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Excellent Right Angle Connectors

INTE-AUTO offers you compact, low-profile, and robust right angle connectors that provide excellent impedance control for noiseless signal transmission.

They are durable and made of pearl chrome-plated brass with gold-plated contacts. Add to that their well-engineered design that maintains their mechanical and electrical integrity even in extreme environments.

They are also equipped with the space-saving and quick connecting push pull latching mechanism. They are dustproof, rugged, and easy to use.

right angle cable connector
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Right Angle Connectors Male FHG 1B

Right Angle Connectors Male FHG

The INT-THG 0B 1B 2B 3B  is a male right angle connector plug with a cable collet and a nut can variant for fitting strain relief. It can accommodate 2 to 16 pins and your choice of keying configuration for proper alignment.

Right angle plug FHG 00

Right Angle Connectors Male FHG 00

The INT-FHG 00B is a miniature right angle connector with an M7 size. It can take in 3.00mm fixed cables. Despite its small size, this right angle connector is powerful and rugged, lasting for up to over 6000 mating cycles.

right angle connector fischer-compatible

Right Angle Connector Fischer-compatible

The INT-WSO is a Fischer-compatible right angle connector. It is a high-frequency cable mount plug from the F Series available in 0F, 1F, 1.5F, 2F and 3F sizes. It has an IP50 rating.

Right Angle Mini Connectors FLA.00S

Right Angle Connectors FLA male

This FLA-compatible 1-pin is a NIM-CAMAC right angled coaxial connector for signal transmission applications. The INT13-TLA is available in M7 size.

Right Angle Connectors Male FHG

Right Angle Connectors Male FHG

This low voltage right angle connector is FHG-compatible. It is a 90 degree design multi-pole plug. The shell and collet nut is made of chrome-plated brass while the contacts are gold-plated brass.

Right Angle Connectors Female

Right Angle Connectors Female EPG

The INT-ZPG gives easier access to testing equipment. This right angle connector is a female insert from the B Series for PCBs. This tough connector can work extremely well even in -40°C to 200°C environments.

Right Angle Connectors Female EPS 0S 1S

Right Angle Connectors Female EXG

This right angle female connector from the B Series is a perfect replacement for the EXG connector. The female elbow receptacle has 2 nuts and is made for PCBs. The outer shell is made of ABS and chrome-plated brass.

Right Angle Coax Connector

Right Angle Coax Connector

Our INT-ZPL is your trusty alternative to the EPL connector. This socket is a right angled coaxial connector. It is a NIM-CAMAC model with 50Ω  impedance.

Right Angle Coaxial Cable Connector

Right Angle Coaxial Cable Connector

The INT-ZPS is a female receptacle right angle connector substitute for the EPS. This coaxial receptacle has a unipole configuration and guarantees clear signal transmission.

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INTE-AUTO Supplies a Variety of Right Angle Connectors

There are times when a right angle connector is necessary for cabling. Space restrictions, stress on the cable too much, and sometimes even handling issues limit options. That’s because right angle connectors deal with cable pressure better than straight ones most of the time.

INTE-AUTO gives you many high-quality options from B, K, and F series connectors.

INTE-AUTO has excellent right angle connectors and right angle coax connectors in stock. We have miniature M7 to M18 sizes of both plugs and receptacles. We have IP50 to IP68 watertight models that protect your connections in any weather, 1 to 30 pins, and various keying options.

All these right angle connectors and right angle coaxial cable connectors are available at prices that fit your budget.

Aside from high-performance connectors, we also provide custom cable assembly. Contact us today for your inquiries.

INTE-AUTO Supplies a Variety of Right Angle Connectors

Waterproof Connector

Our waterproof connectors have a straight plug and fixed receptacle at IP68 rating. This means no problems with the connection even if submerged in liquid. Our connectors are also protected with 360° screening for full EMC shielding.

S series circular push pull connector

S Series Push Pull Connector

The INT-TFA plug (male) and its receptacle, INT-ZRA (female) are half-moon stepped inserts from the S Series. It has a cable collet for 6.2mm cables.

2B 2K 3B 3K Hybrid Coaxial Push Pull Connectors

B Series Push Pull Connector

Our self-locking connectors provide full security through the push pull locking mechanism, the most trusted mating system in the industry today. Choose between solder, crimp, or PCB termination systems. There are also multiple keying options.

