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IP68-Rated Waterproof and Dustproof SP13 Connector

SP Series with Threaded Coupling

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One of INTE-AUTO’s most popular products is the miniature IP68 SP13 Connector for good reason. Users find this 13mm diameter plastic connector safe, tough, and powerful when used for either indoor or outdoor applications.

The SP13 is the smallest of the SP Series, a group of watertight IP68-rated products that guarantee total sealing from all environmental elements including particles and liquids. It has a PA66 nylon outer shell and 2 to 9 gold-plated contacts.

INTE-AUTO produces world-class IP68 SP13 Connectors manufactured with the highest standards at our China plant. We have short lead times and we guarantee compatibility with other international brands.

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The design and combination of elements including the grommets, O-seal, and compression nut give the SP13 IP68 integrity. It comes with dust caps to keep the connector sealed and clean even when not in use.

Female weipu connector SP13

The SP13 connector female connector features your choice of 2 to 9 gold-plated pins. All SP13 connectors are available in free plug, cable receptacle, or panel mount variations that can be ordered in either male or female versions.

Male SP13 connector

The SP13 connector male plug can be soldered accurately to the cable. It has the top quality and precision of a waterproof connector but at very affordable costs. It stays highly efficient for over 500 mating cycles.

Top Quality and Amazing Value Found in INTE-AUTO's SP13 Connector

Before the SP13 connector became popular for consumer use, it was known as the go-to product for IP68-critical applications. These were used mainly for commercial, industrial, and marine equipment such as instrumentation, automotive, process control, and outdoor commercial LED lighting displays.

Today, INTE-AUTO brings you its SP Series that includes the miniature SP13 connector. This series is a group of IP68 weather-resistant and waterproof plastic connectors: the SP13, the SP17, and the SP21. They have the same military-grade features but at a price that anybody can afford.

The SP13 connector features a small 13mm outer shell diameter, gold-plated brass contacts, insulation resistance of 2000MΩ, and toughness to last any kind of environment. 

Some examples of where it can be found are LED lighting, outdoor CCTV, medical devices, underwater equipment, solar energy inverters, military batteries, communications equipment, and testing devices.

One of its best features is its ability to take on cable diameters ranging from 4 to 6.5mm (type I) or 5 to 8mm (type II). This is achieved through its adjustable grommets. These can be tightened to accommodate the small cable sizes, keeping them waterproof. The openings are protected by double silicone ring seals that prevent water or particulate entry when mated or covered by the dust cap.

All these great features and more are available on the SP13 connector for your use. Brought to you by INTE-AUTO, the leader in the quality connector and custom cable assembly technology in China.

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SP13 SP17 SP21 Connector from INTE-AUTO

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The Industry’s Best SP13 Connector from INTE-AUTO

Waterproof connectors are important to many industries nowadays. This is because they allow safe connections for equipment where water and particles threaten their functional integrity.

INTE-AUTO’s SP13 Connector is rated IP68 for a totally safe connection in dirty or wet environments. They are submergible and airtight, making them key devices for scooters, signs, LED displays, lighting, land or sea vehicles, and public transport. It is also compact in its 13mm diameter PA66 nylon outer shell.

INTE-AUTO ensures the best quality with these SP13 Connectors through 100% product testing. You can be assured that each SP13 connector delivered to you has outstanding function and quality. We have the fastest lead times for any quantity of orders. We have thousands of parts in stock ready for shipping.

We also accept custom cable manufacturing and assembly. You can supply us with the cable or we can provide the right-sized cable for you based on your required diameter and specifications.

These custom and cost-effective solutions make INTE-AUTO the best partner for your success. Aside from the SP13 connector, we also have many other types of connectors suitable for your needs. We have medical connectors, coaxial connectors, D-Taps, hybrid connectors, and more. We have supplied these products to government, military, medical, industrial, automotive, communications, and commercial clients. 

INTE-AUTO is known for precise push-pull self-latching connectors. We are a respected name in the metal, plastic, and waterproof connector sectors. Just like our many happy customers, you are always at an advantage when you do business with INTE-AUTO.

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