IP68-rated Waterproof and Dustproof SP21 Connectors
With Threaded Coupling

The Top-performing IP68 SP21 Connector

INTE-AUTO solves the problem of protecting underwater connections with guaranteed water-tight SP21 connectors. These IP68-rated plastic connectors are ideal for any application ranging from tough industrial settings to practical home needs. This is because it comes at a very friendly price.

INTE-AUTO, a leader in connector technology, has made the SP21 connector easy to use and affordable. But it never compromises in features and quality. It offers strong current flow through its gold-plated brass contacts. It also has a durable PA66 nylon outer shell.

Order now and get the best only from INTE-AUTO.

sp21 connectors
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cable in line sp21 connector

Inline Cable SP21 Connector

If you need your cables tightly attached to your connector, order this IP68 inline cable SP21 Connector from INTE-AUTO. We assemble the cables ourselves so you are guaranteed strong and water-tight connections. You can use the SP21 Connector for power tools, outdoor lighting.

male sp21 connector

Male SP21 Connector

The SP21 Connector is available with 2 to 12 gold-plated brass contacts. It has a larger shell and higher current range than the SP13. All plugs come with dust caps on each end to protect the contacts. You can use the SP21 Connector for led display and industrial equipment.

female sp21 connector

Female SP21 Connector

This rear nut mount socket comes with its own dust cap for protection. If you need reverse specifications, you’ll be glad to know that this socket can come in either male or female contacts according to your design.

weipu sp21 connector

SP21 Flange Connector

The SP21 connector can be a panel-mounted socket or receptacle. INTE-AUTO manufactures precise SP21 connectors that are fully compatible with any alternative SP brand with a 21mm hole panel cutout.

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The Best SP21 Connector from INTE-AUTO

When a product is manufactured by INTE-AUTO, you are guaranteed the best quality. With IP68 rating and certification by RoHS and CE, our SP21 Connectors will never fail you. Each one passes quality testing so you will receive it in tip-top condition.

The SP series are all IP68 waterproof and rustproof connectors. The SP21 Connector has a larger shell than the SP13 and is capable of transmitting a higher voltage current.

The Polyamide or nylon outer shell (PA66) is a tough and fire-resistant material also capable of high electrical resistance. This trusted engineered plastic is also chemical-resistant and is a good barrier against liquids and particulates. It is a perfect substitute for metal as it is comparable in many aspects, but the PA66 is lightweight.

Cable sizes accepted by the SP21 range from 4 to 5.77 mm outer diameter for type I, and 7 to 12mm outer diameter for type II.

INTE-AUTO is capable of shipping products to any point in the world quickly. We are known for our fast lead times and durable products.

We accept orders of any size and will respond to your RFQs swiftly. Our professional technical team will make sure your specifications are followed to the letter. Take advantage of our free samples for your testing.

When you’re looking for the best connectors with the best value in the market, INTE-AUTO has them.

INTE-AUTO Waterproof Connectors

weipu connector female

WF16 Connector with Male Contacts

This square flange panel receptacle has male contacts. It has 8 gold-plated nickel pins and comes with a dustcap. The WF16 is IP67 rated and is ideal for applications where watertight connections are critical.

weipu connector

WF16 Female

Another member of the WF16 series round-panel receptacle has 2 to 9 female contacts and a zinc alloy housing. The WF16 series connectors have a 16mm diameter circular opening.

weipu connector WF16 (2)

WF16 Male Plug Connector

The WF16 series are high-end connectors mainly for the aviation industry.  INTE-AUTO offer 2 to 9 pins plug with a metal clamping nut is also used in industrial, marine, and automotive applications.

weipu connector WF16 (3)

WF16 Male Connector
with Dust Cap

This waterproof WF16 connector is rated IP67 and is available 2 to 9 pin cable mount socket with a dust cap. It is a bayonet coupling-type connector with a zinc alloy housing and brass contacts.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

SP21 Connectors- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

There are many militaries, medical, marine, communication, land and sea applications that require the transfer of current and data in harsh and rainy weather environments.