Miniature waterproof connector

T Series Miniature Waterproof Connector

Our miniature connectors are lightweight but powerful. They provide reliable connections even in tight spaces, handheld devices, or body-worn equipment. Mated connections are rated IP68 against particles and liquids.
fischer compatible connector

Fischer-compatible Connector

We have thousands of connector designs to choose from including a whole range of Fischer-compatible connectors. These circular connectors have multi-pole low-voltage contacts. They are compact and precise.

Coaxial connector

S Series Coaxial Connectors

Our S Series coaxial connectors provide the security of the push pull locking system, polarization by unipole inserts, and over 5000 mating cycles endurance. Their unipole solder contacts can have 50Ω or 75Ω impedance.

Manufacturing and Technical Details


Most frequent questions and answers

INTE-AUTO Right Angle Connectors are small devices that have abilities to transfer current, signals or data efficiently and flawlessly in space-restricted areas.

It consists of an ‘’L’’ shape or ‘’90 degrees’’ shape plug and a small receptacle.

  • The ‘’L’’ shape plug is connected with the cable or device from where you need to get current, signals or data.
  • The 90 degrees receptacle is connected with the PCB board or FPC board which is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components.

To start transferring data, the plug is inserted or pushed into the receptacle that mates using a strong self-latching mechanism installed in these connectors.

The contacts of INTE-AUTO Right Angle Connectors are gold-plated for long-lasting results.

A keying system is also installed on these connectors in order to blind mate them in harsh and critical situations.

They are available in multiple sizes and uni-pole or multipole configurations.

Figure 1 Right Angle Connectors by INTE-AUTO

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Right Angle Connectors


INTE-AUTO Right Angle Connectors have numerous applications in different fields.

Usually, it can be applied in all the areas where you need to transfer current, signals or data, but you are suffering from space restrictions or cable bending problems.

Some of the significant fields where you can implement these connectors are:

  • Medical fields
  • Military operations
  • Aviation Industry
  • Public sectors
  • Indoor and outdoor antennas
  • Motorsports
  • Communication industry
  • Traffic signals
  • Public transports
  • Robotics Industry
  • Satellites
  • To transfer power and data in machines like forklift trucks, cranes etc.
  • CCTV security cameras
  • All instruments used for testing and measurements.

There is a difference in shape between INTE-AUTO Straight and Right Angle Connectors, but both are used to transfer current, signals or data.

In design, the right angle is equivalent to a 90-degree angle, whereas the straight angle is equivalent to a 180-degree angle.

This means that INTE-AUTO Right Angle Connector’s plug is not straight but bends at a 90-degree angle in order to transfer current, signals or data to small or bending areas.

Whereas INTE-AUTO Straight Connectors has a straight plug and can transfer your data, current or signals if the device has enough space.

Figure 2 Straight and Right Angle Connectors

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Straight and Right-Angle Connectors

INTE-AUTO Right Angle Connectors are available in different models according to different series.

The details are given below:

INT-B Series Push Pull Connectors:

  • INT-THG plug


  • INT-THG (Z) plug


  • INT-ZCG (Elbow Contact) receptacle


  • INT-ZEG (Elbow Contact) receptacle


  • INT-ZGP receptacle


  • INT-ZXG receptacle


INT-K Series Waterproof Connectors:

  • INT-ZEG (Elbow) receptacle


INT-F Series Circular Connectors:

  • INT-WSO plug


  • INT-DBPC receptacle


INT-S Series Half-Moon Connectors:

  • INT-ZPS receptacle


  • INT-ZPL receptacle


INT-S and E Series Coaxial Connectors:

  • INT-TLA 00S and 1S Series plug


  • INT-ZPL 00S Series receptacle


  • INT-ZPS 00S Series receptacle


INT-P Series Plastic Connectors:

  • Panel Mount INT-P-ZKG (Elbow) receptacle


Figure 3 Available Models of INTE-AUTO Right Angle Connectors


INTE-AUTO Right Angle Male Connectors can be easily assembled by the steps below:

  • Cut the outer rubber layer of the cable and expose its small inner wires.
  • Cut the rubber layer of small wires and expose the conducting material from them.
  • If your connector has a variant, pass the cable from a bend relief, collet and collet nut.
  • Solder the conducting material with the insulator contacts and cover it using a split insert carrier.
  • Insert the soldered insulator, split insert carrier and collet into the outer shell of the plug.
  • Tight the collet nut and attach bend relief with it.
  • Solder the receptacle contacts with the PCB or FPC board where you need to transfer data, current or signals.


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