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Reliable Plastic Connectors for Medical Application

Push-Pull, Self-Latching, Multiple Keys for Alignment.

INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors as Your Premier Solutions

We have ten years of solid experience in the research and development of precision plastic connectors. We use this experience and knowledge to meet the highest standards and regulations required by the medical industry.

INTE-AUTO’s competent technicians are experts in engineering and manufacturing. They strictly follow the ISO management system. We are your premier partner in connector technology.

Our P Series Plastic Connectors are precisely designed for medical applications. They are perfectly compatible with other famous brands’ connectors. At INTE-AUTO, you get only precise, reliable, and cost-effective connectors.

0P Series Male Plastic Connector

0P Series Male Plastic Connector

INTE-AUTO offers a wide choice of plastic connectors with various contact configurations. The 0P series circular plastic connectors are specially adapted for applications such as medical electronics and test & measurement.

1P Series Male Plastic Connector

1P Series Male Plastic Connector

INT-P-TAG type is a straight plug with PC outshell, PPS insulator, (G) key, cable collet, and blue nut. The P Series plastic connector can be sterilized and autoclaved. It can be mated over 1000 times.

1P Series Cable Plastic Connector

1P Series Cable Plastic Connector

INT-P-TAG, 2 to 14 pins configuration, standard G key, 4.0/5.0/6.0mm cable clamp, gray nut, the P series plastic connectors are reliable sealing and easy cleaning. Find robust and complete connector solutions at INTE-AUTO.

1P Series White Outshell Plastic Connector

1P Series White Outshell Plastic Connector

Do you want to find connectors with an elegant white outshell to complement your device? INTE-AUTO has attractive plastic connectors with complete white outshells and medical-grade quality.

1P Plastic Connector with Blue Collet Nut

1P Plastic Connector with Blue Collet Nut

INT-P-TA* is an ergonomic and intuitive locking system design with two keys for fast blind mating. They are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, or 14 pins.

1P Plastic Connector with Cable Bend Relief

1P Plastic Connector with Cable Bend Relief

INTE-AUTO plastic connectors are available in various designs. he nut can change to fit bend relief to accommodate cable bend. Bend relief sizes are 4.0, 5.0, or 6.0mm.

1P Plastic Connector with Red Collet Nut

1P Plastic Connector with Red Collet Nut

Each plastic connector provides the highest level of safety. The color of the nut can help your engineer mate similar plastic connectors quickly. The connectors’ design is very innovative. The size may be as small as possible to become the perfect fit for your medical devices.

1P Plastic Connector with Yellow Collet Nut

1P Plastic Connector with Yellow Collet Nut

We prioritize fast and convenient connections. You will find them with INTE-AUTO’s easy push pull, self-latching connection system, they have high-density configurations to save space.

1P Plastic Connector with Gray Collet Nut

1P Plastic Connector with Gray Collet Nut

INTE-AUTO has lengthy experience as a professional manufacturer of plastic connectors for the medical industry. Our connectors are used for diagnostics, patient monitoring, dental, baby weighing, and surgical applications to name a few.

1P Plastic Connector with Black Collet Nut

1P Plastic Connector with Black Collet Nut

INTE-AUTO develops rigid plastic connectors for different devices. They are all tested extensively for durability and reliability in our in-house laboratory. You will find these plastic connectors efficient and sturdy.

1P Plastic Connector with Green Collet Nut

1P Plastic Connector with Green Collet Nut

The P Series plastic connectors guarantee the highest security for medical applications. Different nut colors and keying codes provide a fast and accurate connection on every device.

1P Series Plastic Connector with Two Keys

1P Series Plastic Connector with Two Keys

The P Series plastic connectors have different nut colors and multiple keys, the contacts are gold-plated over copper to ensure at least 1000 mating times. They can be blind-mated with similar connectors.

2P Series Male Plastic Connector CAB redel

2P Series Male Plastic Connector

2P series is a ø 18 mm plastic connector that accommodates cable diameter up to 9.2 mm and allows up to 26 solder contacts, it can be extensive sterilisation (over 100 cycles).

2P CAB Male Plastic Connector redel odu

2P CAB Male Plastic Connector

INT-P-TAB is a straight plug with cable collet and nut for fitting a bend relief, it is a top-quality lightweight connector,  but rugged materials have been chosen to optimize most applications.

