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Quality Lightweight Fluidic Connectors

INTE-AUTO Fluidic or pneumatically capable connectors go above and beyond the usual fluid connector. They combine gas or fluids in one single and stable connection.

What makes these connections secure is the push pull mating system that guarantees no ingress, spills, or accidental disconnections.

Commonly used in the medical and dental fields, these fluidic hybrid connectors allow for more powerful and compact equipment. There are fewer tubes, fewer mismatings, and more portability. 

Revolutionary, powerful, and innovative. These are fluidic or pneumatic connectors from INTE-AUTO.

Redel-Compatible Plastic Push Pull Fluidic Connectors

Some of devices need to withstand high temperatures. This is why INT-P-ZKG’s design is created with high-temperature tolerant. It has a fixed nut and 1 key or 2 keys.

Plastic Push Pull Fluidic Connectors

The INT-P-TAG is a fluidic plug, designed lightweight and tough outer shell houses with nickel plated brass contacts. You can select a cable clamp from 4 to 6.5 mm.

NIBP Fluidic Connectors

This BP11 NIBP connector is made of metal so it’s more reliable and longer-lasting. It doesn’t warp or bend so air flow performance is consistent. It has a higher temperature tolerance at 120°C and more mating cycles at over 1000.

NIBP BP15 Fluidic Connectors

Our BP15 cuff connector is compatible with famous NIBP monitor and ECG  monitor brands. It features a secure and quick connect system for easy use even during emergencies without worries about accidental disconnections.

NIBP BP12 Fluidic Connectors

The BP12 has a 5.0 mm barb diameter in a nickel-plated copper alloy housing. The bayonet connection fits snugly with medical tubing. Our fluidic NIBP connectors are RoHS-compliant as well as CE and TUV approved. They are perfectly safe for medical use.

BP Fluidic Connectors

NIBP monitors have to be precise, and INTE-AUTO offers exactly that. We have accurately engineered fluidic BP connectors that snap into place for a secure fit. This BP16 model has a working temperature of -20° to 120°C and the least air leakage possible at even 400mmHg pressure.

A Powerful Combination

Electricity and pneumatics are two very different substances. Yet, they can be transferred seamlessly and without interference through one single fluidic hybrid connector. 

Being devices that come into contact with pathogens, they should be autoclavable. Thus, they can be made of materials like tough plastic so they can be sterilized for the next patient’s use.

INTE-AUTO has powerful hybrid devices to fit your needs. Multiple pneumatic connections are possible. We have designs that combine multiple electrical pins with 2 pneumatic holes for even more functions.

The technology has many applications. These include dialysis machines, dental prophylaxis equipment, respirators, blood pressure monitors, and other critical care devices.

For high-quality, fluidic medical-safe connectors with superior design and customizable features, remember the name INTE-AUTO.

Company Introduction:

INTE-AUTO Company Introduction-2021

Company Catalogue:

INTE-AUTO-Connectors Catalog General Overview


For more details, please contact the INTE-AUTO team.

Related Products

  • Hybrid 3B 8+1 Female Fluidic Connectors

    The INT13-ZGG features a P1 fluid contact surrounded by 8 low voltage electrical contacts. This is a connector frequently used in cosmetic equipment. It has an IP50 rating. 

  • EGG 2B 6+1 Hybrid Fluidic Connectors

    This hybrid INT-ZGG metal receptacle is a female connector with 6 push pull contacts and 1 P1 fluidic contact. The 2B Series is an M15 size and can accept cables of up to 10 mm.

  • FGG Male Plug 6+1 Hybrid Fluidic Connectors

    The INT-TGG hybrid has 6 low voltage contacts and 1 P1 fluidic contact. It’s made of brass and features the push pull self-locking system for easy connection and disconnection. It also has a nut to fit strain relief. 

