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IP68 Waterproof Aviation Connectors

Reliable High-Performance Male and Female Connectors by INTE-AUTO

Outstanding Waterproof Aviation Connectors

Rugged and hardworking, waterproof connectors allow you to utilize important equipment even in extreme weather conditions. The IP68 rating is a guarantee that no solid or liquid particle will ever contaminate your connection. Even in the aviation industry where high forces and pressures may threaten your cabling, our connectors deliver top performance.

While other brands only have plastic watertight models, INTE-AUTO has both quality nylon PA66 and brass metal waterproof aviation connectors. We have different keying systems, sizes, pin counts, and straight or elbow configurations.

We have what you need right here at our company.

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WY28 waterproof aviation connector

WY28 Waterproof Aviation Connector

The INT13-WY28J26ZG and WY28K26TE pair is a guaranteed watertight waterproof aviation connector that protects critical connections. As such, it is used widely for military equipment. 

IP68 waterproof aviation connector

IP68 Waterproof Aviation Connector

An IP68 rating for a plastic waterproof aviation connector means that it can be provided secure and reliable connections in harsh environments.. The wp20 series definitely delivers with its waterproof threaded coupling system and dust cap.

WP20 waterproof aviation connector

WP20 Waterproof Aviation Connector

The  INT13-WP2010/P4 INT13-WP2010 from the WP Series fulfills your need for a durable, dust-proof, and waterproof aviation connector. This connector has a bayonet coupling-type mating system and a nylon AP66 and zinc alloy outer shell.

SP21 male female waterproof aviation connector

SP21 Waterproof Aviation Connector

This SP21 replacement waterproof aviation connector is a cable wire plug and socket with an IP68 rating. The part number is INT-GM2110 and GM2113, where both plug and socket can come in either male or female contacts. The pair has a threaded coupling system.

SP17 Waterproof Aviation Connector

This plug and socket pair is the SP17 series plastic waterproof aviation connector with quick mating and dust caps. Pin counts can either be 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9. The panel cutout is 17mm. The pair has a cable inline connection.

Cable Inline Aviation Connector

These are compatible with SP13, SP17, SP21 waterproof aviation connectors. They are available 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 12 pins, threaded coupling type device. You can choose from in-line cable to cable or panel mount configurations.

Get Your Waterproof Aviation Connector Now

Dependable Waterproof Aviation Connector Technology from INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO products stand out because they can be trusted. These connectors’ functionality and durability match that of the most famous brands in the market today. They are made from highly trusted materials such as PA66 Nylon or chrome-plated brass. Engineering is precise, with all designs easy replacements for other brands.

You will find our waterproofing technology quality-certified and sound. Through our IP68 waterproof aviation connectors, your devices are protected from dust and high water pressure.

But we don’t stop with top quality. Our waterproof aviation connectors are some of the most affordable in the market with cost-effective prices. We even provide custom cable manufacturing, overmolding, and assembly to your specific request. All these give you a clear advantage over your competition.

If you want to have both high quality and big savings, look to INTE-AUTO. Truly, we are the best supplier for smart customer. Try a free sample and prove it for yourself.

Related Waterproof Connectors

Waterproof low voltage cable connector FGG EGG 1K

Waterproof Low Voltage Cable Connector

The INT-TGG ZGG offers an IP66 to IP68 dust and liquid protection. This is an alternative K series waterproof connector, the K series connectors can have a maximum configuration of 30 pins. It also has the advantage of the push-pull mating system.

Male Female Waterproof Connectors FGG EEG 0K 1K 2K 3K

Male Female Waterproof Connectors

The INT-TGG ZEG are from the K Series, TGG is a straight plug with a cable collet and a nut for fitting a bend relief. ZEG is a fixed receptacle with fixed nut. All INTE-AUTO waterproof connectors are designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments.

ip68 waterproof connectors EEG socket with elbow contacts

IP68 Waterproof Connectors

Our metal waterproof connectors provide uninterrupted and dependable data and power transfer even in wet environments. They feature IP68 and safe connection,  O-ring seals that prevent solid or liquid particles from contaminating the contacts.

