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China-based Manufacturer of Circular Interconnect Solutions

INTE-AUTO Technologies is a China-based manufacturer of circular interconnect solutions for various industries. We have clients in the military, medical, automotive, aerospace, industrial, scientific, testing and research, and nuclear fields. We also provide top-quality, practical connector solutions for consumer electronics, communications and broadcasting equipment, cosmetic devices, and much more. In short, we are trusted across

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Customized Connector Solutions for Any Application

INTE-AUTO has the ability to provide customized solutions for your unique connector problems. Our connectors can be produced with male or female contacts according to your equipment’s needs. We can do various keying configurations, pin counts, and sizes. Our knowledgeable engineers are here to listen and design the right connector for you. You can put

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Giving You the Best in Connector Technology – INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO is a leading China manufacturer of precision connectors and cabling solutions. We are up-to-date with the latest connector technology in the world. We have the capability to give you innovative products that will make your equipment lighter and more powerful. Backed up by years of research and testing, our products pass the highest quality

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Meet Your Interconnect Solutions Experts

The raw materials are mainly brass, gold plating and insulators The copper material is purchased from a leading brass manufacturer in China, the brass is environmentally friendly copper, which can ensure the elasticity of the shell. Gold plating: guarantee 8μ, the cooperating supplier has 20 years of gold plating process experience, and we have a

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What is Custom Cable Manufacturing?

Custom Cable Manufacturing involves combinations of connectors, terminals, and cable systems that are used in electrical power devices to transmit data or electrical signals. Specifications and requirements for custom cable manufacturing and production: Appearance requirements After the cable is processed, the rubber should be uniform and smooth. Pores, cracks, indentations, depressions, breakage, spots, dirt, or

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How to Get Your Connectivity with 4-steps?

Solve all your connectivity issues with our 4-step formula STEP 1: Identify the connector which is ideal for you It is very important to choose the right connector as per your requirements. Consider the following factors before choosing a particular connector. ● Electrical requirements: It is necessary to analyze electrical voltage as well as the

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