  • FGG 3B 8+1 Hybrid Fluidic Connectors

    The 3B size INT-TGG is an FGG-compatible connector with 8 metal contacts and 1 fluidic contact. This guarantees a safe and secure simultaneous flow of more than one type of media to save on space, cost, and errors.

  • 3B FGG EGG 6+2 Hybrid Fluidic Connectors

    Even more powerful is our 3B Series M18 size INT-TGG and INT-ZGG hybrid pair. These connectors have 2 P2 fluidic contacts in a brass metal outer shell. All our metal connectors can stand up to extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, and shock.

  • 2B Hybrid Fluidic connectors

    You can choose to stay with our current designs or send your specifications for a custom design. Take a look at this 2B 4 low voltage contacts + 1 fluidic contacts hybrid connector pair with a metal outer shell. It has a pearl chrome finish with a nut for strain relief.

Fluidic Connectors- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In some applications like dental, ECG, dialysis machines, BP operators etc., where you need to transfer liquids and gases, you need high precision connectors that prevent leakage.

If leakage occurs or the fluid does not pass flawlessly from the connectors, you will not get accurate and precise measurements that can create significant issues.

To prevent such issues, INTE-AUTO has manufactured Fluidic Connectors for you.

INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors not only efficiently transfer liquid and gases but also prevents any leakage during the transmission process.

To learn more about INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors, you have to read the FAQ guide below:

1. What is the Meaning of ‘’Fluid’’ in INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

According to Physics and Chemistry, fluid is any object or material in which particles have random motion and can take the shape of the container in which they are filled.

Solid materials do not have such properties as their particles vibrate about the mean position, and the shape remains the same everywhere.

Liquids and gases can change their shape according to the shape of the container, and particles move randomly, so fluid means liquids and gases.

2. What are INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connector is a bridge between two instruments that transfers fluids from one instrument to the other without any leakage.

They are available in both plastic and metallic models in the P series and BP series.

The main components of these connectors are socket and plug that mate to start transferring liquid or gases.

Plastic models use a self-latching mechanism, and metallic models use a bayonet system for strong mating and un-mating.

Rather than using one connector to transfer liquid and another connector to transfer gas, you can use a single INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connector to transfer both liquid and gas.

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors

3. How can INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors be Locked and Unlocked?

The plastic and metallic INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors follow different locking and unlocking mechanism.

For Metallic Fluidic Connectors:

They consist of a 4 mm or 5 mm diameter barb on one end of the plug and socket and follow a strong bayonet system for locking and unlocking.

  • For locking, the barb side is inserted into the rubber pipe with a 4 mm or 5mm diameter.
  • After insertion of the plug and socket into the pipe, the other side of the male plug should be pushed into the other side of the female socket.
  • For unlocking, the plug and receptacle should be pulled in opposite directions to release the male plug from the female socket.
  • After this, you can easily remove the plug and receptacle from the pipe by pulling them outward.

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Metallic Fluidic Connectors Mating

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Metallic Fluidic Connectors Mating

For Plastic Fluidic Connectors:

They consist of arrowhead shape latches inside the plug and receptacle, following a strong push-pull self-latching mechanism for locking and unlocking.

  • For locking, the male plug is slightly pushed into the female socket.
  • When you push the plug, the arrowhead latches inside it retract with its walls, and they remain in this position until they find a groove to fit inside it.
  • The receptacle consists of arrowhead shape grooves to fit the plug latches.
  • When the plug latches reach receptacle arrowhead shape grooves, they firmly fit inside it and secure the connection.
  • For unlocking, the male plug’s outer shell should be pushed in reverse order.
  • This will release the plug’s latches from the receptacle grooves and terminate the connection.

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Plastic Fluidic Connector’s Mating

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Plastic Fluidic Connector’s Mating

4. Is it Difficult to Mate and Un-mate INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

No, it is not difficult to mate and un-mate INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors.

Both the plastic and metallic models can be mated and un-mated easily in a few seconds.

