Robotic Connectors

Advanced push-pull self-latching connectors by INTE-AUTO are smart, lightweight, robust, and provides quick connection. They can be used on industrial, medical, military, and automation robots.
– Over 6000 mating cycles guaranteed
– Rugged outshell design
– Multi-core inserts
– High density
– Full 360° EMC shielding
– Cable assembly easy
Vision and optical systems

Vision and Optical Inspection

Defense devices need very secure and reliable connections every single time and even in rough and harsh environments. The lightweight F series and K series with tough shielding is perfect for these applications.

Medical & Surgery Robot

Medical & Surgey Robots

Proven reliable connectivity is necessary for the medical industry. INTE-AUTO guarantees durability of up to 6000 mating cycles. INTE-AUTO’s robotic connectors have the push pull self-latching system design, are flexible, and are lightweight.

Military robot

Military & Defence Robot

Military and defense robots require a safe latching system and secure connection. That’s why they use INTE-AUTO’s F and B series connectors.

lndustrial Robots

Industrial Robots

INTE-AUTO’s F and K series have the highly reliable, space-saving, and lightweight push pull connector design. They are durable, performing excellently even in harsh environments.

Legged Robot

Legged Robot

The popular push pull connection system can be quickly mated and unmated for less installation time. Push pull robotic connectors have a smart design and rugged outshell that allows for reduced maintenance.

Robotic Connectors

The highly reliable push pull robotic connectors perform perfectly even while working through tough environments. 

robotic connectors

Waterproof Robotic Connectors

IP68 Panel Mount Waterproof Connectors

Female Robotic Connectors

Black Chrome Overmolded Circular Connector

Overmolded Robotic Connectors

Metal robotic connectors

Metal Robotic Connectors

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