Circular Push Pull Self-Latching Connectors: B Series Straight Plug

INTE-AUTO offers B Series advanced, ergonomic, rugged, and reliable straight plug for applications needing quick and secure push-pull latching.
  • Secure push-pull self-latching system design
  • Multiple key options for aligned and exact mating
  • Keying system available (alpha=0/30/45/60/80/145/155 ).
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding
  • Multi-pole types 2 to 32 contacts
  • Supply size 00B, 0B, 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B series
  • Solder contact, PCB contacts (straight or elbow)
  • Crimp contact can be customized
  • High-density configurations for hassle-free mating even in tight spaces
INT-TGG.00Straight Plug00B series straight plug, cable collet, 1 key (alpha=0), 2, 3, 4, 5 pins, M7 size
INT-TGGStraight PlugB series cable mount straight plug, cable collet, 1 key,(alpha-0), two keys (alpha=30/45/60/80/145/155), M9/M12/M15/M18/M25 size
INT-TGG(Z)straight plugB series cable mount straight plug, cable collet, 1 key (alpha-0), two keys (alpha=30/45/60/80/145/155), M9/M12/M15/M18/M25 size, nut for fitting bend relief
INT-TNG(Z)straight plugB series straight plug, cable collet and lanyard release, nut for fitting bend relief, 1 key(alpha=0), M9/M12/M15/M18 size, 2 to 32 pins
INT-TVGstraight plug00B straight plug, short shell for bend relief, 2, 3, 4, 5 pins, M7 size
INT-TGG.00straight plug00B straight plug, 2, 3, 4, 5 pins for HD800 earphone
INT-TAGstraight plugB series fixed straight plug, non-latching, nut fixing, 0B/1B/2B/3B series, 2 to 32 pins

Circular Push Pull Self-Latching Connectors – B Series Straight Plug

INTE-AUTO is a circular push-pull self-latching connector manufacturer. We supply connectors for a variety of industries. Our unique value proposition is that we offer the best latching solution and the mission statement is to provide our customers with the highest quality connectors. INTE-AUTO products are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring that you receive a product you can trust.

INTE-AUTO is here to help you find the perfect solution. We have qualified and professional engineers who will work with each of our clients on their terms to achieve success as quickly as possible!

We’re here to help you find your way through these processes. We’ll guide and support you in every step, from designing a perfect product for what you want it to be.

INTE-AUTO B Series Straight Plug:

B series push-pull straight plug connectors are designed for indoor applications. They have a reliable connection through a self-latching system that is widely used in testing, medical, industrial, and measurement devices.

INTE-AUTO has a responsive technical team to provide you with support for your connector solution projects. Whether you provide the specifications for an original part of an existing brand connector,  you will get a quote within one workday.

INTE-AUTO has over 10 years of solid experience in manufacturing high-performance push-pull connectors that can replace your existing brands. Our products are the best choice in quality and cost.

The B series push-pull straight plug connectors provide a reliable connection with their self-latching system for indoor applications. This type of equipment is often found in testing and medical devices.

Type of Straight Plugs By INTE-AUTO

We have various types of plugs that will fit your needs. We have you covered whether you are looking for a standard plug or something more specialized.

B Series Straight Plug Size:

FGG 0B 1B 2B 3B straight plug size

FGG Straight plug size

  • INT-TGG.00

Our INT-TGG.00, this product features a cable collet, 1 key (alpha=0), and 2, 3, 4, and 5 pins. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a reliable and durable product that will get the job done.

00B straight plug is the perfect choice for your HD800 earphone needs. The durable construction and sleek design will give you years of trouble-free use.


The 0B to 4B series of INT-TGG is a cable mount straight plug perfect for all your cable management needs. This product features a cable collet, 1 key (alpha-0), two keys (alpha=30/45/60/80/145/155), and M9/M12/M15/M18/M25 size options to ensure a perfect fit for your cables. This product is also easy to install.

  • INT-TGG(Z)

The INT-TGG(Z) cable mount straight plug is high quality and durable product that is perfect for various applications. This product features a cable collet, 1 key (alpha-0), two keys (alpha=30/45/60/80/145/155), and a nut for fitting bend relief. This product is available in various sizes, including M9/M12/M15/M18/M25, to perfectly fit your needs.


INT-TEG is IP54 straight plug with a shell for bend relief. It has 2 to 26 pins. This product is perfect for people who want to easily connect their devices. The INT-TEG is durable and reliable, making it the perfect choice for those who need a dependable product. The INT-TEG is the perfect solution for your needs with its easy installation and use.