You can implement them in all situations where there is a need to quickly and easily transfer liquids and gases.

You simply have to push the plug into the socket for mating and reverse it to un-mate them.

5. What are the Different Models of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

Different models of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors are given below:

INTE-AUTO Plastic Fluidic Connectors:

  • INT-P-TAG plug model without a variant
  • INT-P-TAG (Z) plug model with variant
  • INT-P-ZKG receptacle model


Figure 4 INTE-AUTO Plastic Fluidic Connector Models

INTE-AUTO Metallic Fluidic Connectors:

  • INT-BP11 receptacle model
  • INT-BP12 plug model
  • INT-BP15 receptacle model
  • INT-BP15-16 plug model
  • INT-BP16 plug model
  • INT-BP44 receptacle model

Figure 5 INTE-AUTO Metallic Fluidic Connector Models

Figure 5 INTE-AUTO Metallic Fluidic Connector Models

6. Can You Blindly Mate INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

Yes, the INTE-AUTO Metallic Fluidic Connector models can be mated blindly.

INTE-AUTO has made a keying system (protrude) on their Plastic Fluidic Connector models.

This system has a keying code-named G such that the protrude on the male plug should be aligned first with its space on the socket.

The male plug and female socket of INTE-AUTO Plastic Fluidic Connector models can only be mated if you have aligned the keying system.

Figure 6 Blind Mating In Plastic Fluidic Connectors

Figure 6 Blind Mating In Plastic Fluidic Connectors

7. Do INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors Able to Avoid Fluid Leakage?

Yes, INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors are strong enough to prevent fluid leakage up to maximum level.

These connectors have the ability to provide you with a strong and reliable connection between two pipes such that no air or liquid leakage will happen.

The 5 mm diameter barb tightly covers all of the pipe’s inner surface, leaving no space for the gas or liquid to leak.

The locking mechanism in these connectors can avoid fluid leakage up to 400mmHg.

Figure 7 Avoid Leakage Using Barb in Fluidic Connectors

Figure 7 Avoid Leakage Using Barb in Fluidic Connectors

8. Can You Use INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors in Medical Applications?

Due to the INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors’ ability to transfer fluid flawlessly and excellent mating mechanism, they are always applicable in all medical applications.

You can easily implement these connectors for blood pressure measuring instruments.

This means that the arm cuff and air hose or air hose and BP monitor can be connected via INTE-AUTO NIBP Fluidic Connectors.

Other applications that can take benefit from these connectors are dental prophylaxis equipment, dialysis machines, respirators, other critical care devices etc.

9. What are the Characteristics of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors have the following characteristics:

INTE-AUTO Metallic Fluidic Connectors:

  • You can use a tube with a 4 mm or 5 mm diameter.
  • These connectors can be implemented in a temperature range from – 20° C to + 120° C.
  • These connectors have CE and RoHS Compliant certifications.
  • The housing of these connectors is manufactured using copper alloy and then plated with nickel.
  • Locking and unlocking are completed using a strong bayonet system.
  • A single piece of these connector’s models can be mated up to 1000 times.

INTE-AUTO Plastic Fluidic Connectors:

  • You can use a tube with a 4 mm diameter.
  • The shell type or model for these connectors is 1P Series (Mechanical Keying)
  • Polycarbonate (PC) material is used to manufacture its housing.
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) material is used to manufacture its insulator.
  • The docking metal head diameter is 5mm with a slot
  • A single piece of these connector’s models can be mated up to 1000 times.
  • Air leakage: Volume, pressure 400mmHg, leakage is more minor than 6mmHg within 3 minutes.
  • They can resist the salt spray corrosion test for more than 72 hours.
  • These connectors can be implemented in a temperature range from – 25° C to + 125° C
  • The maximum humidity level is less than 95% at 140° F or 60° C temperature
  • 10Hz to 2000Hz, i.e., 15g of vibrations can be resisted by this connector’s model.
  • This connector’s model can easily resist 100g or 6ms of shocks.

