Core Series Circular Connectors
for the Military and Test Industry

High-Performance Circular Connectors are Widely Used in the Various Range of Applications.

Advanced Circular Connectors Solution

INTE-AUTO has been designing and producing circular connectors since 2013.

To meet the highest core series circular connector quality standard, all of our circular connector parts are made of brass, processed by precision CNC machines, contacts plated gold and outfitted with a luxurious shell pearl or black chrome plated.

You have multiple circular connectors out shell size choices from 102, 103, 1031, 104, and 105 series with a range of 2 to 37 pins. The quality of our circular connectors is attested by different industry certifying bodies as well as the many positive reviews by our customers.

fischer circular connector plug 102 103 104 105

Male Circular Connector

INT-S is a male circular connector type with 2 to 37 pins and outshell sizes from our 102 to 105 series.

fischer circular connector plug

SC type Circular Connector

INT-SC is a self-latching male plug circular connector with a half-shell key design and a nut for cable bend relief.

Fischer Straight circular plug connector S102 103 1031 104 105

Male Plug with Black Chrome

INTE-AUTO, not only offers pearl chrome-plated connectors but also supplies black chrome-plated connectors. A customized solution is available here.

circular connector female contacts

Circular Plug with Female Contacts

The INT-S type plug fits female contacts precisely for accuracy no matter your required application. The INTE-AUTO team provides you full technical support with a fast lead time.

circular connector plug with female contacts

Male Connector with Female Contacts

INT-SC is a circular connector plug type with female contacts, and a protective nut for cable strain relief design.

male overmolded circular connectors

Pearl Chrome Overmolded Circular Connector

INT-SS type is an over-molded circular connector with a pearl chrome-plated out shell and gold-plated contacts.

overmolded circular connector black chrome

Black Chrome Overmolded Circular Connector

INT-SS is a precision male circular connector processed through over-mold injection and is widely used for military equipment.

Fischer 90 degree plug WSO102 103 104 105 pearl chrome

Pearl Chrome Right Angle Circular Connector

INT-WSO is a right angle male cable connector with a stand nut, pearl chrome plated, available size from 102 series to 105 series.

fischer right angle WSO plug black chrome

90-degree Circular Plug with Black Chrome

INTE-AUTO helps customers to make black chrome plugs, it could be compatible with WSO102, 103, 104, 105 series connectors well.

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High End Circular Connector with Half-Shell Code Design

The Core/F Series are precision connectors that have undergone strict quality inspection and scientific management. These are smart circular connectors made by INTE-AUTO, a leading manufacturer in China.

The Core series circular connector is typically used for high-precision wind power sensors, robots, industrial design products, and military equipment.

Since the company won the government contract to supply circular connectors for the Chinese army, INTE-AUTO has stepped up their inspection by setting up a professional state-designated product testing laboratory where each connector must pass rigorous military standards and tests.

This has resulted in the safest circular connectors applicable even for your project. It has a push pull self-latching system design with a half-shell code to prevent mismatching.

Throughout the years, INTE-AUTO has continuously developed and refined our production process and management approach. Make INTE-AUTO your premier supplier and watch your business soar.

Female Circular Connectors

front panel mount circular connectors

D type Female Circular Connectors

INT-D is a fixed receptacle in circular connector ranges. It can be mounted on the panel. Multi pins from 2 to 37 pins

back panel mount circular connector types

Rear Panel Mount Circular Connector

INT-DBP is a rear panel mount female circular connectors, black chrome plated for military application.

IP68 panel mount circular connector DEE type

Back Panel Mount Circular Connector

INT-DEE has type “A” standard polarity to avoid mismatching. Size from 102 to 104 series are in stock.

cable mount circular connector K type

Cable Mount Circular Connector

INT-K(Z) is a cable-mounted female circular connector in the Core Series, with a nut fit for cable bend relief.

cable mount circular connector female

Female Cable Circular Connector

INT-K is a female cable circular connector, also called “free receptacle” and “cable mount receptacle”.

dust cap for fischer circular connector

Dust Cap for Male Circular Connector

Available 0F 1F 1.5F 2F 3F series dust cover cap for Fischer Connectors, It can be reached IP50 and IP68.

circular connector dust caps

Dust Cap for Female Circular Connector

A rugged metal shell dust cap is used for protection of the unmated circular connectors in the field.

dust cap for socket

Dust Cover for Female Circular Connector

Protect and prolong the life of your female circular connectors with our durable Dust Covers. Shielding excellence for lasting connections.