FNG 0B 1B straight plug size

  • INT-TNG(Z)

INT-TNG(Z) is a B series straight plug cable collet and lanyard release. It comes with a nut for fitting bend relief and 1 key(alpha=0). It is available in M9/M12/M15/M18 sizes. This product has 2 to 32 pins.

FAG plug size drawing


The INT-TAG is a fixed straight plug that is non-latching and has nut fixing. It is available in the 0B/1B/2B/3B/4B series and has 2 to 40 pins. This product is ideal for use in various applications, including commercial, industrial, and residential settings. It is made from high-quality materials and is designed to provide reliable performance. The INT-TAG is easy to install and is backed by a warranty.

B Series Straight Plug Part Section Showing Internal Components:

straight plugs

B Series Straight Plug Technical Characteristics:

Mechanical and Climatic:

B series straight plug technical characterstics



B Series Straight Plug Cable Collet:


XX is code for cable clamp size

00B Series Straight Plug Cable Collet Size:

00B cable collet size

0B Series Straight Plug Cable Collet Size:

0B cable collet size

1B Series Straight Plug Cable Collet Size:

1B plug cable collet size

2B Series Straight Plug Cable Collet Size:

2B plug cable collet size

3B Series Straight Plug Cable Collet Size:

3B plug cable collet size

Multiple Keys for B series Straight Plug:

Straight plug keying

straight plug keying system

B Series Straight Plug Insulator Configuration:

00B 1B series FGG EGG insulator configuration 1B 2B series FGG EGG insulator configuration 2B 3B series FGG EGG insulator configuration

INTE-AUTO Connector Part Number Example:

INTE-AUTO connector part number

INT-TGG.1B.306.CLAD62 =  1B 6 pins straight plug, G key (alpha=0), pearl chrome plated brass housing, PPS insulator, male soldering contact type, 6.0 mm cable collet, nut for fitting bend relief

INT-DHG.1B.306.CLLD62Z = 1B 6 pins free receptacle, G key (alpha=0), pearl chrome plated brass housing, PPS insulator, female soldering contact type, 6.0 mm cable collet, nut for fitting bend relief

INT-ZGG.1B.306.CLL = 1B 6 pins panel mounted socket, G key (alpha=0), pearl chrome plated brass housing, PPS insulator, female soldering contact type, nut fixed.

※NOTE: To order a model with cable collet and nut for fitting a bend relief, the letter “Z” is in the variant position.

How to Choose a Perfect and Reliable Straight Plug for Applications

If you are looking for a reliable straight plug, here are 10 things to take into consideration:

  1. Make sure that the company you buy from is reputable and has a good track record.
  2. Check to see if the product has been tested and certified by a third party.
  3. Choose a product that comes with a warranty.
  4. Make sure that the product is made from high-quality materials.
  5. Check to see if the product is easy to install and use.
  6. Make sure that the product is compatible with your existing equipment.
  7. Make sure that the product is made in accordance with all safety standards.
  8. Check to see if the company offers good customer service.
  9. Make sure that the product is priced competitively.

By considering these 10 things, you can be sure to find a reliable straight plug that meets your needs and requirements.

Reasons To Choose INTE-AUTO?

  1. We offer the best self-latching push pull connectors solution in the market.
  2. We supply push pull plugs, receptacles, and connectors for a variety of industries.
  3. All our products are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.
  4. We have qualified and professional engineers that will work with each client on their terms.
  5. We offer support and guidance through every step of the process.
  6. Our products are easy to install and use.
  7. We offer a warranty on all our products.
  8. We have a wide range of products to choose from.
  9. We offer competitive prices on all our products.
  10. We are a trusted and reliable supplier of latching products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Push-Pull Connectors: What Are They?

  • Push-pull connectors, also known as quick connect and disconnects, are essential for many industries. These versatile connectors are used to connect and disconnect two objects quickly and easily, without tools or fasteners. Moreover, they can be used in various applications, including medical devices, automotive systems, and industrial machinery.
  • There are two main push-pull connectors: those with latching mechanisms and those without. Latching mechanisms help to prevent accidental disconnection, while non-latching models offer a more secure connection.

Bend Relief in Push-Pull Connectors: What Does It Do?

  1. The function of Bend Relief in Push-Pull Connectors is to provide a protection to the cable. The bend relief provides a natural bend that relieves stress on the cable, eliminating the potential for kinks or breaks. The path also helps to protect the electrical connections from damage caused by bending or twisting.
  2. In addition, the Bend Relief feature can help reduce wear and tear on the connector itself, prolonging its life and preventing damage to the equipment it is connected to. As a result, Bend Relief is an essential feature of Push Pull Connectors and one that should be taken into consideration when choosing a connector for an application.

