Precise Waterproof Connector with Push Pull Self-latching Systmer

Advanced Military-Grade IP68 Sealed Connectors

Rugged K Series Waterproof Connectors with Alignment Key

INTE-AUTO is a leading push pull hybrid connector manufacturer in China. We offer you the latest in connector technology – the Hybrid Connector with multifunctional interface.

INTE-AUTO simplifies electrical, signal, and fluidic connectivity into one practical and space-saving product.

Our B and K Series Hybrid Connectors with low voltage contacts mixed coaxial or fluidic contacts provide a high integration of data, signal, fluid, and current transmission all in one circular hybrid connector design.

This is the perfect cost-effective solution to integrate connections. It also fits small spaces where you might otherwise need multiple connectors.

waterproof connector
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Cable Waterproof Connector FGG.0K 1K 2K 3K

Waterproof Connector Plug-K series

INT-TG* is a straight cable push pull plug with multi key (G), cable collet, and a nut with a cable strain relief fitting. It is available in 0K, 1K, 2K, and 3K sizes.

Cable Waterproof Connector FGG.0K 1K 2K 3K

Cable Waterproof Connector-K series

INT-TG* is an IP68 male push pull plug with key(G), cable collet,  from 1 to 32 pins, push pull self-latching.

IP68 Female Waterproof Connector PHG.0K 1K 2K 3K

IP68 Female Waterproof Connector

INT-DHG is a watertight type free cable socket, with a G key, cable collet, IP68 degree, 1 to 32 core, fast shipping.

Cable Mount Waterproof Connector PHG.0K 1K 2K 3K

Cable Mount Waterproof Connector

INT-DHG is a cable mount receptacle, watertight IP68 degree, and variant nut for cable bend relief fitting.

Female Waterproof Connector Receptacle EEG.0K 1K 2K

Female Waterproof Connector Receptacle

INT-ZE* is a female cylindrical multi-contact waterproof receptacle connector, key (G) for blind mating.

IP68 Panel Mount Waterproof Connectors

IP68 Panel Mount Waterproof Connectors

INT-ZG* is a waterproof female push pull fixed socket, nut fixing, key(G, A, B…), PPS insulator with PCB contacts

Female Waterproof Connector with Elbow Contacts EEG.0K 1K 2K

Female Waterproof Connector with Elbow Contacts

INT-ZEG(CLV) is a female back panel mount receptacle, right angle PCB contacts, keying system for alignment.

Coaxial Waterproof Connector ERA.1E

Coaxial Waterproof Connector

You will find a coaxial waterproof connector from INTE-AUTO, unipole contacts, front panel mounting, IP68 degree.

Female Circular Waterproof Connectors

Female Circular Waterproof Connectors

INT-ZG* is a front panel mounted fixed receptacle, with Key (G, A, B…), soldering contacts available.

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Looking for a Waterproof Connector Solution?

INTE-AUTO’s K series waterproof connectors provide perfect performance. They have a rugged, reliable, sealed, lightweight, and compact connection system.

The high quality of the K Series waterproof products is a result of 10 years of continuous research and manufacturing experience. These connectors are available in 4 sizes and 1 to 32 multi-pins. We have over 600 standard circular waterproof varieties for different applications.

K series waterproof connectors are IP68-rated, allowing your devices to submerge deeper in water and for longer periods of time. They are trusted by top-grade military, medical, testing, automotive, and instrumentation customers worldwide.

Contact the INTE-AUTO team and send your detailed waterproof connector requirements now!

Miniature Waterproof Connectors

miniature waterproof connector

T Series Miniature Waterproof Connector

INT-AUTO T series is a smaller diameter waterproof connectors, male type, push pull locking connection, cable collet.

FGG mini waterproof connector

T Series Waterproof Connector Plug

The T Series waterproof connector is IP68 rated and is an ideal connector for outdoor applications. It has a cable collet and nut for cable bend relief fitting.

IP68 Female Waterproof Connector HEG 0T 1T

IP68 Female Waterproof Connector

INT-MEG is a minimum size waterproof connector receptacle, same original push pull connection system,  2 to 16 pins.

T Series Elbow Waterproof Connector

T Series Elbow Waterproof Connector

INT-THG is a 90-degree male elbow waterproof connector,  full EMC shielded, IP68 rated.

Manufacturing and Technical Details


Most frequent questions and answers

The K Series Push Pull Waterproof connectors are heavy-duty and outdoor-rated electrical connectors that are able to provide you a very strong push pull connection between male plug and female receptacle.

K Series Push Pull Waterproof connectors consist of a male plug and female receptacle connected together with a powerful self-latching system that can be released only by making a small force on the outer release sleeve backward.

You can easily solder the end of one wire with the male plug’s insulator and the end of the other wire with the female receptacle.

After that, they can be connected by a simple push of the plug contacts into the receptacle.

This strong and efficient connection prevents every accidental disconnect.

waterproof connector

Figure 1 K Series Push Pull Waterproof connector

Every K Series Waterproof connector manufacturer has its own terms and conditions for testing samples for their customers.

You have to search on the web for different K Series Push Pull Waterproof connector manufacturers that can provide you a free testing sample of their products.

However, you can contact the Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD in China that can provide you a free sample of K Series Push Pull Waterproof connectors.

You can get a sample of the connector within one to three days when INTE-AUTO has received your sample request.

waterproof connector

Figure 2 K Series Push Pull Waterproof connector sample

The K Series Waterproof connectors are very easy to operate. You must follow the steps below:

  • First of all, the wire should be solder with the insulator’s contacts of the plug.
  • The split insert carrier, along with the insulator, is then inserted into the plug’s outer shell.
  • The female socket / receptacle should then be mounted on the panel of the device either through PCB contacts or by soldering. The choice depends on the design of your device.
  • As a customized solution, you can also utilize crimp connections.
  • Now you have to insert the male plug inside the female socket / receptacle.
  • K Series Waterproof connectors have a very strong and powerful self-latching system to lock the connection between receptacle and plug.
  • When you insert the plug into the receptacle, the sleeve latching system inside the plug retracts.
  • The arrow type end of the latches slides inside the surface of the receptacle smoothly as far as it reaches an area that has the same shape as that of the latches end.
  • At this stage, you have closed the circuit, i.e., your data, current, or signals are now starts transferring between the plug wire and the receptacle panel.
  • When the plug and receptacle are mated, they cannot be unmated because of the self-latching system designed in them.
    So for removing the locked connection, you should softly push back the K Series Waterproof connector’s outer release shell.
    When you push back the outer release shell, the latches in the plug retract, and the arrow type end of the latches removes from the receptacle.
    That allows you to easily disconnect the plug and receptacle.


When K Series Waterproof connectors are mated, a strong bond / connection exists due to a self-latching system designed between plug and receptacle.

The connection never breaks by stretching the cable from both sides or pulling any other connector component.

This strong connection can only release / unmated if you push the outer release shell of the plug backward.

By pushing the outer release shell backward, the latches in the plug retract, and its arrow type end removes from the receptacle, allowing you to disconnect the plug and receptacle easily.

waterproof connector

Figure 3 K Series Waterproof Connector’s Latches

The K Series Waterproof connectors are made up of metal like brass that can have very high mating capabilities.

You will get around 5000 mating cycles to 6000 mating cycles per piece.

Waterproof Connectors Mating Capacity Testing

Figure 4 K Series Waterproof Connectors Mating Capacity

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