Manufacturing and Technical Details


Most frequent questions and answers

INTE-AUTO Circular Connectors are cylindrical, multi-pin electrical connectors with a push pull self-latching connection system design. They contain solder and PCB contacts and are used on electrical power devices to send data or electrical signals.

They are built with the specific purpose of withstanding, bearing, and coping with harsh conditions while flawlessly delivering data, signal, or power. They are a vastly-used product in industries and laboratories with their varying designs and applications.

Design original push pull self-latching connection system
Multipin 2 to 37 contacts
Available M9 M12 M14 M15 M18 sizes
Half-shell coding for matching
Pearl or black chrome-plated out shell
Endurance: > 5000 mating cycles.
IP50 IP66 IP67 IP68 degree
Over-molded injection and custom cable assembly

INTE-AUTO’s circular push pull interface and housing make it easy to connect and disconnect the device. The simple system allows the cable to seamlessly send signal, power, and current. The connector has a brass outshell implanted in the insulation material to help maintain alignment.

The connector has low-voltage contact and is tough, rigid, and versatile. It is well-suited for application in any industry– be it medicine, energy, communications, broadcasting, or others. The circular connector works equally well whether in a damp or dry environment.

When you need to transfer data, current, or signals between two devices, you must need a medium like a wire and a connector that should connect these two devices.

The push pull circular connectors have two external parts called plug and receptacle that allow your data to transfer between the two devices.

The receptacle is connected with the device, and the plug is connected with the cable that is connecting the two devices to make a closed data transferring path.

So the main use of push pull circular connectors is to transfer data, current, or signals between any two electronic devices.

They are efficiently used in defense and security, instrumentation, medical fields, electronics, broadcast, communication systems, aerospace, industries, transportation, and robotics.

fischer circular connectors

Figure 1 Push Pull Circular Connector

You don’t have to suffer energy, data, power, or signal loss. The circular connector design push pull self-locking circular mechanism is reliable and straightforward.

These circular connectors are cost-effective also. After it was designed by the famous brand in the 1950s, it is now almost used in every industry due to its versatility. There’s no sector where the push-pull circular connector isn’t workable.

It allows simple operations, and one has almost nothing to worry about. You can install it once and then use it for long periods. It is easy to maintain and use. The circular connector puts an end to the difficult user manuals as it is directly operatable.

Its design makes it suitable for usage as a fast push-pull self-latching connectivity solution. It creates connectivity quickly for you while being robust, sturdy, and durable. Circular connectors are easy to handle and are space-saving as well. It maintains a streamlined shape, so the aesthetics of the device aren’t affected.

They are designed to have the most lifespan at least 6000 times, so you don’t need to replace them now and then. Despite using it for years, their connectivity resistance remains the same.

The circular connectors can be used in rugged, harsh, challenging conditions. It is modified to be tough and rigid. You would not have to worry about changing your circular connectors more often.

The plug goes to mating the receptacle
While joining the connector, the plug’s outer sleeve with flexible fingers, both of them are sliding forward and backward along the plug body.

When plug and receptacle mated.
The bevelled edges are firmly captured by a locking groove located inside the receptacle. It moves with the mating receptacle which is compatible with its profile.

When Cable Pulled
The bevelled edges of the fingers are forced into the groove, securing the connection.

When Unplugging
When disconnecting, just pull the outer sleeve for it to allow the latching mechanism is unlocked.

The INTE-AUTO Circular Connectors have been designed using the latest mating technology to provide an excellent data transferring solution.

A super-strong half-shell shape keying with the self-latching mechanism inside the Circular Connector’s plug and socket makes this data transferring solution unique.

When you mate the plug and receptacle, a half shell shape keying inside the connector’s receptacle and plug could be secure locking and blind mated.

In this way, the plug and receptacle are strongly locked with each other and cannot be unlocked from any external interferences or accidents until you unlock them.

A half-shell shape keying inside the connector’s receptacle and plug provide secure locking and blind mated.

For unlocking the connector, gently push back the plug’s outer shell.