3P Series Plastic Connector

3P Series Plastic Connector

We not only help you save time and money but also guarantee high quality. The P Series plastic connectors have an original push pull connection system. They are certified by RoHS and CE.

Get Your Plastic Connectors Now

Safe, Lightweight and Reliable Plastic Connectors

It is important to have a perfectly performing plastic connector in medical devices. INTE-AUTO’s smart technical team has the experience to develop connectors for any application. 

They consider maximums safety, reliability, flexibility, and electric shock protection. The INTE-AUTO P Series plastic connectors provide a fast and reliable connection.

The male and female plastic connectors are color-coded for easy identification and prevention of incorrect mating. INTE-AUTO plastic connectors guarantee fast connection and blind-mating because of their push pull self-latching connection system.

The plastic connectors can be completely steamed, autoclaved, and sterilized. Mating cycles reach 1000 times. They are space-saving and equipped with high-density contacts with 2 to 26 pins. 

They have a reliable signal path and can work in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to 120 degrees Celsius. They are very simple to use and can be easily identified even if you have multiple connectors on your device.

INTE-AUTO’s P series plastic connectors are your ideal medical connector. Contact the INTE-AUTO team to get your free sample and the best rates.

Related Female Plastic Connector

Red Outshell Female Plastic Connector redel

Red Outshell Female Plastic Connector

PLG is a fixed receptacle with a plastic outshell. It is an ideal medical electrical connector solution.

Gray Outshell Female Plastic Connector compatible odu

Gray Outshell Female Plastic Connector

This is a medical device electrical connector, plastic type, panel mount, nut fixed.

Green Outshell Female Plastic Connector compatible redel

Green Outshell Female Plastic Connector

We offer reliable and durable plastic medical connectors for all types of medical equipment.

Yellow Outshell Female Plastic Connector compatible lemo

Yellow Outshell Female Plastic Connector

You are welcome to contact INTE-AUTO anytime to order high-quality durable plastic circular connectors.
Blue Outshell Female Plastic Connector compatible redel

Blue Outshell Female Plastic Connector

INTE-AUTO’s P Series Female plastic connectors are specially made for use in medical devices.

Black outshell Female Plastic Connectors PLG redel

Black outshell Female Plastic Connectors

We offer a range of plastic connectors for signal and current transmission, 2 to 14 multipoles.

female PRG 1P Cable Mount Plastic Connector

Cable Mount Plastic Connector

Complete set of cable to cable plastic connectors from 1P series, standard G key for alignment.
PRG 1P redel Cable Female Plastic Connector

Cable Female Plastic Connector

1P series cable in-line plastic free receptacle, cable mounted, nut for fitting bend relief.

plastic connector elbow PCB contacts

Plastic Connector with Elbow Contacts

We not only offer connectors with solder contacts and straight PCB contacts, but we also have right-angle connectors with PCB contacts available.

PKG 1P Plastic Connector with Red Nut

Plastic Connector with Red Nut

1P series plastic connector design small size, it can assembly the cable diameter up to 6.5mm.  They are well proven as lightweight connectors have been chosen by many applications.
Plastic Connector with Blue Nut

Plastic Connector with Blue Nut

These connectors feature high-density configurations for better space saving. They work superbly to make your device perform flawlessly.

Plastic Connectors with Two Nuts

Plastic Connectors with Two Nuts

The easy-to-use panel mount plastic connector has two fixed nuts. It guarantees reliable performance.

Plastic Connector with Green Nuts compatible LEMO PKG

Plastic Connector with Green Nuts

We offer smaller-sized and faster connecting push pull plastic connectors. The outshell is made of PC for better tolerance to a wide range of working temperatures.
Plastic Connector with Black Nut compatible 7 pins lemo

Plastic Connector with Black Nut

The fixed female plastic connector also has the push pull self-latching connection design.

Plastic Connector with Gray Nut

Plastic Connector with Gray Nut

INTE-AUTO supplies high-quality plastic connectors that are perfect alternatives to other famous brands’ but at affordable rates.