10. What are the Advantages of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors have the following advantages:

  • INTE-AUTO Plastic Fluidic Connectors can be easily and quickly blind mated.
  • For single and double air hose models, you can use these connectors.
  • For all the applications where gas or liquid connections are required, you can implement these connectors.
  • The Metallic Fluidic Connectors can provide you with a secure and tight connection using an excellent bayonet system, i.e., 5mm barb.
  • A robust self-latching mechanism is utilized by Push-Pull Fluidic Connectors that quickly and easily lock and unlock them with a slight push.
  • They are compact, reliable, chemical resistant and lightweight.
  • You can use a single piece of these connectors more than 1000 times.
  • The INTE-AUTO Metallic Fluidic Connectors can fit either reusable and adult blood pressure or disposable pediatric air hoses.
  • The INTE-AUTO Metallic Fluidic Connectors can work from – 20° C to + 120° C, whereas the INTE-AUTO Plastic Fluidic Connectors can work from – 25° C to + 125° C temperature range.
  • You can always sterilize these connectors to kill bacteria and germs.
  • They can easily resist air leakage for up to 400mmHg.
  • You can always get exact blood pressure measurements if you use these connectors.
  • These fluidic connectors are available at reasonable prices, with extreme benefits.
  • INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors are CE Compliant and RoHS Compliant
  • INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors are used for the famous brands of sphygmomanometers and NIBP monitors.
  • These fluidic connectors prevent any fluctuation or disruption in the airflow that may affect the test and measurements in any applications.

11. How Many Times Can You Mate INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

INTE-AUTO uses the best quality materials to manufacture its Fluidic Connectors.

The metal fluidic connectors can long last for many years due to the excellent quality manufactured outer shell using brass.

Usually, you can use a single plug and socket of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors more than 1000 times.

Figure 8 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors Mating Capacity

Figure 8 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors Mating Capacity

12. What is the Operating Temperature Range for INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

INTE-AUTO takes care of the fact that the liquids and gases may need to be transferred from one place to the other, both in hot and cold environments.

To fulfill this need, they have used top-quality materials to manufacture their Fluidic Connectors so that they can function equally in hot and cold environments.

The INTE-AUTO Plastic and Metallic Fluidic Connector’s model has different temperature ranges.

You can use these connectors within a temperature range of – 25° C to + 125° C for plastic models.

For metallic models, you can use Fluidic Connectors in a temperature range of – 20° C to + 120° C.

13. Can You Use INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors in Salty Environments?

Sometimes you are required to transfer gases and liquids in salty environments, but connectors are not able to work correctly due to rust and corrosion.

This is not the case with INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors.

INTE-AUTO always pass their Fluidic Connectors from a salt spray test before exporting them to their customers.

According to the statistics results, INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors can easily withstand the salt spray corrosion test for more than 72 hours.

This means that you can continuously use these connectors for up to 72 hours in salty environments, and they will give you efficient results in this period.

Figure 9 Salt Spray Corrosion Testing For Fluidic Connectors

Figure 9 Salt Spray Corrosion Testing For Fluidic Connectors

14. What Certifications do INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors Have?

INTE-AUTO has been manufacturing top-quality connectors since 2013, and due to this, they have extensive experience in this field.

They also have good customer reviews for all their products, including Fluidic Connectors.

Their Fluidic Connectors are passed from different quality tests before delivery to their customers to check for defects.

They also have quality certifications, including RoHS, CE, TUV and ISO9001, which can be verified from the INTE-AUTO website in the certifications section.


Figure 10 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connector’s Certifications

15. Which Material is used to Manufacture INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

INTE-AUTO knows extensive Fluidic Connectors applications in different fields and harsh environments.

Due to this, they buy the best quality manufacturing material for all of their products.

