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INTE-AUTO was established in 2013 and Yinte electronic was established in 2016.

Company name: Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD
Business Registrations: 1867747
VAT number: 1867747

Company name: Shenzhen INTE-AUTO ( Yinte Electronic ) Co., LTD
Business Registrations: 91440300MA5DBMRN8C
VAT Number: 91440300MA5DBMRN8C

We are a group of companies based in Shenzhen, China engaged in the design, research, and manufacture of precision connectors and custom cable assemblies and solutions, as well as compatible connectors for medical and military requirements.

Our mission goes beyond supplying connectors. The ultimate goal is to consistently provide top-notch, high-quality, secure, cost-effective, and durable products for our esteemed clients worldwide.

INTE-AUTO is RoHS, CE, ISO9001, and TUV certified. We are actively shaping the future of our company with creativity, imagination, and innovation to continually exceed the expectations of all our valued customers around the world.

Mainly produced connectors are:

  • B Series IP50 Push Pull Connectors:  00B / 0B / 1B / 2B / 3B / 4B series
  • K Series IP68 Push Pull Connectors:  0K / 1K / 2K / 3K series
  • T Series IP68 Push Pull Connectors:  0T / 1T series
  • W Series Hight Pressure Connectors: 0W / 1W series
  • S Series Half-moon Connectors: 00S / 0S / 1S / 2S series
  • E Series Waterproof Half-moon Connectors: 1E coaxial and half – moon series
  • S Series Nim-camac Coaxial Connectors:  00S / 0S / 1S series
  • C Series Push Pull Connectors: 1C series
  • F Series Push Pull Connectors: 102/103//1031/104/105 series
  • P Series Plastic Medical Connectors: 0P / 1P /2P /3P series
  • B & K Series Hybrid Fluidic Connectors: 2B / 3B / 4B /2K / 3K series
  • B & K Series Hybrid Coaxial Connectors: 2B / 3B / 4B /2K / 3K series
  • SP13 17 21 Waterproof Connectors
  • D-tap Connectors
  • NIBP Connectors
  • Customized Cable Assembly

Advanced Manufacturing

INTE-AUTO has over 20,00+ products inventory, all of which are manufactured under the strictest quality standards. 

Our connectors are fully compatible and at par with the push-pull connectors of other top brands—a testimony to the commitment we have to our quality management system.

Our facilities span over 5000 square meters, containing 23 production lines with 25 CNC working machines. 

Our mechanized work system improves efficiency, guarantees high quality, and controls production costs to comply with military and medical standards.

Waterproof Connector CNC machine

Choose Any Kind of Circular Push Pull Connector for Your Project

Our high-quality connectors feature the reliable push pull self-latching connection system and are designed to endure the most extreme environments.

You can choose from 2 to 40 multipole circular connector pins depending on what your project requires. Send us your specifications including model number or series information and we will provide the right connector for you.

INTE-AUTO connectors are widely used in a large variety of applications such as for medical, testing, measurement, military, sensor, NDT, and other machines and equipment.

ODM Circular Cable Assembly Solutions for Your Special Project

Want to a supplier to provide connector or cable assembly for your projects?

You could email your cable drawing or ship a sample to us, that’s help a lot to confirm and tell you the cost quickly, also our R & D team could supply if you have not the drawing.

We are always here for gave you a great connectors solutions.

0T 9 Pins Socket to Cable Assembly

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