Push Pull Locking Mechanism

The push pull locking mechanism has modernized connector technology to what it is today: powerful and secure.

But before it was invented, many engineers relied on other types of locking systems to join sub circuits together. Among these are external levers and threaded screws for transmitting signal, power, and data. These presented some problems in early designs including unreliability, difficulty in handling, bulkiness, weight, and frailty.

The Problem of Accidental Disconnections

The push pull locking system was invented to reinforce the old locking systems as the need for more reliable connections increased.

Accidental disconnections in wiring cause catastrophic and irreparable consequences. Connectors are used in many important industries such as the military, avionics, automobile, industrial, measurement, test, audio, video, defense, communications, robotic and medical fields. Loss of data, power, or signal can cause damage to expensive equipment, or halt critical operations.

Hence, there is no room for errors and accidental disconnections.

On top of that, equipment and machines are constantly becoming smaller and portable. Thus, connectors needed to follow suit and become more compact. There was a need for a smaller but more effective locking system.

The Push Pull Locking Mechanism: the Solution to Accidental Disconnections

The solution is in the push pull locking mechanism— a strong latching system that prevents accidental disconnections even in the most stressful environments.

This self-latching, quick-connect technology only requires a hand to engage the plug from the receptacle. There is no need for twisting or special tools. This makes the process quick and simple even for inexperienced operators.

How does it work? The latch design is achieved with grooves within the plug and the sleeve that tightly fit the shape of the receptacle. This prevents accidental disconnection as the internal lock cannot be disengaged without the proper pressure on the connectors. This pressure is applied with only 2 fingers.

However, pulling the connectors apart by the cable or on any other part of the plug and receptacle will not disengage the mechanism. Twisting, vibrating, or dropping the mated connectors will not unlatch the lock either.

Advantages of the Push Pull Locking Mechanism

Because the push pull locking mechanism is located inside the connectors, the contacts are always protected. This allows the ingress protection of the product to reach an IP68 rating. Users are assured that fine foreign particles nor liquids cannot interfere with the connection even with outdoor exposure or submerging. The connector itself is protected by O-rings.

The push pull locking mechanism also allows connectors to have more mating cycles than other types of latches. There’s less friction and wear when disengaging, therefore, there is less contact corrosion and no drop in voltage. Plastic connectors with the push pull locking mechanism can have over 1000 mating cycles, and metal versions over 6000.

The push pull locking mechanism is applied to circular connectors, making design possibilities virtually endless. The collets, nuts, contacts, and other internal parts are conveniently circular as well. The circular design makes applying different types of keying systems easy. This is important in the proper identification of components and prevention of mismating.

The mechanism is available even for mini-connectors. This is of great value to users who need lightweight solutions to critical applications. Examples of these are the military and medical fields. Portable and body-worn equipment need stable, lightweight, and quick-connect solutions during missions and emergencies. They should be:

  • powerful enough to transmit data or signal
  • not a burden to carry with its weight
  • not disruptive or bulky with its size
  • fast and easy to connect even if the user is wearing gloves.

This small size enables multiple connectors to be mounted closely together without interference.

The locking system is mechanical, so it can be applied to both metal and plastic connectors. Since the latch is located internally, the connectors can have a robust and sealed plastic or metal housing ideal for tough environments. These rugged connectors may be exposed to vibration, shock, saltwater, pressure, rain, dirt, ice, or heat. But no matter how harsh the exposure is, the push pull locking mechanism delivers uninterrupted connections and cable stability.

It has even made mating different kinds of materials together possible. We can now have plastic plugs mated to metal receptacles with the same dustproof and watertight results. This is practical and economical when one part needs to be disposable for sanitary reasons.

The push pull locking mechanism simplifies cabling and has allowed more types of media to be transmitted. Aside from signal, current, data, it is now used for fiber optics, thermocouples, fluids, and pneumatics.

This has opened the door to the creation of hybrid connectors. These smart, integrated solutions provide one connection for both data and physical media. They have particularly made medical dental, cosmetic, surgical and communication equipment more powerful, space-saving, and portable. Not to mention that they provide a more streamlined and cleaner look without the clutter and bulk.

All these and more are now possible through the use of connectors with the push pull locking mechanism.

INTE-AUTO Connectors Have the Push Pull Locking Mechanism

With all these advantages, you are ahead of technology and the competition by using circular connectors with this system.

Experience the security and reliability that the push pull locking mechanism provides for any application. There’s nothing like the peace of mind you get knowing that your connections are uninterrupted and protected. They are durable and economical, making them the best choice for your equipment and machinery.

Here at INTE-AUTO, we have over 10,000+ push pull connectors combination designs for you to choose from. Most of these integrate the in-demand push pull locking mechanism. They come in different sizes, pin counts, keying configurations, IP ratings, and materials. Many of these are compatible and affordable replacements to other widely accepted connector brands.

If you have a special application, we can create a customized connector design with the push pull locking mechanism for you. More than that, we have custom cable overmolding, manufacturing, and assembly for your convenience. We have the capability to design and manufacture your custom product with fast lead time and shipping.

Everything you need is at INTE-AUTO, a leading China manufacturer of world-class quality connectors with the push pull locking mechanism.

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