INTE-AUTO Hybrid Push Pull Self-locking Connectors, LV contacts and Fluidic, LV contacts and Coaxial

Get 2 to 3 times power and function in one single push pull connector with INTE-AUTO’s Hybrid Connectors. This video shows how we simplify simultaneous functions with our multi-function push pull connectors. There are so many combinations to choose from.

2C Series connector--INTEAUTO

INTE-AUTO's 2C series connectors are a line of high-performance, precision-engineered connectors that are widely recognized for their exceptional quality and reliability, are specifically tailored for use in demanding environments.

C Series connector--INTEAUTO

INTE-AUTO's C Series connectors stand out for their innovation, reliability, and versatility. They're the perfect choice for situations where high-performance connections are essential.

Dust Cap For INTE-AUTO Connectors

Dust caps for INTE-AUTO connectors are essential accessories designed to protect connectors when they are not in use.

E Series Connector--INTEAUTO

The E Series Connectors are durability and efficiency in outdoor connection technology, these connectors are an ideal choice for applications where exposure to harsh environments is a given.

U Series Connectors--INTEAUTO

INTE-AUTO's U Series connectors are the ultimate solution for anyone needing ultra-reliable connections in harsh environments. Choose INTE-AUTO's U Series for peace of mind in the toughest situations.

W Series Connectors--INTEAUTO

The W Series from INTE-AUTO are the perfect choice for industries, it is suitable for high pressure and harsh conditions, offering reliability, versatility, and robustness in the most challenging situations.

Y Series Connector--INTEAUTO

INTEAUTO Y Series connectors are engineered for extreme reliability and durability, making them ideal for demanding industrial applications.

2C Series Plug Assembly Instruction--INTEAUTO

INTE-AUTO 2C Series Push Pull Connectors are shorter than the average electrical connector. This allows you to be more practical in limited spaces where the same high-precision connections are necessary. Find out here how to assemble them.

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