CKB 2P series female plastic connector

2P Series Female Plastic Connector

INTE-AUTO offer 2P series bigger size female plastic connector, back panel mount receptacle, two nuts fixed, soldering contacts.
3p series female plastic connector

3P series female plastic connector

The 3P series female plastic connector offers remarkable safety, the four different systems are colour coding, housing keying, insert keying and insert polarization to prevent accidental cross-mating.

plastic 0P push pull socket

0P series female plastic connector

Smallest 0P series panel mount socket size is M9, available from 2 to 9 pins, it is a push pull connectors, with reliable connection and smare design, the keying and colorfuly nuts can prevent accidental cross-mating.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

P Series Plastic Connectors - FAQ

When you need an excellent quality connector to transfer data, current, and signals in medical applications, INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors will always be your premier connector's solution. Instead of their excellent performance in medical applications, INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors also apply in many other fields. With the help of this FAQ guide article, you can get complete knowledge about the INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors.

The INTE-AUTO Plastic Connector is an excellent solution to transfer data, current, and signals with maximum accuracy and precision from one place to the other.

It consists of two main parts named plug and receptacle.

They are designed with an excellent push pull self-latching mechanism for strong and easy locking and unlocking to avoid accidental disconnects in an efficient manner.

In order to avoid mismatch of different Plastic Connector’s plug and receptacle, INTE-AUTO has designed a coding system or keying system on them.

You can get INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors of various sizes and contacts that are gold plated with copper to ensure maximum mating cycles.Figure-1-INTE-AUTO-Plastic-Connector

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Plastic Connector


The INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors have been manufactured by using excellent quality components whose details are given below:

  • The insulator of the plug and receptacle has been manufactured using Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) material that is high-temperature and chemical resistant.
  • The contacts are manufactured using brass plated with gold to ensure thousands of mating cycles.
  • All other components that include an outer shell, collet nut, collet, etc., are manufactured using Polycarbonate (PC) that have low density and provide you with chemical and high-temperature resistance.

Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) and Polycarbonate (PC) material have passed the UL certificate that ensures that all connector’s parts are manufactured correctly for higher safety and are eligible for use in the medical industries.

Exploded View of the P Series Plastic Connector:

Fixed Receptacle:

Plastic Connector Fixed Receptacle parts show


Free Receptacle:Plastic Connector straight plug parts show

Straight Plug:Plastic Connector (3)

Straight Plug With Bend Relief:Plastic Connector Straight Plug With Bend Relief parts show

 Figure 2 Plastic Connector’s Components

In order to correctly align the Plastic Connector’s plug and receptacle before connection, INTE-AUTO has designed a unique keying system.

The connector’s plug consists of one or two protrudes (keying system) with key codes named G, A, B, C, H, and J.

For one protrude (keying system), the keying system is called a standard G key with a 0 degree from the center of the plug.

The other key codes have assigned different angles, i.e., the two protrudes (keying system) are spaced apart from different angles, which are measured from the center of the plug.

  • Key code A is 40 degree
  • Key code B is 60 degree
  • Key code C is 80 degree
  • Key code H is 170 degree
  • Key code J is 155 degree

The receptacle also consists of a profile groove like the protrudes (keying system) on the plug that allows the protrudes to insert into them during mating.


Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Plastic Connector’s Keying System


The Plastic Connectors can be applied to numerous applications because of their excellent data and current transferring capabilities.

In order to fulfill these requirements, INTE-AUTO has designed their Plastic Connectors in different sizes and pin connections whose details are given below:

  • 0P Series of M10 Size with pin connection ranges between 2 pins to 9 pins.
  • 1P Series of M14 Size with pin connection ranges between 2 pins to 14 pins.
  • 2P Series of M17 size with pin connection ranges between 2 pins to 26 pins.
  • 3P Series of M20 size is available only for 12 pin connections. Still, you can get customization services from INTE-AUTO, with the help of which you can easily design M20 size connectors for your desired number of pin connections.

Sizes Plastic Connectors

Figure 4 INTE-AUTO Plastic Connector’s Sizes


In order to differentiate between various Plastic Connector’s collet nut and bend relief, INTE-AUTO gives different colors to them.

This will help you easily recognize the collet nut and bend relief of different connectors.

