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weipu sp17 connector

Top-quality SP17 Connectors

When power and protection from environmental exposure are critical, you can rely on the SP17 Connector by INTE-AUTO. 

This IP68-rated plastic connector is a 17mm waterproof connector, which means it can accept a bigger diameter cable (7 to 10mm) with higher voltage. It is very effective for data and power transmission even in severe weather conditions. It is commonly used in LED panel screens and lighting, marine and boat equipment, solar energy inverters, outdoor security cameras, communications equipment, medical devices, and so much more.

This excellent connector can come in inline (cable to cable) or panel-mount connections.

male sp17 connector

The male SP17 connector from INTE-AUTO has 2 to 9 pins and a plastic shell made of PA66 nylon. It is the preferred connector for indoor and outdoor applications where the connection is exposed to water, particles, and direct sunlight.

In-line cable sp17 connector

The SP17 Connector is designed for cable to cable (or inline) joining without having to worry about environmental factors. Its IP68 rating makes it ideal for LED lighting and controls, solar energy panels, outdoor security cameras, marine equipment, and other similar exposed applications.

weipu sp21 connector

The SP17 flange socket with female contacts has a threaded coupling type connection with a mated IP rating of 68. Each cable and panel mount connector has IP68 sealing caps as well to protect them when not in use.

panel mount sp17 connector

Our multi-pin waterproof rear mount SP17 connectors have a 17mm shell diameter and robust gold-plated brass contacts. This panel mount version is perfect for cases, equipment panels, and enclosures.

Your Best Waterproof SP17 Connector

Watertight connectors make operating outdoor equipment possible. That’s why they should be aptly durable to withstand outdoor weather conditions. At the same time, they should be lightweight enough that multiple connectors and cables won’t weigh down equipment in a vertical application. An example of this is multiple LED panels outside buildings or multiple overhanging LED lighting.

INTE-AUTO’s SP17 Connectors meet the strict demands of different industries. These requirements are for IP68 weather sealing, maximum weight, and uninterrupted flow of data and current. The PA66 thermoplastic outer shell keeps it light yet tough. It makes submersed use possible as it displays high pressure resistance. The material is also fire, rust, and chemical-resistant.

These SP17 Connectors are sealed to IP68 and have virtually limitless applications. Both the plug and the socket can be ordered with either male or female gold-plated contacts. Different pin numbers (2 to 9 pins) of various configurations are possible. Working temperatures range from -25 deg C to 85 deg C. 

Most of all, our SP17 Connectors are easy to use and install. The termination is a solder-type, and the medium size makes it hassle-free to assemble.

All of our SP17 Connectors are perfect substitutes to existing Weipu products. They are part of the SP Series with differing sizes. All pieces come with dust caps for full IP68 protection.

If you’re interested in the SP17, simply send us a message or RFQ. We also have thousands of connectors in our product categories, so we are confident that you will find what you need for your particular application.

Click on the file below to find the datasheet for the SP17 connector.

SP13 SP17 SP21 Connector from INTE-AUTO

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INTE-AUTO Connectors Catalog General Overview

For more details, please contact the INTE-AUTO team.

  • WY28 connector

    The WY28 is another excellent waterproof connector. This pair is the WY28K26TE and the WY28J26ZG male plug and female socket with 26 pins. It is mainly used for military applications and is completely compatible with the Weipu WY28.

  • weipu connectors WP20

    The INT13-WP2010 is another plastic connector that offers IP68 waterproof performance. It comes with threaded coupling and is usually utilized for outdoor LED power and lighting needs.

  • WEIPU connector plug socket

    For high-power needs, we offer the WP20 waterproof connector.  This bayonet-coupling type circular connector has a plastic outer shell and gold-plated nickel contacts. It provides 2000MΩ of insulation resistance for higher protection against electric shocks and equipment damage.

  • IP68 circular connector

    The WP20 series is available with 2 t0 12-pole contacts. INTE-AUTO makes ordering easy and convenient with fast shipping and clear communication. All our models are in stock, but we can also create custom connectors and assemble them already with cable as well.

INTE-AUTO Waterproof SP17 Connectors

INTE-AUTO’s advantage has always been its commitment to total customer satisfaction. We do our best to listen to you, our client, to determine your specific needs. We will find your required part and ship it to you as soon as possible so the products arrive in a protected and timely manner right at your doorstep.

If you require customized connectors, we have a dedicated technical team that will design and manufacture your specified product. With care and attention, our production experts will build your connectors using the strictest quality standards and the latest machinery in the industry. 

Each connector is tested before being packed and shipped to you. This is how we guarantee that every piece is excellent upon leaving our facility. 

INTE-AUTO is a respected supplier of circular connectors in the military, government, aerospace, medical, and automotive industries, to name a few. The attention and precision we give their products will also be given to you. This is our promise and guarantee.

Custom Services by INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO is known for going the extra mile to satisfy customers. That’s why we have additional in-house cable services such as assembly, manufacturing, and over-molding. You won’t have to look for another supplier as we can do it in our production facility.

We have proven to everyone over the years that our connectors are superior. This includes our best-selling SP17 Connectors. They are strong, durable, and well worth their value.

Send us your RFQ’s now or ask for a free sample to match your equipment. We can also help you decide which of our many connector designs suits your needs.

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