14 Pins Circular Connector for 3D Printer

Dec 15, 2018

If you require easy-to-use advanced connectors, choose INTE-AUTO metal circular push pull connectors.

The customer required a circular connector to connect printheads directly to their printers to allow easy disconnection during maintenance or printhead type changes. It is intended to work nonstop 24/7 and might heat up to about 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The main requirements were:
1. 6 cores carrying 2A current, 3 cores positive, 3 cores negative.
2. The rest 8 cores used for data transfer.

We recommended our 2B Series M15 size with 14 pins and push pull self-locking system connector. It helped solve the issue of heat, easy connectivity, plus cost.

INTE-AUTO designs, manufactures, and distributes high-performance push pull connectors and cable assembly solutions. Known for their quality and ruggedness, our products prove reliable in the most demanding environments. With INTE-AUTO, high costs and long lead times are never problems.

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