Circular Self-Latching Connectors: B Series Panel Mount Socket

INTE-AUTO supplies a range of B series push pull panel mount sockets with an IP50 degree designed for indoor or vacuum-tight applications, making them an ideal choice for testing and measurement instrumentation.

🔹 Small Blue Diamond Emoji Quick push pull locking connection.
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiMulti-type keys code ( beta= 0/30/45/60/80/145/155)
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiFront Panel Mounted or Back Panel Mounted
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiFull EMC shielding
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiHigh-density configurations of 2 to 32 contacts
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiSize 00B, 0B, 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B series
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiSolder contacts for soldering cable
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiStraight PCB contacts and elbow PCB contacts available
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiCrimp contact available
🔹 Small Blue Diamond EmojiSpace-saving design

Mated with Male Connectors

FGG.0B 1b 2b 3b connector


FGG.0B 1b 2b 3b connector


FNG.0B 1b 2b 3b connector

INT-TNG (Lanyard release)

FHG.0B 1b 2b 3b connector

INT-THG (Right Angle)

FHG.0B 1b 2b 3b connector

INT-THG(Z) (Bend)

FAG.0B 1b 2b 3b connector

INT-TAG (Non-Latching)

FVG 00 male connector


hd800 earphone connector



INT-BFG (For Plug)

socket caps

INT-BRE (For Receptacle)

lemo dust cap

INT-BRE (For Receptacle)

socket plastic caps

INT-PRE (0B Size Plastic)

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