By doing this, the locked plug’s latch inside the receptacle is released, and the connector will be able to unlock easily.

Figure 2 Push Pull Circular Connectors Working Strategy

Defense and military use the latest technology electronic devices and vehicles, and they have an excessive need to precisely transfer a large amount of data in a short interval of time.

They have to use military radio, battle management notebook computers, multi-purpose target locators, airborne devices, land vehicles, satellite and space vehicles, and many other devices to complete their missions.

In order to use all such electronic devices, they need a precise data transferring solution:

  • That can transfer the data accurately
  • That can transfer the data speedily
  • That can work in harsh environments
  • That is lightweight.
  • That can be easily mated and unmated.
  • That has excellent IP ratings.
  • That does not require special human attention in order to mate, i.e., Blind mating can be possible.

Fortunately, the INTE-AUTO push pull circular connectors have all the above properties and perform very well in defense and military operations.

Figure 3 Push Pull Circular Connectors

In order to securely transfer data, current, or signals from small applications to higher applications, INTE-AUTO has designed different sizes and pin connections for their push pull circular connectors.

Below is the detail of all the sizes and pin connections that INTE-AUTO provides to their customers. The sizes are represented in terms of series.

  • 102 Series: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 pins connections are available in this series.
  • 103 Series: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 pins connections are available in this series.
  • 1031 Series: 10, 12, 19 pins connections are available in this series.
  • 104 Series: Two to nineteen pin connections are available in this series.

105 Series: Two to twenty-seven pin connections are available in this series.

The INTE-AUTO push pull circular connectors are made by using lightweight and excellent quality small size products so that they can perform well in data transferring paths.

The major components used for making push pull circular connector’s plug and receptacle are given below:

Circular Connector’s Plug:                            Circular Connector’s Receptacle:

  1. Latch Sleeve                                                          1. Outer Shell
  2. Male Contact                                                          2. Hexagonal Nut
  3. Insulator                                                                 3. Outer O–Ring
  4. Fixed Spacer                                                          4. Inside O-Ring
  5. Inner Shell                                                              5. Retaining Ring
  6. Outer Shell                                                             6. Insulator
  7. Gasket                                                                    7. Female Contacts
  8. Retaining Ring
  9. Collet
  10. Collet Nut

Figure 4 Push Pull Circular Connector’s Plug and Receptacle Components

Sometimes you are in a hurry and need to mate circular connector’s plug and receptacle, then, to prevent any damage, INTE-AUTO has designed a coding system on their push pull circular connectors.

A half-shell shape keying system inside the connector’s receptacle and plug provides secure locking and blind mating facility for all the circular connector users.

Code 1 is standard that contains only one half-shell shape keying system inside the connector’s receptacle and plug.

With the help of this coding system, you can:

  • Increase safety and user-friendliness by preventing misconnection.
  • Easy mating cycles can be blind mated.
  • Increase equipment life span by optimally protecting the contacts.

The INTE-AUTO can also provide you code 2 and 3 circular connectors on a request whose shape can be seen in the picture below.Push pull connector code


The INTE-AUTO B/K series and F series circular connectors serve the same functions, i.e., they can efficiently transfer data, current, or signals.

There is a keying system designed in these series connectors that have different codes.

  • In the B and K series circular connectors, the keying system has been designed on the outer side of the plug in order to achieve a secure and blind mating facility.
  • The keying system designed in F series circular connectors is inside the plug to achieve secure and blind mating properties.
  • The B series and K series circular connectors have codes like G, A, B, C, D, E, F, and L, for example: code G ( key=1 ) as a standard keying system that has zero angles.
  • The F series circular connectors have codes 1, 2, or 3 where code 1 is considered a standard code, i.e., a half shell shape keying system is always present in them.
  • The keying system in the B and K series circular connectors is like protrude with one protrude (keying code) or two protrude (keying codes) on the outer side of its plugs that depend on keying code.
  • The shape of the keying system in the F series circular connectors is like an arc that is inside the plug and receptacle.
  • The B series circular connectors are available in IP50 ratings and K series circular connectors are available in IP68 ratings, whereas, the F series circular connectors can be available for both IP50 ratings and IP68 ratings.