INTE-AUTO Plastic and Metallic Fluidic Connector’s models are manufactured using different materials whose details are given below:

Plastic Fluidic Connectors:

  • Polycarbonate (PC) is used to manufacture the housing of these connectors.
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) is used to manufacture the connector’s insulator.

Polycarbonate is a tough material with high impact strength, whereas polyphenylene sulfide has excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties.

Metallic Fluidic Connectors:

  • Copper alloy is used to manufacture the housing of this model, which is then nickel plated to increase its life.
  • Top-quality brass is used to manufacture the barb of these connectors.

Brass is an excellent material that resists corrosion and provides strength, whereas copper alloy plated with nickel allows these connector models to work in high temperatures.

Figure 11 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors Manufacturing

Figure 11 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors Manufacturing

16. What is the Procedure to Get a Free Sample of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

INTE-AUTO wants to build a trustful relationship with their customers, which is why they provide free samples of their products for testing.

You can always order a free sample of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors before placing a large order and test their abilities by applying them to your applications.

Ordering a free INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connector sample is not a difficult task.

You can click on the ‘’Free Sample,’’ or ‘’Contact Us’’ tab on the INTE-AUTO website and fill in the required information.

The free sample will then be delivered to your address within one to three working days.

Figure 12 Free Sample of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors

Figure 12 Free Sample of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors

17. What are the MOQ Requirements of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

INTE-AUTO do not impose strict export policies on their customers.

If you do not need a large quantity of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors, you can easily place a small order to fulfill your application requirements.

INTE-AUTO can send you a minimum of one Fluidic Connector’s piece at your address, i.e., you can place a minimum order of one piece for all their products.

Figure 13 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connector's MOQ

Figure 13 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connector’s MOQ

18. What is the Delivery Time for INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors?

If you need the best quality and professionally manufactured Fluidic Connectors in a short time, then you are in the right place!

INTE-AUTO always tries to deliver their products in a time such that their products do not lose the quality standards and also deliver to you in minimum time.

Normally, a free sample of their Fluidic Connectors is delivered within one to three working days after receiving your free sample request.

  • Large Fluidic Connector (QTY is 500-1000 PCS) orders are delivered within 8 to 14 working days.
  • Small Fluidic Connector (QTY is 50-300 PCS) orders are delivered within 4 to 7 working days.

Figure 14 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connector's Delivery Time

Figure 14 INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connector’s Delivery Time


The above FAQ guide article is for those readers who do not have much information about INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors.

After studying the FAQ guide, you can better understand the usage, working mechanism, specifications, benefits, and delivery of INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors.

INTE-AUTO was established in 2013, and in this period, they have made a large group of permanent customers.

All of them are completely satisfied not only with their products but also with their excellent services.

INTE-AUTO buy excellent raw material to manufacture their products and test each connector’s piece after manufacturing to check for defects.

INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors have 0.35% defects with 100% performance efficiency.

You can have flawless transmission of liquids and gases that never fails or produce negative results in any of your applications.

INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors could fulfill your application needs.

INTE-AUTO always welcome new customers and treats them as their permanent customers.

We are waiting for your connector’s application.

Order now the best quality INTE-AUTO Fluidic Connectors from your place!

We are available 24/7 to assist you!

Looking for Fluidic Connectors?

The medical industry is a fast-paced sector always searching for innovation and breakthroughs in the name of health, safety, and aesthetics. Along with advanced medical knowledge comes constantly evolving equipment. They need to be more powerful and portable to answer for emergencies and adjust to smaller facilities.

Fluidic medical connectors need to adapt to modern equipment. When you need connector innovation, there’s INTE-AUTO.

Any design is possible with INTE-AUTO. We have engineers who can design your specific connector, a staff of highly trained personnel ready to manufacture it, and a shop floor with the latest equipment for speed and exactness.

We have the best prices and the shortest lead times in the market. Order a prototype or order in bulk, we are ready to accommodate you.

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