Therefore, you must need an efficient connector that can precisely and flawlessly complete the transmission process without any hurdles.

For your convenience, INTE-AUTO has manufactured SP21 Connectors that not only provide you with excellent transmission services but also are reliable and cost-effective.

If you need to learn more about these connectors, you should study the FAQ guide below:

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors are the latest technology-based instruments that connect two devices and precisely complete the data and current transmission process.

The plug and socket are two of their major external components having a plastic outer shell.

The wires in the cable are directly soldered with the plug, and a socket is used to mount the device panel.

These contacts are made with brass material and then gold-plated for maximum protection.

SP21 Connectors are the largest SP series connectors such that they can engage a cable having a diameter range between 4.5 mm to 12 mm.

They use an excellent bayonet threaded coupling system in order to tightly mate and un-mate the plug and socket.

Once these connectors are mated, the connection can never break by accidental disconnects until you un-mate the plug and socket.

You can get multipole configurations for INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors, and they are also available in different sizes and pin connections.

Figure 1 SP21 Connectors by INTE-AUTO

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors are made using the best quality manufactured components to complete your data and current transmission process in an efficient manner.

The details of these components are given below:

Plug Components:

  • Locking Nut
  • O-Ring
  • Insulator
  • Contacts
  • Out shell
  • Rubber Ring

Socket Components:

  • Out Shell
  • Insulator
  • Contacts
  • O-Ring
  • Nut

Figure 2 Components of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO SP21 Connector’s Components

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors can be easily applied to various applications due to the strong bayonet threaded coupling system in these connectors.

In order to learn the use process of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors, you should follow the steps below:

  • First of all, you must disassemble the plug, i.e., you should untighten the front and back locking nut and separate the central part of the plug.
  • Now remove the locking nut from the plug contact’s part.
  • Cut the cable using a razor and expose small inner wires.
  • Now cut the small wires to expose the internal conductor.
  • Pass the cable from the back locking nut and then from the plug’s central part.
  • Solder the small wire’s conductors with the plug contacts.
  • Now again, attach the front locking nut with the plug contact’s part.
  • Then tighten the plug contact’s part and front locking nut with the plug’s central part.
  • Tight the plug’s back locking nut by rotating it in the clockwise direction.

Now the plug is ready to be mated with the socket.

You should repeat the above steps in order to connect the socket with the cable or device.

  • Now insert the plug contacts carefully into the socket holes until they cannot go further.
  • At this stage, you should rotate the plug’s front locking nut in the clockwise direction in order to tighten the connection.

Now the connector is ready to transfer data and current.

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors can be used in the numerous applications whose details are given below:

  • You can use these connectors in the medical and surgical fields like dental equipment, ventilators, disposable devices, electrosurgical devices etc.
  • SP21 Connectors can be used in test and measurement instruments like geospatial data systems, weather sensors, GPS, hardness testers etc.
  • They can be used in the defense and military to transfer data and current like in military land and sea vehicles, aerospace, marine etc.
  • They can be applied in aviation industries where high pressure and forces can easily threaten the cabling.
  • You can use these connectors for all indoor and outdoor applications.
  • For security purposes, you can give power to security CCTV cameras using these connectors.
  • You can use these connectors to transfer data and current in different industrial machinery.
  • All the LED display lights can get an electrical power connection using these connectors.
  • Different connections in public transport can be made using SP21 Connectors.
  • You can use these connectors for solar energy inverters.
  • These connectors are also applied for commercial applications.
  • The automation industry can also benefit from using these connectors to transfer current in different parts of automobiles.

Yes, it is necessary to use dust caps in INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors.

The sockets have designed caps in order to achieve waterproof and dust proof facility.

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors are already protected from dust particles and water using double silicone rings installed into them.

Dust caps are installed to give extra protection to the connectors when you are not using them.

