Cable Soldering Assembly

With INTE-AUTO’s cable soldering solutions, you won’t have to look anywhere else for connector-cable assembly. We have skilled technicians to provide excellent services using your choice of cable and connector models.

B Series Plug Assembly Instruction--INTEAUTO

INTE-AUTO B Series Plugs are easy to assemble and use. Here, we have detailed instructions on how to identify and combine parts so you can take advantage of these remarkable push pull connectors.

F Series Plug Assembly Instructions--INTEAUTO

F Series Plugs by INTE-AUTO are circular connectors with the secure push pull latching system. These cable mount and right angle plugs are widely known for their ease of use, toughness, and signal integrity. We show you in this video how easy it is to assemble them.

C Series Plug Assembly Instructions--INTEAUTO

Nothing goes in, nothing goes out. INTE-AUTO C Series Plugs are airtight and rugged to ensure safe connections that last. They’re user-friendly and easy to assemble. Find out for yourself when you watch this video.

F Series Right Angle Plug Assembly Instructions--INTEAUTO

Cables are easier to maintain when you use INTE-AUTO F Series Right Angle Plugs for tight corners. These push pull connectors organize cables better with their 90-degree angle while reducing strain and wear. Look at how easy it is to assemble them.

K Series Right Angle Plug Assembly Instructions--INTEAUTO

Some application designs require both waterproof capability and a clean profile. This is where INTE-AUTO K Series Right Angle Plugs can help. Take advantage of their IP68 rating and 90-degree design. How to assemble? Watch.

B Series Right Angle Plug Assembly Instructions--INTEAUTO

The B Series Right Angle Plugs are practical to use in spaces where a straight connector might not fit. The 90-degree connector angle allows for reduced stress on cables, especially on corners. Watch the video to see how these are assembled.

K Series Plug Assembly Instructions--INTEAUTO

INTE-AUTO Watertight Connectors can withstand the harshest outdoor elements, yet they’re easy to assemble. Watch how to put together these parts into one formidable sealed connector.

S Series Plug Assembly Instructions--INTEAUTO

INTE-AUTO S Series Plugs feature the stepped insert design for perfect alignment with every mating. No more worries about blind mating, lack of space, or equipment damage. Assembly of these half-moon push pull connectors is a breeze.

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