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Connector from Leading China Manufacturer INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO is a top manufacturer of data connectors with environmental sealing in China. When it comes to industrial data connectors, our experts have mastered the fundamental connection technology. 

In line with various needs, such as those pertaining to technology, raw materials, process, and performance, INTE-AUTO updates product structure, optimizes product quality, establishes a leading position in the market, and strives for outstanding quality with a “craftsman spirit.” 

We continually create fresh concepts to improve our data connectors in accordance with the unique needs of clients while complying with industry standards.

B series push pull connector

B Series Push Pull Connector

With push-pull locking or break-away functionality, our push-pull connectors are a cutting-edge and incredibly dependable connection option. They are made for a wide range of troop upgrading applications, including group voice and data radio, navigation units, soldier control units, tough laptops and portable computers, GPS antennas, military night vision equipment, unmanned systems, and land vehicles.

K series waterproof connector

K Series Waterproof Connector

For industrial and automation applications that must endure liquids, our waterproof connections are perfect. Connectors with a protection degree of IP67, IP68, or IP69K can endure harsh weather conditions in outdoor applications, deeper submersion, high-pressure water jets, and harsh cleaning chemicals, depending on the material.

S Series Coaxial connector

S Series Coaxial Connector

For the transmission and reception of better signals in audio and visual applications, coaxial connections are crucial. The applications for our coaxial connection cable include data, video, and audio. To prevent signal interference, the cable is constructed with concentric shield and conductor rings surrounding a copper core.

circular connector cross reference hr10a 7p 6s

HR10 Series Connector

The circular connectors for data, signal, and power connections in the industrial, AI, military, and aerospace industries. These adaptable and flexible connectors are used in challenging conditions due to their reliable mechanical performance and simplicity of connecting. We offer different circular connection sizes, contact configurations, and materials to choose from.

S Series Half-moon Connector

Our miniature connectors can be used in prosthetics, hearing aids, computers, the oil sector, vision equipment, control systems, missiles, satellites, and spacecraft. The latest changes we’ve made to mini connectors are a result of how market trends and improvements in both rigid and flexible printed circuit technology have come together.

plastic medical connector

P Series Plastic Connector

The plastic connectors are lightweight, adaptable, and affordable. They also offer greater resistance to saltwater infiltration and the possibility of moisture accumulating inside the connector. Additionally, they are more UV-stable, which makes them the best options for ongoing outdoor use.

2B 3B Hybrid Fluidic Push Pull Connectors

B Series Hybrid Connector

Our hybrid connectors are made to transport both power and fast Ethernet data over a single interface, making installation quick and simple—even in confined locations. Additionally, its better ability to withstand mechanical stress provides increased uptime and reduces maintenance needs.

circular waterproof aviation plug signal connector

Waterproof Aviation Connector

Even in the worst weather, you can use critical equipment thanks to our tough and durable waterproof connections. The IP68 certification ensures that your connection will never be contaminated by any solid or liquid particles. Our connectors provide outstanding performance even in the aviation business, where strong forces and pressures might endanger your wiring.

Miniature waterproof connector

T Series Waterproof Connector

Find the miniature waterproof connectors are intended exclusively for use outside. Due to its robust outer shell, great water resistance, exceptionally simple self-latching connection, and creation of a mechanical key for blind mating, it guarantees long-term endurance. We build this connector with high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and protection from dust and humidity.

D-Tap Male to Female 4-Pin XLR Connector Cable

D-tap Connector with Cable

You need a connection that won’t fail you when you and your camera are on the run. Our D-tap connector’s robustness and ease of assembly enable it to deliver dependable performance. It works well with various camera batteries. You only need to screw the cable on to create a reliable attachment that won’t come undone even under heavy use. A cable clip is also included for your convenience.

Fluidic NIBP Connector

NIBP Connector

Our NIBP connectors work with the majority of modern, standardized medical equipment. From newborn to adult sizes, single and double hose types are available. They mate quickly and easily. With INTE-NIBP AUTO’s connectors, your blood pressure readings will always be error-free. For blood pressure monitors and ECG equipment, we provide NIBP cuff connections made of metal and plastic, as well as NIBP hose connectors.