The dust caps can protect the contacts so that the contacts can have a longer lifetime, they never affect the rate of data and current transmission

Figure 3 Dust Cap for INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO SP21 Connector’s Dust Cap

As INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors are the largest connectors in the SP series so you can use cables that have large internal diameters.

These connectors have two styles, i.e., Style A and Style B, where you can use two different cable internal diameter ranges for these connectors.

For INTE-AUTO SP21 Connector’s style A, you can use cables with an internal diameter ranging from 4.5 mm to 7 mm.

Whereas, for style B, you can use cables with an internal diameter ranging between 7 mm to 12 mm.

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors are the strongest connectors because of the top-quality material used for their manufacturing.

They are manufactured by observing the latest technology applications so that they never stop working in challenging environments.

INTE-AUTO plated the contacts of these connectors with gold to increase their life.

You can quickly get a mating cycle of more than 500 for INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors.

This means that if you are mating the connector for the 500th time, you will get the same excellent results as you are mating them for the first time.

The INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors have mainly four models, which are given below:
  • Cable Connector Model: It has a model number GM 2110 and can be easily mated with GM 2111, GM 2112 and GM 2113 models.
  • In-Line Cable Connector Model: It has the model number GM 2111 and can be easily mated with GM 2110 model.
  • The Rear Mount Model: It has the model number GM 2112 and can be easily mated with GM 2110 model.
  • The 2-Hole Flange Model: It has the model number GM 2113 and can be easily mated with GM 2110 model.
Figure 4 Available Models of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Figure 4 Different Models of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Due to the large size of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors, they are applicable in numerous applications that range from everyday life to military and marine life.

To work efficiently in different fields and devices, these connectors must meet the connection criteria for all such devices where you will apply them.

Observing the above matter, INTE-AUTO has made different pin connections for their SP21 Connectors.

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 12 number of pin connections.

Figure 5 Pin Connections of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Figure 5 INTE-AUTO SP21 Connector’s Pin Connections

You can get enhanced benefits in your business and connections if you use INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors for your data and current transmission. The list of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors’ advantages is given below:
  • These connectors provide strong mating because of the excellent threading coupling system installed on the plug and socket.
  • The locking and unlocking are quite easy and quick.
  • You can get an ingress protection rating of IP68 that ensures you complete protection against dust particles and water.
  • You can use these connectors at a minimum temperature of – 25° C and a maximum temperature of + 85° C.
  • These connectors provide you with more than 500 mating cycles.
  • You can get an insulation resistance of 2000 MΩ.
  • These connectors are available in different sizes, pin connections, and straight and elbow configurations for different applications.
  • They are lightweight, reliable and affordable data and current transfer solutions.
  • They have dust caps in order to provide protection against dust particles and water when not in use.
  • These connectors are powerful, safe and rugged both for outdoor and indoor applications.
  • INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors are fire, rust and chemical resistant.
  • You can easily power tools and LED Displays or outdoor lights using these connectors.
  • Your data and current can be transferred uninterrupted and flawlessly.

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors are the safest and most reliable devices to transfer data and current flawlessly from one place to another.

The transferring data and current can never be interrupted by dust particles and water.

INTE-AUTO has installed double silicone rings that ensure complete protection of the transferring data and current from external environmental interferences.

You can get an ingress protection rating of IP68 from INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors.

Figure 6 IP Ratings for INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Figure 6 INTE-AUTO SP21 Connector’s IP Rating

Yes, INTE-AUTO exports its SP21 Connectors worldwide.

INTE-AUTO is considered the top connectors manufacturer in China and has a large customers group worldwide.

All of their customers always give them five-star review ratings for all of the products they have bought from them.

You can also import INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors by simply placing your order on the INTE-AUTO website.