INTE-AUTO has given each color a code whose details are given below:

Plastic Connector's Color Code Table

color coding on plastic connectors

Figure 5 Bend Relief and Collet Nut with Different Colors


You can easily assemble the INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors by following the steps described below:
  • Cut the outer rubber covering of the cable from its end about 0.5 inches and expose its small inner wires.
  • Cut the outer layer of these small wires and expose the inner conductor that the cable uses for transferring data, current, or signals.
  • Pass the cable end from a bend relief, collet nut, and then from the collet.
  • You have to carefully solder the inner conductor of the wires with the insulator contacts.
  • After that, the collet should be put onto the insulator such that the collet’s lug accurately mounts on the insulator’s slot.
  • Now after aligning the collet and insulator, insert them gently inside the outer shell of the plug until they cannot get further inside it.
  • You should now screw the collet nut on the back of the collet and use bend relief at this stage.
  • The Plastic Connector’s plug is then ready to be mated with the receptacle.
  • You should solder the fixed receptacle with the circuit or free receptacle with the cable where you want to send the data, current, or signals.
Assembling Plastic Connectors

Figure 6 Assemble INTE-AUTO Plastic Connector

The INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors are always manufactured using excellent quality raw materials like PPS and PC so that they can efficiently perform their tasks.

Its contacts are made with brass and plated with gold that can provide you with a minimum of 1000 to 2000 mating cycles.

plastic connectors mating times

Figure 7 INTE-AUTO Plastic Connector’s Mating Cycles

You can easily plug and unplug the INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors if you follow the steps described below:
  • First of all, carefully assemble the plug and receptacle with the cable and circuit, respectively.
  • You should align the keying system of both the connector’s plug and receptacle in order to mate them correctly and easily.
  • Push the connector’s plug into the receptacle until you hear an audible click sound.
  • You will hear this sound because the arrowhead shape latches inside the connector’s plug fit inside a groove profile inside the connector’s receptacle.
  • The self-latching system tightly binds the plug and receptacle together that the connection can never break until you properly unplug them.
  • To unplug the connector, gently move the outer shell of the plug in the backward direction that will release the arrowhead latches from the groove profile inside the receptacle.
  • Then you can easily remove the plug from the receptacle in a very short time.
Plastic Connector's Working Mechanism

Figure 8 INTE-AUTO Push Pull Plastic Connector’s Connection Procedure

Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD in China always thinks of the best possible solution in order to transfer your data, signals, and current in an efficient manner.
  • It is a push-pull, self-locking system
  • It is easy to separate
  • It is easy to clean.
  • High-density configuration to save space
  • Fully compatible with other famous brands P series connectors
You can get the following benefits from INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors:
  • It consists of a push pull self-latching and self-locking mechanism with the help of which you can easily plug and unplug them without wasting time and energy.
  • It has an excellent keying system that allows you, blind mate, them easily.
  • Its bend relief and collet nut are available in a variety of colors so that you can choose the color of your interest for your operations.
  • If you are using a large number of Plastic Connectors to carry out your operation, then they can easily differentiate them with color codes.
  • Its brass manufactured and gold-plated contacts can provide you with more than 1000 mating cycles.
  • It has all the abilities to transfer your data, signals, or current at high speed with no loss due to external interferences.
  • They have high-density configurations that always help to save space.
  • You can easily and quickly assemble and disassemble the Plastic Connectors.
  • They can be implemented in all medical applications like patient monitoring, dental, diagnostics, baby weighting, and surgical applications without any hesitation.
  • Due to their availability in different sizes and pin connections, you can implement these connectors for a number of applications.
  • They can provide you with IP50 ratings, which proves its durability and reliability.
  • It can be used in salty environments as it can resist salt spray tests for more than 48 hours.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for transferring your data.
  • They are lightweight.
  • You can avoid accidental disconnects due to the self-latching system designed into the INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors.
  • They are always compatible with other P series connector brands.plastic connectors application

Figure 9 INTE-AUTO Plastic Connector’s Benefits Different Applications

The P series plastic connectors are widely used in the medical industry.

  • It is an original push-pull self-locking connection system
  • It comes in a variety of colors nut for easier coding
  • Multiple key selections for blind mating
  • The core numbers can vary from 2 to 26, for series 0P, 1P, or 2P
  • Contacts types come in solder or PCB (straight or Elbow) pin
  • Positioning device: key code to prevent rotation
  • It has a PC out shell, a PPS insulator, and gold-plated contacts
  • Operating temperature ranges from -20℃ to 120℃
  • The rated current is 2 to 10A
  • The diameter of the cable used is Φ2.7 to 6.5mm
  • The IP rating is IP50
  • Salt spray corrosion test: >48h
  • Mechanical service life: 1000-3000 plugging and unplugging cycles
  • Reliability: the use of high-quality parts makes the lifetime of INTE-AUTO connectors longer
  • Robustness: suitable for use in high vibration and strong shock environments.
  • Aesthetics: the high-tech design of INTE-AUTO’s connectors is very attractive. The outer shell aesthetic can be changed depending on customer preference.