Figure 6 B Series Circular Connector Vs. F Series Circular Connector

The INTE-AUTO push pull circular connectors have the following specifications:

  • It can provide you with more than 5000 mating cycles.
  • It can work in environments where the humidity value is up to 95% at 60°C.
  • It is able to complete data transferring tasks in the temperature range of -40°C to +250°C.
  • It can resist 10Hz to 2000Hz vibrations that are very beneficial to use in railway applications.
  • It can resist shock up to 100g and 6ms.
  • It can withstand more than 144 hours of salt spray test.
  • It is manufactured under IP 50 and IP 68 ratings.

In order to perform efficient duty in different applications, the INTE-AUTO manufactured their push pull circular connector’s components from different materials for different environments.

If they need to apply for harder applications, the material used is also harder to withstand the pressure under which the connector will be used.

The detail of the material used to make INTE-AUTO circular connectors is given below:

  • Outer Shell: To perform in damp or moisture environments, the connector’s outer shell has been manufactured from brass plated with pearl or black chrome, which is a corrosion-resistant material.
  • Collet Nut: The corrosion or rust decreases the power or signals transmission quality. To reduce this problem, the collet nut is manufactured using brass plated with pearl or black chrome.
  • Insulator: For usage of circular connectors in the wide range of applications, the insulator is manufactured using Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) material which is high-temperature and chemical resistant.
  • Collet: For rugged and harsh industrial conditions, the connector is manufactured using brass plated with nickel with an excellent resistive and conductive nature.
  • Contact: It is an essential part of the circular connector that needs to be mated and unmated continuously, so to make its efficient working, it is manufactured using brass plated with gold to withstand and fulfill the need of users.
  • O-Ring: To seal and enhance the waterproof property of the circular connectors, the O-ring plays an important role. They are manufactured using silicon.
  • Strain Relief: For maximum strain reduction to the cable at the connector’s end, the strain relief or bend relief is manufactured using thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) or Silicone that is highly elastic, durable, and flexible.

There are many different circular connectors in electronics. Some of these are circular DIN, metric, plastic, standard, industrial, and electrical. The most versatile of all is the push pull circular connector which has highly variable designs and features. You can have it customized according to your needs.

Circular connectors are of different types according to their nature. There is a brass circular connector, stainless steel connector or plastic circular connector etc. Due to its nature and diverse function brass circular connectors are most suitable for usage in industries.

The INTE-AUTO push pull circular connectors can be imported with the minimum cost if you observe the following points:

  • To save package cost, you have to select the route which will charge a minimum amount to complete your import order.
  • If you have ordered a large number of circular connectors, then you will have to make sure that the container or parcel in which connectors are packed is fully utilized or fully used, i.e., there should be no empty space in it.
  • If you have imported circular connectors through some vehicles, you must contact the vehicle owner, who will provide you with the cheapest rates.

Figure 7 Import Circular Connectors


INTE-AUTO has no strict rules as they always think the best solution for their customers to provide them with the maximum possible relief.

They do not impose any minimum order conditions on their customers.

If you want to order only a single circular connector piece, you can easily contact the NTE-AUTO team and place your order there.

Figure 8 Circular Connector’s MOQ

If you have any doubts about the INTE-AUTO products and first need to test their product before placing an order to import a higher number of circular connectors, then INTE-AUTO can provide you with a free sample of each of their product.

You just have to make sure the model of circular connectors will be best for your application and then place a free sample order on their website.

The INTE-AUTO circular connectors have been manufactured using high-quality materials to provide their customers with efficient data or signals transmission without any external disturbance.

They can provide you with a guarantee of a minimum of 6000 mating cycles for each circular connector piece you will order.

Conclusion for INTE-AUTO Circular Connectors

INTE-AUTO circular connectors are widely used for many market companies’ applications and industries, they are ideally fitted to be used in military, defense, and security applications.

INTE-AUTO has experience of over ten years now in this business, is popularly known for its efficiency in producing circular connectors and customized cable assemblies also. They have been delivering one of the most remarkable circular connectors’ qualities to customers for many years, known for their reliability, precision, and resistance to demanding and severe environmental conditions.

INTE-AUTO circular connectors have emerged as the best not because of only one advantage but many to supplement it, that they are well built and safe, cost-effective, efficient. The major ones are, it is highly configurable, which makes it easy to use and operate.

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