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Overmolded Cable Assembly Manufacturer

INTE-AUTO can simplify your supply chain and save you on costs by giving you complete over-molded cable assembly solutions. Our engineers are rich in experience and can design and build your connectors and cable assemblies according to your exact specifications.

  • Full technical support that meets military-grade quality standards
  • Over-molded cables made of silicone and thermoplastic
  • Straight and right-angle over-mold types available
  • Guaranteed fast lead times as materials are in stock
  • Can accommodate small MOQs and flexible payment methods

Manufacturing Overmolded Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO was founded in 2012 and has since become a capable manufacturer of top-quality over-molded connectors and cable assemblies. Our years of experience are backed up by ISO, RoHS, CE, and TUV certifications.

INTE-AUTO handles research, manufacturing, and distribution of complete custom over-molded cable assemblies and connector solutions. We have stable lead times and small MOQs guaranteed to save you time and expense.

INTE-AUTO has been proven reliable by its satisfied local and international clients.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmold Cable Assembly to Connectors

INTE-AUTO is the leading cable assembly manufacturer in China, offering both insert molding and injection molding processes to connect wires, connectors, and terminals into complete cable sets.


Overmolded Cable Assembly

DIY Overmolding Cable Assembly

If you have a unique cable over-molding application, INTE-AUTO can help you build it according to your original request and specifications. Guaranteed, our team can design and manufacture it.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmolded Cable Connectors Assembly

INTE-AUTO offers design and manufacture of cost-efficient, custom over-molded cable connector assembly solutions, combining our quality connectors to your specified cables.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmolded Cable Assembly for Power Applications

INTE-AUTO is a cable assembly company in China with end-molded machines to create sealed and waterproof wire-connector fittings.

custom cable manufacturing (8)

Custom Overmolding Cable Assembly of Cigarette Lighters

Over-molding cable assemblies are widely used in many applications. We help customers make precision cables with the use of cable over-molding machines.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmolding Cable Assemblies for Measurement

Over-molded cable assemblies are complete systems that integrate wires, terminals, and connectors into a seamless set of cables with stable performance and advanced design.


Overmolded Cable Assembly

USB to Custom Cable Overmolded Assemblies

INTE-AUTO can supply advanced cable over-molding design guides. The cables and connectors can be used in rugged and harsh environments.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmolded Cable Assembly for Military

INTE-AUTO uses silicone and thermoplastic materials in cable over-molding manufacturing for flexible, durable, sealed, and easy-to-use cables.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmolded Cable Assemblies for Batteries

INTE-AUTO uses over-molding processes to create high-quality battery cables, a superior solution in the creation of properly sealed cable to connector fittings.

Get Your Overmolded Cable Assembly Now

INTE AUTO Technologies is a capable and experienced over-molded cable assembly manufacturer that designs and delivers customized solutions for your applications.

We have over 10 years of experience backed by ISO, RoHS, CE, AND TUV certifications. We process all custom cable assembly orders on time no matter the volume.

Request for an over-molded cable assembly sample from our technical staff today.

More Overmolded Cable Assembly Products

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Customized Cable Overmolding

We offer custom USB to SS102 over-molding connector cable solutions.

Over molded Cable Assembly

Overmolded Cable Connectors

We create cable assembly solutions compatible to different connectors and terminals including USB and TNC.

Overmolded Cable Assemblies

High-quality Overmolding Cable

We manufacture integrated and sealed cable to core series push pull connectors for military devices.

Overmolded Cable Assembly

Overmolded Wire Harness to USB

We design custom over-molded cable assemblies and connectors.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

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