Where Can Push Pull Connectors Be Used?

  • Push-pull connectors are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and military. They are also frequently used in medical and consumer electronics applications.
  • Push-pull connectors are most often used in applications where a high degree of reliability is required, such as in automotive or military applications. They are also often used in applications where a very tight connection is needed, such as in medical applications. There are many different push-pull connectors available on the market, each designed for a specific application.

How Should a Push-Pull Connector Be Used?

You must link the wire to the male plug’s insulator and the panel-mounted female connector/receptacle to use a push-pull connector. You must pass the cable from the bend relief, collet nut, and collet to do this. After soldering the cable to the insulator’s contacts, insert the insulator and split the insert carrier into the Push-pull connector’s outer shell.

Depending on your device layout, you should solder or use PCB contacts to install the receptacle on the device panel. Crimp connections are another option for a customized solution.

At this point, the plug should be carefully inserted into the receptacle to lock the connection using a self-latching mechanism included in the device. When you insert the plug into the receptacles, the inside sleeve latches retract. They then slide smoothly within the locking/mating receptacle until they reach a groove with the same profile as the latches.

And there you have it! Using a push-pull connector is quick and easy, saving you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

What do the Latches in Push-Pull Connectors mean?

Most people are familiar with the push-pull connectors used on electronic measures, medical devices etc. So, what exactly is latched, and how do they work? Essentially, latches are locking mechanisms that keep the two halves of a connector securely fastened together.

When the halves are pushed together, the latch is engaged and prevents them from being pulled apart. A user simply needs to press the release button to release the latch.

What does “Mating” in the context of push-pull connections mean?

Mating in push-pull connectors refers to connecting two pieces of equipment or devices. This can be done physically, electrically, or magnetically. For two devices to be properly mated, they must be compatible in size, shape, and function.

Two different types of connectors will not be able to mate with each other. This is why it is important to pay attention to the connector you are using when making a connection. Once two devices are mated, they can then communicate and transfer data or power between them. Mating is an important process in many industries, and it must be done correctly to avoid damage to the devices or equipment involved.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Push-Pull Connector?

There are many benefits to using push-pull connectors. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  1. They are easy to use and require no special tools or skills to connect.
  2. They are very versatile and can be used in various applications.
  3. They are very strong and durable and can withstand many wears and tear.
  4. They are resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors.
  5. They provide a good electrical connection and are ideal for high-voltage applications.
  6. They are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can find one that is perfect for your needs.
  7. They are relatively inexpensive, making them a great value.
  8. They come with various features, such as release buttons and locking mechanisms, that make them even more user-friendly.
  9. They are easy to customize and can be ordered with specific features or colors to match your needs.
  10. They have a long lifespan and can be used for many years without needing replacement.
  11. They are recyclable, so you can feel good about using them, knowing they won’t result in landfills.
  12. They are made from high-quality materials that are built to last.
  13. They are available from various sources, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Is it Safe to Use Push-Pull Connectors?

Yes, push-pull connectors are safe to use. They are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. They are also corrosion-resistant, so you can use them in even the most demanding environments. Additionally, they come with various features, such as release buttons and locking mechanisms, that make them even more user-friendly.

What are the Protection Measures Needed To Be Taken While Using Push-Pull Connector?

The push-pull connector is commonly used in many industrial applications, as it can create a strong connection that is resistant to vibration and shock. However, before using a push-pull connector, it is important to understand the safety requirements:

1. The connector must be properly sized for the materials being used.

2. The connector must be installed using the correct tools and techniques.

3. The user must have a firm understanding of how to operate the device.

By following these simple safety requirements, users can help to ensure that the push-pull connector is used correctly and safely.

Is it Required to Inspect Your Push-Pull Connector frequently?

No, it is not necessary to inspect your push-pull connector regularly if you are using a reputed company connector like INTE-Auto. However, it is good to check the device periodically to ensure that it is functioning properly. If you notice any damage or wear, it is important to replace the connector immediately. Additionally, if you are using the connector in a high-voltage application, it is important to have the device regularly tested by a qualified electrician.


INTE-AUTO is a trusted source for high-quality push pull connectors. With various products available, we have the perfect solution for your needs. There are many things to consider when choosing a push-pull connector, including the type of connector (latching or non-latching), the material it is made from, the size and shape of the connector, and the Bend Relief feature.

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