Machine Connector Solutions

INTE-AUTO supplies high-performance circular machine connector solutions for a wide array of machines such as control systems, aerospace temperature sensors, converter splitters, transmitters, analyzers, data acquisition systems, hydraulic equipment, and machine tools.

-360° EMC / EMI shield
Push-Pull self-locking system
– Fast and flexible connections
– Up to 6000 mating cycles
Lightweight and compact design

connectors for machine

Aerospace Temperature Sensors

INTE-AUTO provides compact, lightweight, precision machine connector solutions for aerospace Temperature Sensors.

The interface that connects the sensors is B series push-pull connectors. These are IP50 rated, can withstand up to 6000 mating cycles, and have gold-plated contacts for optimum performance.

Machine Control Systems

INTE-AUTO offers the B and F series plug to machine control systems. These are cost-effective, stable, and reliable connector solutions.

Choose from 4 sizes, multiple outshell designs in metal and plastic, and 2 to 32 high-density contacts—all of which maximize the efficiency, usability, and performance of the connector.

Sound Analyzer

This sound analyzer benefitted from its connector’s grade-A features like high vibration resistance, 360 EMC shielding, blind mating ability, high-speed data transfer, and fast connection.

INTE-AUTO provided F series back panel-mounted connectors for this application.  Pearl chrome and black chrome finishes are available for a more attractive design.

odu connector for data acquisition system

Data Acquisition System

Data acquisition systems can analyze data and reporting software, network connectivity, and remote control and monitoring options.

INTE-AUTO’s push pull connectors allow easy connection and disconnection, flexible mounting, and IP50 to IP68 ratings.

fischer connectors for converter splitter

Converter Splitter

The converter splitter uses INTE-AUTO F series female connectors with half-shell code design for blind mating ability.

It has a rugged brass outshell with gold-plated contacts for perfect performance.


Machine Connector from China Manufacturer

Much research has been devoted by INTE-AUTO to producing top-grade connectors to ensure durable,  precise, and reliable connections to your machines.
connector for Data acquisition system

Male Machine Connector

connector for Sound Analyzer

Female Machine Connector

connector for Converter Splitter

Female Machine Connectors

Connector for sensor

Male Machine Connectors

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