Overmolded Short Push Pull connector

F Series Core Connector

The broad range of connectivity options for Ethernet-based and fieldbus protocols provides safe analog and digital data transmission under the worst environmental circumstances. The connection products from INTE-AUTO satisfy the expanding need for miniature parts to assist cyber-physical integration in the IIoT. Additionally, they give greater flexibility for constructing Ethernet-based data networks in confined locations.

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INTE-AUTO’s Connector

For all our customers and partners, INTE-AUTO offers durable, modern, and high-quality industrial connectors. We have an optimal production process, a contemporary, functioning manufacturing line, certified employees, and a delivery date guarantee. Our engineers constantly place a premium on quality, and technical innovation acts as the main engine for business growth.

Thanks to the careful engineering development process, every phase is well organized. Each data connector’s high quality is ensured by the global supply of cutting-edge components. Due to our in-house manufacturing capabilities, customers have access to both our basic catalog options and highly customized products that precisely meet their specific demands. Additionally, we promise effectiveness, performance, and quality.


Most frequent questions and answers

Each connector has distinct qualities and features, and selecting the right one ensures efficient power or signal transfer. There are a few factors to take into account while choosing an industrial connection.

Weight Gauge

Each connector package is made to fit a certain wire gauge. To avoid increasing electrical resistance at the connecting site, always use a connector that precisely matches your wire gauge.


Outer Diameter of Cable

Take note of the cable’s outside diameter, much like the wire gauge. It is crucial to select a housing (connector) with a large enough inner diameter so that the cable may fit in correctly. Cable sizes vary depending on specifications.


Number of Contacts

Ensure that the connector and cable both have the same number of contacts. The majority of standards bodies, including UL, NEC, and NFPA, forbid ganging numerous wires into a single termination or crimp connection.


Voltage and Current Rating

Each cable and connector is designed for a certain range of voltage and current. Select a connector for your cable that is rated for the same voltage and current range.



Specifications for the cable alone are not enough to choose an industrial connection. Before choosing a connector, it is advised to consider the surroundings because some connectors shouldn’t be utilized under challenging conditions.


Rigidity and Flexibility

Some applications are very prone to bending and vibrations. To accommodate motions and prevent deterioration, it is crucial to use a flexible connection.


Chemical Resistance

The connectors may occasionally be vulnerable to chemical interactions. Because chemicals can harm and impact connectors, specialized connectors made of stainless steel or PVC can be used for longevity.

The rate of development in the commercial sector has frequently exceeded that in the military sector, leading to more potent capabilities at lower costs (take communications, for instance).

Military applications look for COTS (commercially available off-the-shelf) technology that may meet their strict requirements so they can get some of the benefits.

The military standard for D-sub connections is M24308. Ruggedized tablets, laptops, voice and data communication systems, GPS receivers and hubs, and mobile power supply units are examples of devices that often use M24308 D-sub connections.

Mil-COTS connections must be able to survive extreme temperature changes, corrosion, high impact shock, and other combat-related situations. They are made to work at a variety of temperatures.

Medical device power, data, and control signals are sent to and from medical devices via medical connection systems (cables and connectors). They can be found in a variety of clinical settings, including those involving surgical tools like hand tools, therapeutic equipment, and diagnostic tools like EEG, ECG, EKG, and EMG machines. They are frequently found on transportable medical equipment.

Medical connections must endure a variety of medical sterilization procedures, such as chemical, gamma, autoclave, Sterrad, EtO, and autoclave. Additionally, a medical connection system needs to be protected from contaminants like dust, water, and other risks.

A high mating cycle, an IP rating of up to IP68, strong EMI/RFI performance, and rapid connect/disconnect capabilities are additional criteria. There can be particular specifications for some medical uses.

Be careful while choosing the material because it might affect durability, weight, and price. In comparison to many other materials, brass connectors with nickel or chrome plating are often more wear-resistant and have longer lifecycles. Aluminum connections could be a choice if weight is a concern.

Plastics are a good option for projects that will only be used once or twice. Make sure you carry out sufficient testing to verify that plastic will survive the end use application if you are contemplating it.

Make sure your connection can resist the sterilization procedures the end user uses if it is being utilized in medical applications. Stainless steel may be necessary for use in the food industry or in strongly corrosive conditions. When choosing a material, don’t compromise on reliability for price.

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