INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors can be applied in applications other than the medical field, like in industries and appliances where gas connections are required.

You can also implement NIBP Connectors as a replacement of NIBP connectors manufactured by other manufacturers.

Using INTE-AUTO manufactured NIBP Connectors not only provides you with accurate and precise measurements but also gives you a tight and strong connection.

You can always get the following list of benefits if you use INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors for tight and secure connections in blood pressure and ECG measuring devices.
  • The Metallic NIBP Connectors have an excellent bayonet system (5mm barb) for a secure and tight connection.
  • The Plastic NIBP Connectors uses a self-latching system for tight connections that can be easily locked and unlocked using a small push.
  • The Plastic NIBP Connectors are available in only one size with one fluidic contact.
  • You can easily blind-mate the INTE-AUTO Plastic NIBP Connectors.
  • For different shapes and sizes of the blood pressure and ECG measuring devices, INTE-AUTO has manufactured various NIBP Connectors.
  • They are available for both single and double hose models.
  • They are applicable in all the areas where gas connections are required.
  • They are compact and lightweight.
  • You can get around 1000 mating cycles.
  • The INTE-AUTO NIBP Hose Connectors are able to fit both reusable and disposable pediatric or adult blood pressure hoses.
  • The metallic NIBP Connectors can be used in a temperature range of -20°C to +120°C, whereas the plastic NIBP Connectors can work from -25°C to +125°C temperature.
  • They can be sterilized.
  • They are cost-effective.
Types of NIBP Connectors

Figure 4 Different Types of INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors

Yes, they are manufactured using excellent quality raw materials which can easily withstand any type of salty environment in an efficient manner.

These connectors are salt spray tested using the latest technology machines, which shows that the salt resisting capacity of these connectors is more than 72 hours.

NIBP Connector's Salt Spray Corrosion Test

Figure 5 Salt Spray Corrosion Testing Machine For NIBP Connectors

The technical characteristics for metallic and plastic INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors are given below: Metallic NIBP Connectors:
  • The tube diameter range is 4mm or 5mm.
  • The operating temperature range is -20°C to +120°C.
  • Certifications: RoHS Compliant and CE Compliant
  • Manufacturing Material: Copper alloy housing and nickel plating
  • They have a robust bayonet system for quick connection and disconnect.
  • They can be mated a maximum of 1000 times.
Plastic NIBP Connectors:
  • The tube diameter range is 4mm.
  • Shell Type or Model: 1P Series (Mechanical Keying)
  • Housing Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Insulator Material: Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
  • Docking Metal Head Diameter:5mm with slot
  • They can be mated a maximum of 1000 times.
  • Air leakage: Volume, pressure 400mmHg, leakage is less than 6mmHg within 3 minutes.
  • Salt Spray: they can resist salt for more than 72 hours.
  • They can work in a temperature range of -25°C to +125°C.
  • Humidity (Max): less than 95% at 60°C or 140°F.
  • They can resist vibrations up to 10Hz to 2000Hz, i.e., 15g
  • They are able to withstand shocks up to 100g or 6ms.

INTE-AUTO has manufactured their NIBP Connectors in such a way that they can easily withstand low or high temperatures in an efficient manner.

The INTE-AUTO Metallic NIBP Connectors can perform well from -20°C temperature to +120°C temperature.

Whereas the INTE-AUTO Plastic NIBP Connectors have a temperature range between –25°C to +125°C.

Due to the excellent manufacturing raw material of the INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors, they can perform for a number of years without any external interferences.

You can get around 1000 mating cycles for metallic NIBP Connectors, whereas 1000 mating cycles for plastic NIBP Connectors.

Mating Cycles of INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors

Figure 6 INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors Mating Capacity Machine

The INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors has been manufactured using the following materials:

Metallic NIBP Connectors:

  • Housing Material: Nickel-plated copper alloy
  • Barb Material: Brass

Plastic NIBP Connectors:

  • Housing Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Insulator Material: Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

The PPS material has excellent chemical and thermal resistance properties, whereas PC material is very tough and has high impact strength.

Manufacturing of INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors

Figure 7 INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors Manufacturing

All of Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD products are manufactured by professionals using the latest technology machines.

Then they are deeply tested by following strict rules so that all of their products can perform under harsh conditions.

Currently, all products have passed the RoHS compliant and CE compliant certificates.

You can visit the certification section on our website to check the quality certificates for all of our products.

You can directly contact Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD

A minimum of 1 piece can be ordered from the INTE-AUTO team.

For a free sample of the product, you can order about one piece to 5 pieces as a free sample from INTE-AUTO by emailing them at

NIBP Connectors Import From China

Figure 8 Import INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors from China

INTE-AUTO provides you with the fastest delivery services than all other manufacturers of these connectors.

The free sample can be delivered within one to three working days.

The delivery time also depends on the quantity of the product you have ordered.

A small quantity can be delivered within three to eight working days, whereas a large quantity can be supplied within twelve to eighteen working days.

Delivery of INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors

Figure 9 INTE-AUTO NIBP Connector’s Delivery

The FAQ guide provides complete details of different types of INTE-AUTO NIBP Connectors and their real-life applications.

After studying the FAQ guide, you can decide which type of these connectors you should order for your application.

Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD is the best manufacturer of NIBP Connectors, giving you accurate and precise readings for your blood pressure instruments.

All of our products have a 5-star review by our customers, and we always get positive feedback from each of our customers.

You will get extreme benefits in your medical applications if you buy these connectors from Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD.

Contact us without delaying the time and send your query.

Our support team is always ready to assist you in the best possible way!

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