Figure 7 Exporting of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Figure 7 Export INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors Worldwide

Placing an order for INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors is a very easy and quick task. You can place your SP21 Connector’s order by following the steps below:
  • You can visit their AliExpress store and fill up the requirement form if you need a small quantity of the product.
  • If you want to contact them using an email address, you can send all your queries to info@inte-auto.com or sales@inte-auto.com.
  • If you use WhatsApp or WeChat, you can send your queries at +8613430872295 or +8613420981319.
Figure 8 Placing Order for INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Figure 8 Place Order for INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

If you need a free sample of SP21 Connectors, you can easily get it from INTE-AUTO.

To satisfy customers and build customers’ trust, INTE-AUTO export free sample to all of their old and new customers.

You can place a large order after completing the free sample testing.

To get a free sample of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors, you should press the sample order tab on the INTE-AUTO website.

You must provide the required details and send your free sample order there.

Figure 9 Free Sample for INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Figure 9 INTE-AUTO SP21 Connector’s Free Sample

INTE-AUTO always uses top-quality and fast courier service in order to send your placed order to your address.

The delivery time also depends on the number of pieces you have ordered.

If you have ordered 200 pieces to 300 pieces, you can get SP21 Connectors within three to seven working days.

You will get your order for large orders, i.e., 500 pieces to 1000 pieces, within eight to fifteen working days.

Figure 10 Delivery Time for INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors

Figure 10 INTE-AUTO SP21 Connector’s Delivery Time

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connector Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

As an industry leader in connector technology, INTE-AUTO believes that our best achievement is customer happiness. When all our clients are happy, we know we have done our very best.

We do this by exceeding your expectations. INTE-AUTO doesn’t do random checks with our connectors, but we do 100% testing to ensure o% defects are shipped to you. We follow the highest standards in connector quality manufacturing with ISO9001 and proven by our certifications in RoHS, and CE.

INTE-AUTO uses precision manufacturing backed by years of engineering expertise. IP68 SP21 connectors have been tested for 100% liquid and dust resistance. They are anticipated to undergo rugged conditions including submerged, underground, high-altitude, moving, vibrating, high-temperature, or air-thin environments.

Even the cables used (if you request custom cable manufacturing or assembly) strictly adhere to rigorous testing before using. No matter what type of usage, our connectors provide maximum performance, ease of usage, and precise mating even with other brands’ connectors.

Our SP21 connectors are also highly customizable. INTE-AUTO’s technical team is at your disposal for any special modifications or new designs you might need. Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced, able to give you exactly what you need for your applications.

These are why INTE-AUTO has been trusted for many years. We have won important contracts locally and abroad in the fields of medicine, military, aviation, automotive, industrial, testing, communications, and consumer electronics. Because INTEAUTO sp21 connectors are reliable and cost-effective, we have sold thousands of different kinds of connectors all over the world.

And we never stop improving and introducing more compact, more durable, and more efficient designs. We have become a respected name in the market-saturated connector industry.

With every SP21 connector, we give you the best value for your money with unbeatable quality and prices.

Partner up with INTE-AUTO and see what your business can achieve with our quality connectors. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The readers can learn complete specifications, advantages, characteristics, components, and models using the FAQ guide article.

INTE-AUTO believes in their customer’s happiness.

When their customers are pleased and satisfied with their services, INTE-AUTO thinks they have given their best.

All of their products are exported with 0% defects as they are 100% tested before shipping to the customers.

The use of the best quality materials always boosts the life of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors.

INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors always give you the best value with unbeatable prices and quality.

They always get a five-star rating from their customers.

We have thousands of INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors in stock for shipment.

Besides INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors, we also manufacture circular connectors, push-pull connectors, miniature connectors, hybrid connectors, coaxial connectors, etc.

INTE-AUTO has military, industrial, automotive, communication, government, medical and commercial clients who are completely satisfied with our services and products.

So please do not wait to order the best quality INTE-AUTO SP21 Connectors from us!

You can place your order online by contacting our support team.

We accept clients’ messages 24 hours a day.

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