Circular Waterproof Connectors right angle plug panel mount socket

Circular Waterproof Connectors

Aside from straight plugs, we also have right-angle waterproof connectors such as this THG 0k 1k 2k 3k. It is a sealed multi-pole socket with a push-pull self-latching mating system. It comes with multiple key configurations for hassle-free blind mating.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

Waterproof Aviation Connectors- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Sometimes you need to transfer data and power with excellent accuracy and precision in LED panel screens, marine equipment, medical devices, etc.

In that case, you should adopt a connector that is not only protected from liquids and dust but is also a cost-effective solution for your applications.

INTE-AUTO is a leading connector manufacturer in China whose Waterproof Aviation Connectors are cherished with all the abilities mentioned above.

With the help of this FAQ guide, you can get knowledge about our Waterproof Aviation Connectors in a detailed manner.

INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors serve as a bridge between two devices in order to transfer current, data, or power flawlessly.

They mainly consist of two parts named a socket and a plug.

An excellent bayonet threaded coupling system has been designed on both the plug and socket for their perfect mating.

They have gold-plated contacts for long-lasting results.

INTE-AUTO provides you with both quality brass metal and nylon PA66 Waterproof Aviation Connectors.

They can be applied in the aviation industry, medical industry, and everyday life applications to transfer data, current, and power with excellent precision rates.

Double silicone rings have been installed at their opening to prevent them from particulate entry or water when they are mated or covered using a dust cap.

These connectors are available in different sizes, pin connections, keying systems, an elbow or straight configurations.

Figure 1 Waterproof Aviation Connectors of INTE-AUTO

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors

INTE-AUTO manufactures three types of Waterproof Aviation Connectors according to the SP Series, and each type has different models whose details are given below:

  1. SP13 Series Waterproof Aviation Connector with models:
  • Cable Connector having model number GM 1310
  • In-line cable connector having model number GM 1311
  • The rear mount has model number GM 1312
  1. SP17 Series Waterproof Aviation Connector with models:
  • Cable Connector having model number GM 1710
  • In-line cable connector having model number GM 1711
  • Rear mount having model number GM 1712
  • 2-Hole Flange having model number GM 1713
  1. SP21 Series Waterproof Aviation Connector with models:
  • Cable Connector having model number GM 2111
  • In-line cable connector having model number GM 2112
  • Rear mount having model number GM 2112
  • 2-Hole Flange having model number GM 2113

Figure 2 Available Models of INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors

Figure 2 Different Models of INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors

If you need underwater connections or connections in highly harsh weather environments, then INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors are the best choice.

INTE-AUTO uses double silicone rings in these connectors to protect them from water and dust.

You can get an excellent ingress protection rating of 68 from INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors.

IP degree

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connector’s IP Rating


INTE-AUTO adopts excellent quality raw materials for the manufacturing of their products.

The use of good quality material always increases the life of every product.

The Waterproof Aviation Connector’s contacts are made with brass and then gold-plated for excellent efficiency.

You can mate these connectors more than 500 times and get the same excellent results at each mating.

Figure 4 Mating Capacity of INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors

Figure 4 INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connector’s Mating Capacity

INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors have numerous applications in different fields whose details are given below:

  • Aviation industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Military Equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Commercial applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Marine equipment
  • Automotive
  • Instrumentation
  • Process control
  • Outdoor commercial LED display lights
  • Outdoor CCTV cameras
  • Solar energy inverters
  • Military batteries
  • Communication equipment
  • Testing devices
  • Scooters
  • Land or sea vehicles
  • Public transport


INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors have the following specifications:

  • Mating Capacity: more than 500 times
  • Mating Method: Threaded Coupling
  • Termination: Solder
  • Cable Outer Diameter:
  • Model GM-13: Style A (4 mm to 6.5 mm) and Style B (5 mm to 8 mm)
  • Model GM-17: 7 mm to 10 mm
  • Model GM-21: Style A (4.5 mm to 7 mm) and Style B (7 mm to 12 mm)
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP68
  • Temperature Range: -25℃ to +85℃
  • Insulation Resistance: 2000MΩ
  • Number of Contacts:
  • Model GM-13: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9
  • Model GM-17: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9
  • Model GM-21: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 12

INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors have the following benefits:

  • The bayonet threaded coupling system provides you with strong mating between plug and socket.
  • The IP68 ratings provide you with excellent resistance from water and dust particles.
  • The dust cap provides safety from dust when the connectors are not used.
  • You can quickly lock and unlock these connectors without any loss of time.
  • For different applications, these connectors are available in various pin connections, sizes, keying systems, and elbow or straight configurations.
  • The gold-plated contacts give you a mating cycle of more than 500 times.
  • You can use any cable with a diameter ranging between 4 mm to 12 mm.
  • These connectors are rugged, safe, and powerful for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • These connectors are 100% tested before transportation to the customers.
  • They are lightweight and provide you with reliable connections.
  • You can get an uninterrupted flow of current and data.
  • These connectors are rust, fire and chemical resistant.
  • They are workable in an environment having a temperature range of -25 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius.
  • You can use these connectors to power different tools and outdoor lights.
  • They are a cost-effective solution for power and current transmission.

As INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors can be applied to many different fields, they are manufactured with various pin connections to fulfill your needs.

The different series of these connectors have various available pin connections whose details are given below:

  • SP – 13 Series: Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 pin connections
  • SP – 17 Series: Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 pin connections
  • SP – 21 Series: Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 12 pin connections

INTE-AUTO always take care of their customer’s business and build their trust.

They always use top-quality material to manufacture their Waterproof Aviation Connectors.

The material used for its different parts is given below:

  • Outer Shell: Polyamide 66 (PA66) or Nylon 66 or Zinc alloy or Chrome-plated brass
  • Contacts: brass plated with gold
  • Seal Rings: Silicone
  • Insert Material: Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

Figure 5 Manufacturing of INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors

Figure 5 INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connector’s Manufacturing

Yes, INTE-AUTO being the leading connector manufacturer in China, always provide free samples of their Waterproof Aviation Connectors to satisfy their customers.

You can always order a free sample of each of their product before placing a large order.

The free sample can be shipped out within three working days.

To order a free sample, you need to contact the INTE-AUTO support team by pressing the ‘Contact us’ tab on their website.

To provide excellent delivery services to their customers, INTE-AUTO always adopts the best courier services.

They provide the fastest delivery from all other connector manufacturers.

Small orders can be shipped outithin three to seven working days after your order placement.

If you need bulk Waterproof Aviation Connectors, you can get your order within seven to thirteen working days after placing your order.

Figure 11 INTE-AUTO Right-Angle Connector's Delivery Time

Figure 6 INTE-AUTO waterproof Aviation Connector’s Delivery

The above FAQ guide is to transfer complete knowledge about INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors to the readers.

In a short time, INTE-AUTO has been considered the top ten connector manufacturer in China because they believe in continuous improvement and excellent customer support.

They always get a five-star rating from their customers.

We have thousands of Waterproof Aviation Connectors in stock for shipment.

The use of the best quality materials always boosts the life of INTE-AUTO Waterproof Aviation Connectors.

Besides Waterproof Aviation Connectors, we also manufacture circular connectors, push pull connectors, miniature connectors, hybrid connectors, coaxial connectors and many more.

INTE-AUTO has military, industrial, automotive, communication, government, medical and commercial clients who are completely satisfied with our services and products.

Discover the Best Connectors from INTE-AUTO Technologies

In only a short time, INTE-AUTO is becoming a worldwide presence in the field of connector manufacturing. We have done this because we believe in continuous improvement and good customer service.

The proof is in the number of our repeat customers and five-star reviews.

We treat our clients right by giving them great products at great prices. More than that, our knowledgeable engineers listen and understand their specific needs to provide the right product with the correct cable assembly.

Do you need metal connectors? How about push pull circular connectors? Are you in search of durable medical or military-grade connectors? Do you want the latest in waterproof connector technology? We have it all right here.

Talk to our customer representative now and find great quality waterproof aviation connectors and much more. We are glad to be of service!

So please do not wait to order the best quality Waterproof Aviation Connectors from us!

You can place your order online by contacting our support team.

We accept clients’ messages 24 hours a day.

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