They are mainly used on the following equipment:

  • Analytical Instruments
  • Dental equipment
  • Pacemakers
  • Medical beauty devices
  • Newborn fetal monitors
  • Weight monitors for premature infants
  • Electrosurgical equipment
  • Hearing equipment
  • Processing equipment

You can implement the INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors in both cold and hot applications for the precise transfer of your precious data.

They are designed to resist heat in extremely hot environments where the temperature goes to about 120°C.

They can also efficiently perform in low temperature environments where temperatures can be reduced to -20°C.

In these temperature ranges, INTE-AUTO Plastic Connectors can easily perform their duties without any loss or distortion.

Plastic Connector's Working Temperature Range

Figure 10 INTE-AUTO Plastic Connector’s Temperature Range

Determine the diameter of the plastic connector and the specifications of the wire. Choose the outer diameter of the wire or cable and the joining requirements with the shell, volume, weight, and if you need to connect to a metal tube or not.

Installation method and shape: After determining the installation size and specifications, identify if you need straight or elbow pins.

Electrical parameter requirements: Connectors are electromechanical accessory that connects electrical circuits together. So, your choice should be based on the electrical parameters of the circuits.

Rated voltage: Connectors should be able to withstand a range of voltages based on the environments they will be used in. Safety requirements and different maximum working voltages should also be considered.

Rated current: To limit the rated current, the temperature rise inside the connector should not exceed the specified rating. Consider this especially for multi-core connectors because individual contacts are derated as current increases.

Aesthetics: The electrical connectors should also look good on a panel. Consider aesthetic design, shape, and color.

Performance: consider IP rating, operating temperature range, mating cycles, and such.

The number of circular push-pull self-locking connectors on the market is growing. Prices quoted by suppliers can be either high or low depending on quality. Customers are confused on which to choose.

So what causes the price difference? Based on our years of experience in the industry, the major factors that affect the price of connectors are:

1. The material of the plastic connector:

The INTE-AUTO circular push-pull self-locking plastic connector shell and inner parts are made of PC (polycarbonate). The insulator generally uses PPS (absolutely no second-hand material).

2. The plating thickness of the push-pull self-locking plastic connector:

To extend connector life, the insulator pins assembly of each push-pull self-locking connector is gold-plated. Gold plating is waterproof, prevents rust, prevents corrosion, and improves conductivity.

The price will vary depending on the thickness of the gold plating. The thicker it is, the higher the cost—1u (mark) gold is the cheapest gold plating layer thickness.

The pins of the INTE-AUTO push-pull self-locking connectors are all plated with thick gold above 8u. This guarantees high quality and durability.

3. The precision of the push pull self-locking plastic connector:

Prices will also depend on contact designs. These designs have specific purposes and will need different assembly methods.

For example, the smallest size 0P series connector in the P series connector is generally more expensive than the 1P series with the same number of pins. This is because the assembly of the connector is done manually.

Assembling the small plastic connector is harder than assembling the larger one. The small connector cannot be assembled faster by hand, so the price is higher.

For example, the P Series connector with many key pin positions will be more complex and more expensive.

4. The type of equipment used to manufacture 

Like many circular push-pull self-locking connectors, the price of automatic lathe processing is much lower than that of core machine processing. This is because the production process of the automatic lathe is not as sophisticated as the core machines’.

5. The number of connectors required

When a customer asks about the price of a plastic connector, the manufacturer will usually estimate the price and delivery date based on the quantity ordered, the specifications required, and the stock availability in the warehouse. If the product demand is small, the cost will increase accordingly. Manufacturers usually give preferential treatment for large order quantities.

Faster service: As a supplier, INTE-AUTO works hard to bring you timely service.

Better cost-efficiency: INTE-AUTO understands the need for continuous cost improvement to reduce your total spending.

Faster delivery time: INTE-AUTO understands that a shorter lead time gives you an advantage in the industry.

One-stop-shop: INTE-AUTO provides fully customizable services such as specialized connectors and cable assembly solutions.

If it is your first time to use plastic connectors, please contact the INTE-AUTO team. We will give you solutions according to your requirement

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