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Discover adaptability and sophistication through INTE-AUTO’s B Series Plugs. They come in many sizes and keying configurations, making them the best push pull connector choice for a myriad of applications.

INTE AUTO Sample Box

Take a peek at what’s inside our connector sample box. Marvel at today’s engineering masterpieces brought to you by China’s leading push pull connector manufacturer, INTE-AUTO.

Plastic connectors - Durable, Versatile, and Future-Ready Solutions for Medical

Get accuracy and sterilizability without compromising durability from INTE-AUTO Plastic P Series Connectors. These autoclavable push pull connectors are perfect for medical and cosmetic devices. Choose from our wide array of colors and configurations.

INTE-AUTO B Series Push-Pull Plug Connectors for Effortless Performance

INTE-AUTO B Series Plugs are easy to assemble and use. Here, we have detailed instructions on how to identify and combine parts so you can take advantage of these remarkable push pull connectors.

INTE-AUTO S Series Half-Moon Connectors - Stepped insert design for aviod mismating

Experience secure, seamless connectivity with INTE-AUTO Push Pull Connectors. These top-caliber circular connectors are tailored for diverse industries, ensuring perfect compatibility. Customize them to your specific requirements for a reliable solution.

INTE-AUTO S Series Coaxial Connectors - Precision and Performance in Every Connection"

INTE-AUTO S Series Connectors help you avoid mismating issues and equipment damage with its unique configuration. It’s the amazing half-moon stepped insert. What’s it for? Take a look at this video.

INTE-AUTO K Series Waterproof Connectors - Superior Sealing for Unmatched Performance

When you need reliability, look no further than INTE-AUTO Waterproof Connectors. These are sealed, IP68 K Series Waterproof Connectors ready for the high demands of outdoor and industrial use.

INTE-AUTO B Series Connectors - Innovative Push-Pull Self-Locking Design

What can give you secure, seamless connectivity and perfect compatibility? INTE-AUTO B Series Push Pull Connectors are top-caliber circular connectors applicable to so many industries. We can even customize them to your specific requirements.

INTE-AUTO F Series Core Connectors - Unrivaled Performance for Seamless Integration

We unveil INTE-AUTO’s powerful F Series Core Connectors. These excellent push pull connectors provide high-speed data and signal transmission. Check out its wide range of sizes, configurations, and applications.

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